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Wickham B. Coleman Sr. (AGED) is the recipient of the 2008 Electric Cooperative Distinguished Service Award.


John A. Wood Jr. (GEOL) is a professional artist and is represented by the Addison Gallery on Cape Cod, Mass.




Richard T. Crowder (AGEC) is a professor of strategic management and international trade for Virginia Tech's Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.


W. Blaker Bolling (IE) retired after 23 years as a professor of management at Marshall University.

James H. Viox III (CE) received the 2008 Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers' Hall of Fame Award.


Douglas R. Fahl (CE) was appointed by the governor of Virginia to serve on Virginia Tech's Board of Visitors.


Amado F. Cavazos III (CHE) was elected to the board of directors of Innophos Inc.


Boris O. Taran (CE) received the prestigious American Concrete Pavement Association's Gold Award in the Commercial Service and Military Airports category.


J. Jefferies Miles (BAD) was selected as "The Best Antitrust Lawyer in America" for 2009.

Arthur K. Reilly (EE) is chair to the National Science Board Committee on Strategy and Budget.




Michael L. Smith (GBUS) is the homeland security group manager for the National Security and Emergency Management Program.


Patricia L. Bartlett (URPL) is executive assistant to the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

Neil C. Damgaard (IEOR) received his doctor of ministry degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and is senior pastor of Dartmouth Bible Church.

Ben J. Fink (ME) is principal of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern AECOM.

Michael D. Smolen (ESEN) is recipient of 2008 G.B. Gunlogson Countryside Engineering Award.


Darrell Nolen (HIST) is a senior AMIO analyst for USCG Atlantic Area and president of the Old Dominion Soccer Club.


Douglas M. Durant (AGE) has been named a 2008 class member of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineer Fellows.

Calvin D. Jamison Sr. (EDPE) was appointed by the governor of Virginia to serve on Virginia Tech's Board of Visitors.


Donald C. Duncan (ANSC) is a licensed master guide and owns Alaska Private Guide Service.

Andrew O. Selsky (COMM) was a finalist for the 2008 Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting.


Frederick J. Cobb (COMM) was appointed by the governor of Virginia to serve on Virginia Tech's Board of Visitors.




David L. Bowles (PHED) is vice president for region II of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association for 2008-10.


Wayne R. Sass (PSCI) earned his M.B.A. from Liberty University.


J. Martin Cassady Jr. (COMM) is advertising director of the Carrboro Citizen.

Mindy A. Merrell (HIDM) co-authored the book Cheater BBQ--Barbeque Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Weather.


John M. Fyfe (EE) is director of Air Force programs for Goodrich Corp.


Paul P. Anderson (CE) is senior vice president and division director for Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern AECOM Transportation Division.

Carol Mandeville Bartell (EDAD) is dean and professor of the school of education at California Lutheran University.

Timothy A. Tippett (LASC) retired from the U.S. Air Force after more than 22 years of service and is now in the office of the deputy undersecretary of the Air Force, international affairs.


Lynn Copeland Buckles (ENGL) received her master's at Wesley Theological Seminary.

Stuart C. Johnson (ECON) is the chairman of the 2010 Association for Corporate Growth InterGrowth Conference.

Alan M. Lytle (EE) is the recipient of the 2008 Robert J. Painter Award for the most outstanding service to standards development.

Marie C. Paretti (CHE) earned a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development award for her research.


T. Phillips Beck (PSCI) is vice president and chief operations counsel with ConAgra Foods Inc.


Steve F. Ewankowich Jr. (ME) is senior sales executive with Square D Co., a subsidiary of Schneider Electric.


Norrine Bailey Spencer (EDRE) has been conferred as associate provost and director emerita by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.




Robert E. Chiles IV (UA) is an IT leader for Aspen Motion Technologies.

Abigail Dumas Fiske (CE) is senior project manager at the Louis Berger Group.


