"Whether you're a waterman from the shore or a downtown suit, attending a Baltimore Orioles game has always been about having a good time,"` writes Chris Colston (marketing '81), former editor of the Hokie Huddler, in his inside look at the Os titled Rare Birds: A Look At the Baltimore Orioles from A to Z.

The book examines Cal Ripken Jr. and his streak, the unique Earl Weaver, as well as the peaks, the bleaks, sneaky jokes, and the personalities of fans and players. Nine chapters titled as innings and a trivia quiz make this a treasured resource for the dedicated Os fan.

Rare Birds is published by Addax Publishing Group, 8643 Hauser Dr. Suite 235, Lenexa, Kan. 66215.

Power, Speed, and Stamina for Tennis by Jack Thompson (health and physical education '76) and Gray Cook is the ultimate book in describing the integration of science and performance in tennis. The authors have packed this slim work with new ideas and fun, sport-specific ways to train for competitive play. Because the program is both time efficient and effective, experts say the hours spent on conditioning may actually decrease.

Thompson, head tennis coach at Catawba College, has consistently been ranked among the top eight players in his age division in North Carolina. A tennis professional since 1978, he has produced 11 state champions and served as coach for his sister, Leigh Thompson, who attained a world ranking of 26 in the 1980s.

The book is published by Kendall Hunt Publishing, 4050 Westmark Dr., Dubuque, Iowa.


"Is faculty misconduct in teaching provoking growing problems of student misbehavior in the classroom?" ask Virginia Tech sociology professor Alan E. Bayer and John Braxton of Vanderbilt University in their book, Faculty Misconduct in Collegiate Teaching. The book acts as a first step in identifying or instituting college-level teaching norms.

After surveying faculty members across disciplines, the authors identify seven categories of behavior as unacceptable in teaching: condescension, inattentive planning, moral turpitude, preferential grading, personal disregard, failure to communicate course details, and uncooperative cynicism.

The bottom line, the authors say, is that all students receive respect and equal consideration and that faculty members prepare adequately for courses and participate in the teaching-related administration and planning of their departments, colleges, or universities.

The book is published by Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Md. 21218.


Electronic Day Trading to Win by Robert Baird (geology Ph.D. '89) and Craig McBurney is a complete hands-on guide to the new world of electronic day trading with direct access to the stock markets. This book is for traders with a wide range of skills, using services from online discount brokers to brokerless virtual exchanges. It gives a complete overview, including chapters on understanding the marketplace, market psychology, technical analysis, the best stocks to trade, and putting it all together.

The authors walk readers through such nuts-and-bolts issues as the computer trading screen setup and assessing trading rooms, as well as giving them tips on how to anticipate the impact of news on the marketplace.

The book is published by John Wiley & Sons, 605 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10158-0012.


Fourteen women, friends since high-school days, share personal anecdotes and advice for those who care for elderly relatives in Fourteen Friends' Guide to Eldercaring. When conversations at group get-togethers switched from raising children to caring for parents, Linda Gilbertson Rogers (education M.A. '78) and her friends decided they had enough combined knowledge on the topic to write a book that would make caregiving less stressful. They brainstormed at the beach, asking each other questions such as: How do you keep an ailing parent's dignity? How do you know their needs if they can't express them? And how do you cope with your own fatigue and guilt?

The back section contains pages for keeping vital information such as medical insurance policies, financial information, medications, and professional helpers. Some middle-aged parents are buying the book, filling out the back pages, and giving it to their children for future reference, Rogers says.

The book is published in Sterling, Va., by Capital Books at 22883 Quicksilver Drive.


You don't have to be an idiot, of course, to select The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Cat by Elaine Wexler-Mitchell (DVM '86) as your feline health handbook; it's simply a great guide for busy people. The author's liberal use of boxes, subheads, lists, and illustrations make the 300-page book as easy to digest as a well designed website.

You'll learn how to make your home cat friendly, how to detect an illness, which foods are best for a finicky feline, and how to groom an Angora. You'll also get the low-down on vaccines for your cat, the special needs of kittens, and a complete description of how your cat's body works.

Wexler-Mitchell, who runs a feline-only clinic near Los Angeles, is a contributing editor to Cat Fancy magazine. Her book is published by Alpha Books, 1633 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10019-6785.


With the impending congressional debate on farm policy slated for later this year, agricultural policy will soon be showing up in news headlines across the nation. Virginia Tech agricultural economics professor David Orden, along with Robert Pearlberg and Terry Roe, compiled an in-depth study of issues in Policy Reform in American Agriculture.

The book provides analysis and prognosis for federal policy in the ever-changing world of agriculture, examining everything from subsidies to partisan politics.

Policy Reform in American Agriculture is published by the University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill. 60637.


One of the biggest keys to success is believing you can succeed, according to veteran educators Virgie Binford (educational administration Ed.D. '81) and Dorothy Cowling, the authors of Self-Esteem Enhancers.

Their book guides readers toward the "inner-winning spirit," which they define as self-esteem. Energizing life through affirmation, love, reflection, and faith in God are the keys to improving self-esteem and succeeding in life.

Self-Esteem Enhancers is published by Providence House Publishers, 238 Seaboard Ln., Franklin, Tenn. 37067.


Julie Andrews' story of Little Bo, the kitten adopted by the first mate of a fishing boat, is whimsically illustrated by Henry Cole (fisheries and wildlife '80). Adept at observing the natural world, Cole captures the spirit of a cautious kitten living on a rough ocean. Although Bo remains at odds with the ship's captain during the entire trip, the 88-page book has a happy ending.

This book, the third written by the star of Mary Poppins, is published by Hyperion Books for Children, 114 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10011.


If you have published a general-interest book in the past six months, please let us know. Review copies can be mailed to: Virginia Tech Magazine, 102 Media Bldg. (0109), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061.

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