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Assuming research results?

[The winter 2010-11 edition's announcement of a grant to study the impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the piping plover population] gave the impression that results were already assumed by the College of Natural Resources and Environment. I can appreciate why they might "anticipate" some adverse effects on the plover population given the original hysteria with regard to the spill and the total lack of knowledge concerning a spill of this type. However, to then assume that results of the study would be used by litigators "to base settlements for damage lawsuits" seems a bit premature. If I were a lawyer for the defense, I could certainly use such statements to cast considerable doubt on the objectivity and, therefore, reliability of the results and interpretations.

Curt Huffman '64 | Denver, Colo.

• Read the college’s news release about the grant at VT News.

Opposable thumbs

I enjoyed reading the latest magazine, but couldn't help but notice that the fork on the cover has an extra tine that I realize is supposed to represent the "thumb" in the No. 1. Must be the engineer in me that cannot help but notice the "anatomically incorrect" technical drawing representation. :-)

Luis Occena '83 | Columbia, Mo.

pine log with two pinecones caught in the first year of growth

V.P.I. and pinecones

On the back cover of the winter 2010-11 edition of Virginia Tech Magazine is [an advertisement] about Virginia forest industries. I am enclosing a photograph of a pine log with two pinecones caught in the first year of growth. It belonged to my late husband, Robert Ripley Lemon '50. My husband was very proud and happy to have this "Yule log" from his grandfather. I enjoy each issue of the magazine, and I remember our wonderful days together at V.P.I.

Mary Frances Y. Lemon | Lynchburg, Va.

'Last call for growley!'

Your spring 2011 issue is loaded with goodies for us "Geezer Gobblers." For example:

"Tech receives third Tree Campus USA recognition" (Around the Drillfield): Who remembers the gorgeous stand of old hardwoods replaced by the memorial Pylons? Probably only our era's dendrology students.

"No frills to five-star": "Last call for growley, sirs!" That was what we rats had to yell (three times) before we would march to the mess hall, sit, and otherwise enjoy the cuisine. The origin and spelling of "growley" was unknown to us.

Jack Markley '51 | Port Angeles, Wash.

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CORRECTIONS: In the spring edition, the birth announcement for Bibi Ghoushbeigui Dietrich's son was printed without his birth date of Nov. 1, 2010, and Bibi's spouse was incorrectly listed as an alumnus. Also, Kerry A. Brennan's last name was incorrectly listed in a birth announcement and in a note about her degree in law and social work.


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