Christine D. Smith (PSYC) is co-director for Virginia Tech's Women's Center.


Anna F. Lomascolo (COMM) is co-director for Virginia Tech's Women's Center.


Edward P. Chamberlayne (CE) is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and will teach in the systems engineering department at West Point.

Charles E. Denny Jr. (ACCT) is director of finance at Valley Logistics Services Inc.

Mary Kitson Groff (MGT) received the 2008 Greater Washington HR Leadership Award for Mentoring for her volunteer efforts with the Society for Human Resource Management.

Michael J. Michalowicz (FIN) has published his first book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, which gives insight into achieving entrepenurial success with a low budget.


Jeffrey W. Ganthner (CE) is regional manager for Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern AECOM.

Gregory M. Jarvis (HIDM) is the assistant athletics director of Meredith College.

James S. McKenzie (MUS) is the associate conductor of the U.S. Army Band in Washington, D.C.


Michael F. Bianchin (ENGL) is district sales manager for Eli Lilly and Company.

Anthony R. Raneses (ECAS) is a foreign service officer at the U.S. Agency for International Development in Tel-Aviv.


Rachel L. Buchanan (SOC) earned her doctorate in social work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is now an assistant professor at Salisbury University.

Gretchen H. Kukuchka (IS) received her M.S. in human resource administration from the University of Scranton. She is a recruiter with Stanley Reid & Co.

Daniel Riley (CHEM) is vice president of polymer analysis for Smithers Scientific Services Inc.


Marlene Kuhtmann Clapp (URBA) has written and self-published a children's book, The Great Pika Pie Caper.

Darian K. Grubb (ME) is crew chief for Tony Stewart with the NASCAR racing circuit.




Carrie N. Blankenship (GEOL) is a professional geologist in Virginia and North Carolina.


Jason R. Ince (AGED) was named the Outstanding Young Member for 2008 by the Virginia Association of Agricultural Educators.

Megan Weaver Patton (ACIS) is assistant vice president and internal auditor for Bank of the Carolinas.


Stephen L. Halla (HNFE) received his doctorate in osteopathic medicine from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Nicholas J. Pascale (PSCI) received an M.B.A. and a J.D. /bachelor of civil law from Louisiana State University.


Brandon K. Maxwell (ARCH) received his LEED certification and is employed with Gould Turner Group.



'84 Ivan A. O'Connor and Valerie S. Camille, 7/10/08.
'93 Christine E. Paulsen and Jim Molski, 6/14/08.
'94 Jamil Hasan and Amanda Kosowsky, 9/20/08.
'95 Linh Phuong Luong and Timothy P. Brett, 8/23/08.
'98 Mary N. Mayzel and Oswaldo Acosta, 7/25/08.
'98 Jill A. Zizzo and Bill Colangelo, 6/21/08.
'99 Kathryn P. Crowder and Ryan D. Yarzebinski, 8/2/08.
'00 Pratima Aiyagari and Ravikiran Buddhavarapu, 8/8/08.
'00 Phillip A. Lorenzon and Carian Hange, 5/31/08.
'01 Amy J. Byrne and '02 Jonathan D. Lipscomb, 6/1/08.
'02 Bryce H. Lyle and Jody Baum, 8/2/08.
'03 Michael W. Dunn and Suzanne Cross, 3/1/08.
'03 Timothy G. Kushon and '06 Myra Lee Roblaski, 8/31/08.
'03 Lilian B. Davalos and Andrew Mills, 6/14/08.
'04 Tammy Fitzgerald and Ryan M. Stowers, 5/26/08.
'04 Virginia Anne Edwards and Ryan M. Swails, 11/3/07.
'03 Christina M. Kull and '05 Lyonel A. Abou Nassar, 9/2/08.
'05 Shannon M. Baker and '05 Kevin R. Denholm, 9/20/08.
'05 Jamie A. Cassey and Jeffrey M. Hudson, 8/2/08.
'05 Shaun C. Koehler and '06 Kaitlynn D. Hubbard, 6/6/08.
'05 Gregory S. Mercer and '06 Katie Plecker, 5/17/08.
'06 Laura E. Sturgeon and Thomas A. Casey, 5/31/08.
'07 Nicole M. Noel and '07 Matthew S. Raynes, 8/16/08.



