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Alumni resources program tailored to enhance careers
Program offers guidance for work-life changes and opportunities

The Virginia Tech Alumni Association recently unveiled a program to assist Hokies seeking employment or considering a job change. The program identifies resources that offer assistance, ideas, advice, or facts for alumni. Visit the website at
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Finding a job or changing jobs

Many alumni are experiencing new challenges in their careers. Some are losing their jobs due to the economy, some are venturing into new careers by choice, and others are dealing with downsizing within their own companies. Whether you're tweaking a résumé, searching for interview tips, or reviewing a job board exclusively for Hokies, the alumni career resources site can be a valuable tool.

Career advice

Assessing personal skills, talents, and interests in order to determine potential career options is a strategic step toward making a change. Webinars will be available on the site to help alumni review and evaluate possibilities. Discussions and seminars on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to business trends will be included.

Resource library

Additional resources on the website will address every aspect of a career change. Virginia Tech Career Services offers assistance to students and recent graduates and provides links to resources for experienced alumni.
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Winter 2010-11
You can help!
We invite all Hokies to help enhance the Career Resources Program for alumni by completing the following steps:
1 Post job openings to the Hokie Nation Network (HNN). Any company employee who is a Hokie can post an opening for free. Postings can also be sent to Nancy Brittle, director of the alumni career resources program, at
2 Edit your individual profile on HNN to indicate your willingness to talk to other Hokies about your industry or company. Social networking is a key method of identifying job opportunities.
3 Contact Brittle to share seminars or relevant information that might be useful to other Hokies who are experiencing career changes.
4 Retired alumni living in the Blacksburg area can join a program called Virginia Tech Experts in Action, a team of professionals who give back to the university by sharing their time, talents, and experiences with students and faculty.
Nancy Brittle, director of the alumni career resources program at Virginia Tech
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Nancy Brittle at
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