The more things change....

...the more they stay the same. Now you can take a look around today's Virginia Tech to see how this old saw applies to the current generation of Hokies.

students eating

Science in the fast lane: Catching up with biotechnology

What are the potential social and economic effects that lie ahead with worldwide biotechnology applications? Virginia Tech researchers plan to find out.

hand with plant

Provost positions Tech for top-30 push

New Provost Mark McNamee has a history of successfully facing funding inadequaciesexperience that will prove vital as he helps push Tech toward its research goals despite a statewide budget crunch.


With eyes wide open: The sense and sensitivity of Kent Murphy

Once a custodian and a college dropout, alumnus Kent Murphy now heads a company turning ideas into commercial reality. Learn how he turned his dreams into success.


The International Peace Garden: Legacy of war and symbol for peace

Formerly the site of "Hurricane Hill," a trailer camp for returning World War II veterans and their families, this plot of land now serves as a tribute to international peace and understanding.