'88 Richard T. Michaelangelo and '94 Rebecca Tardiff Michaelangelo, a daughter, 8/11/08.
'90 Joya Ghatak Moody, a son, 1/15/08.
'91 Cynthia Rahal Styers, a daughter, 2/19/08.
'91 Pamela Griner Weintraub, a daughter, 8/5/08.
'92 Michael G. Novean and '94 Catherine Hritz Novean, a son, 5/5/08.
'94 Kimberly Neis Coates and '95 Gregory M. Coates, a daughter, 4/22/08.
'94 Lisa Levensen Plaskow, a daughter, 9/14/07.
'94 Jenny Astudillo Wienke and '94 Christopher R. Wienke, a daughter, 1/4/08.
'95 Patrick J. Garr, adopted a daughter, 6/19/08.
'95 Steven K. Horning and '95 Andrea Rimsky Horning, a daughter, 8/13/08.
'95 Brigitte Azran Mandel, a daughter, 8/8/08.
'96 Ryan P. Keleher and '97 Kimberly Keenan Keleher, a son, 3/3/08.
'97 Lisa Riggs Frazier, a daughter, 4/11/08.
'97 John T. Neel and '99 Hannah Coleman Neel, a daughter, 8/14/08.
'97 Danielle Marrone Pates, a son, 2/25/08.
'98 Jennifer Ginther Griffin, a son, 12/21/07.
'99 Stephen J. Errickson and
'99 Julie Hudson Errickson, a son, 5/8/08.
'99 Jason T. Grubbs, a son, 9/4/08.
'99 Robert P. Higgins, a daughter, 8/10/08.
'99 Norman B. Hodges IV, a daughter, 8/30/08.
'00 Sarah Slotsky Cole, a son, 7/7/08.
'00 Laura Vasquez Gazda and '04 Daniel R. Gazda, a daughter, 5/27/08.
'00 Jeremy S. Gibson, a son, 8/4/08.
'00 Tara Oliver Scheffler, a son, 4/10/08.
'01 George J. Flynn III, a daughter, 9/15/08.
'01 Becky Staubus Henry, a son, 5/3/08.
'03 Rachel Gwaltney Kuchta and '04 Steven T. Kuchta, twin girls, 7/7/08,
'03 Stacey Blackburn Stenzel and '03 Erich L. Stenzel, a daughter, 5/17/08.



