Burruss at sunset

The world of Ralph Lauren
Tech business alumna and top Polo executive Bridget Ryan Berman returned to campus to talk about retail, Ralph Lauren--the man and the company--and the changes in the industry during the past two decades.

Betting on horseshoes: High-tech research in a high-stakes game
Endangered birds dependent on horseshoe crab eggs, the economic value of horseshoe crab fishing, and an increasing need for the crab’s blood— these factors have created a nationwide controversy over this multimillion-year-old arthropod. A new Tech center may help settle the three-pronged dispute.

Virginia Tech and 4-H: A partnership for the future
4-H, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, is a vital part of the Virginia Cooperative Extension and Tech’s land-grant university mission. The result of this partnership? Students who are prepared to meet life’s challenges head on.

A look at life behind the beak: The story of the HokieBird
Virginia Tech’s unique, much-beloved HokieBird has been the subject of many a debate. If you’re looking to find out which came first, the turkey or the Gobbler; where the idea for Tech’s world-famous mascot was hatched; or where the turkey came from in the first place … then look no further.