'31 J.E Givens, 8/21/08
'36 Apollon G. Orphanidys, 7/14/08
'36 John C. Sanders, 8/8/08
'37 G.B. Arthur Meidling Jr., 8/26/08
'38 Philip S. Perdue, 8/22/08
'39 Ora M. McColman, 8/19/08
'39 Clopton F. Wilkinson Jr., 9/12/08
'40 William W. Cosby, 7/23/08
'40 Leslie C. Gates, 9/7/08
'40 Thomas P. Griffith, 3/19/08
'40 Nicholas Katsarelis, 9/3/08
'40 Raymond G. Tessmer, 12/17/07
'40 Wallace T. White, 7/21/08
'41 Henry W. Withers Jr., 8/21/08
'42 W. Leslie Kiduff, 7/20/08
'42 Harold E. Ritter, 7/27/08
'42 B. Glenn Roy Jr., 11/23/07
'42 John V. Terry
'43 Rhody B. Hall Jr., 8/31/08
'43 C. F. Kidd, 1/30/08
'43 John J. McQueen, 8/1/08
'44 L.O. Gillette, 8/10/08
'44 Emory M. Potter, 8/5/08
'44 Mckendra S. Strickler, 8/12/08
'44 E.L. Wisman, 9/13/08
'45 Bruce P. Enderwood, 8/1/08
'45 Robert B. Horning, 7/30/08
'46 Jesse G. Alspaugh Jr., 10/15/07
'46 Harry Bushkar Jr., 9/1/08
'46 Houston J. Kauffman, 9/2/08
'46 Nancy Roane Lathrop, 8/22/08
'46 David M. Loomis, 10/20/07
'46 Frank J. Parrish, 8/5/08
'46 William H. Schwettman Jr., 9/2/08
'48 W.W. Argabrite Jr., 9/18/07
'48 William H. Hegamyer, 8/3/08
'48 James G. Sealy, 9/8/08
'48 Carlton E. Seay, 5/22/08
'49 W. M. Burton, 8/2/08
'49 Peter A. Mani Jr., 7/6/08
'49 William P. Murden Jr., 6/10/08
'49 James C. Parks, 9/3/07
'49 Edwin F. Sharpe, 9/9/08
'49 William C. Thomas Jr., 7/25/08
'50 Edwin C. Armbrister Sr., 9/18/08
'50 Ernest L. Critzer, 7/28/08
'50 Joseph T. Crosswhite Jr., 8/4/08
'50 John R. Guilfoyle III, 8/26/08
'50 William R. Honeycutt, 7/17/08


'50 Robert L. Huddleston, 7/3/08
'50 Hugh P. Nolen, 8/3/08
'50 Edward S. Palasthy, 9/14/08
'50 Louis F. Popp, 8/9/08
'50 Margarita Seckinger, 1/18/08
'50 Robert C. Sykes, 8/18/08
'50 Edwin F. Wilson, 9/2/08
'51 Robert C. Naff Jr., 8/14/08
'52 Beverly G. Oliver, 8/3/08
'55 Charles R. Davis, 7/16/08
'55 Arthur N. Matthews Jr., 8/16/07
'56 William D. Jones, 8/25/08
'56 Donald N. Torbert, 8/20/08
'57 George A. Donnally, M.D., 7/26/08
'57 Henry C. Walker Jr., 9/14/08
'58 John R. Graybill, 8/17/08
'58 Stanley H. Martin II, 9/9/08
'58 T.R. Pauley, 8/26/08
'59 John E. Blair, 8/16/08
'59 A.J. Russo Jr., 8/5/08
'60 Collin E. Farmer, 8/24/08
'60 Bertrand S. Soleau Jr., 9/8/08
'61 James E. Ballard, 8/14/08
'61 Bernard L. Blommel, 8/25/08
'62 J. C. Clarke, 8/1/08
'62 Robert L. Greggs Jr., 7/27/08
'62 Donald L. Jones, 9/15/08
'69 B.S. Dodson, 3/1/08
'69 G.G. Garnett, 9/1/08
'72 Malcolm J. Coleman Jr., 12/31/07
'72 James B. Mohler, 9/2/08
'73 James E. Sullivan Jr., 8/6/08
'74 David B. Hess, 8/12/08
'74 James W. Milne Jr., 9/16/08
'74 Leonard E. Olson Jr., 8/31/08
'76 Janette Birch Spees, 7/17/08
'81 Jeffrey M. Baker, 8/22/08
'81 Glenn W. Bowden, 10/15/07
'81 Steven C. Halsey, 10/3/07
'82 Kay Young Oliver, 8/21/08
'82 Russell S. Payne, 7/19/08
'84 Magdalena Astruc Freeze, 8/23/08
'85 Kirk D. Heldreth, 8/4/08
'88 Jesse W. Meadows III, 7/28/08
'89 Patrick T. Goff, 10/21/07
'92 Michael D. Goode, 9/6/08
'97 Nate M. Pence, 8/28/08
'99 Julia Ann Novak, 8/10/08

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