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James P. Gills Jr. (BIOL) is a member of The Johns Hopkins University Society of Scholars.


Thomas F. Betz Jr. (BAD) is a life member of the Virginia Bar Association.




James B. Joyce (MATH) retired from National Aeronautics and Space Administration.


Gary E. Musolf (BAD) is assistant vice president of claims at GEICO.


R.A. Boynton (ARCH) is chair of the Broadly Experienced Architect Committee of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Rosalyn M. Lester (HEED) was named Fellow of the Costume Society of America.


Richard D. Sisson Jr. (METE) received the inaugural Chairman's Exemplary Faculty Prize at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

David L. Thornton (ASE) retired from The Boeing Co. after 27 years in customer financing and sales.




Thomas A. Louthan (BAD) is the 2007-08 president of Winchester-Frederick County Bar Association.


Donna W. Dunay (ARCH) was named the G. Truman Ward Professor of Architecture by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.


Robert E. Cosby Jr. (CE) was elected Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


E. Clark Spitler III (EE) retired from Lockheed Martin.

Marshall S. White (FW) was named Professor Emeritus by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.


Daniel J. Shortt (EE) is professor of electrical engineering at Cedarville University.


James "Tom" Brown Jr. (HORT) is dean of students at Virginia Tech.

Michael F. Hochella Jr. (GEOL) was named University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech.

Richard G. Matthews (MKTG) is vice president of aviation products and site manager for Northrop Grumman Corp.


Nancy J. Cannaday (MHFD) is included in Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives and Professionals.


Sharon K. Johnston (CTRA) retired from J Crew Group.

Edward G. Tezak (ESM) received the Frederick J. Berger Award from the American Society for Engineering Education.




Diane M. Horm-Wingerd (PSYC) received a two-year fellowship for Zero To Three, the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families.


B. Wayne Adams (MKTG) is vice president of retail customer relations and security officer for Benchmark Community Bank.

Jenifer E. Taylor (MKTG) is the IS project manager for Ratner Companies.


Kevin L. Bertholf (ARCH) is assistant department head of the architectural department for Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc.

George H. Ross III (ME) is director of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Integration Division.


Leslie S. Jeter (CE) is a structural engineer team leader for Draper Aden Associates.

D. Brent Richardson (EE) is the North American end-use marketing manager for Dow Chemical's wire and cable business.

John J. Sullivan (AOE), a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, serves at the Pentagon as chief, Total Force Integration for the deputy chief of staff for Plans and Programs.

Anne E.M. Van Meter (ELED) is a Keystone technology integrator and coach at Jenkintown High School in Jenkinton, Penn.

Edward D. Weaver (ARCH) is vice president and director of architecture at DMJM Design in Arlington, Va.


Jeannine E. Eddleton (CHEM) received the Dr. Carroll B. Shannon Certificate of Teaching Excellence.

S. Scott McCarty (COMM) received the Ball Corp.'s Award of Excellence for his outstanding contributions.

Keith R. Sturgill (CS) is vice president and chief information officer for Eastman Chemical Co.

Laura B. Wiest (ACCT) is a CPA with the firm of Cottrill, Arbutina Professional Services.


Janet M. Cleary-Frazier (BIOC), a registered Brownfields professional, is a senior environmental scientist and project manager with Draper Aden Associates.

William H. Harvey Jr. (MSCI) is vice president for global learning and development and director of human resources for Invensys Process Systems.


Randall K. Baldwin (CS) is an associate with Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox PLLC.


Dean F. Cikins (ME) is a representative for GE Healthcare.

Charles L. Vipperman Jr. (COMM) won several awards from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters, including Best Year-Round Sports Coverage; Meritorious Award for Outstanding Overall News Operation; and Outstanding Newscast for Medium Market Radio.




Peter M. Osucha (EE) is vice president of engineering for Protein Discovery Inc.

Christopher A. Stafford (ACCT) is director of finance for Pulaski County, Va., Public Schools.


Richard P. Baxter (MATE) wrote a book entitled Energy Storage Technology.

John J. Lesko (MESC) is special assistant to the vice president for research for energy initiatives at Virginia Tech.

Raymond M. Patterson Jr. (ECAS), a lieutenant colonel, is commander, 116th BSTB 116th IBCT.


Lesley A. Colby (ANSC) received the Outstanding Recent Alumni Award from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.


Jefferey T. Jones (BIOL) is director of quality assurance at Emergent Biosolutions' biodefense operations.

Kimberly J. McGovern-Shanahan (FIN) is senior client partner for Korn/Ferry International.

Thomas L. Rose (HRIM) is the economic development director for Patrick County, Va.

Sherwood G. Wilson (ARCH) is vice president for administrative services at Virginia Tech.


Carolyn R. Crystal (CHE) earned a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech and is an assistant professor in the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

Daniel W. Phillips III (SOC) is associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at Lindsey Wilson College.


Jason S. Tyll (AE) is deputy director of engineering with ATK GASL.


Jason M. Sawyer (FIN) is chief of financial operations, Intelligence & Information Warfare Systems Engineering Dept., at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.


Attention 1997 alumni: Student medical records from the Student Health Service are routinely destroyed 10 years after graduation. If you need these records, send a signed request, along with a check for $10.00, payable to "Treasurer of Virginia Tech," by Nov. 1 to Schiffert Health Center, McComas Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061.


Stephanie C. Turner (COMM) is a medic for the Spotsylvania County, Va., Dept. of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management.


Kristen A. Bruen (ARCH) is senior project manager for The Gap Inc.

Francis V. Gonzalez (CHEM) received an M.B.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Sean T. Hoffman (BSE) received a master of engineering from Manhattan College.




Tracey E. Dolehite (HIST) received a master's degree in criminal justice from Boston University and is employed with the F.B.I.


Zachary T. Henning (COMM) received a Ph.D. in communication from the University of Kentucky and is an assistant professor at Eastern Kentucky University.


Andrea L. Barnes (HD) is a specialty nurse in the Children's Center and Blood Disorders Center at Children's Hopsital of the King's Daughters in Norfolk, Va.

Anthony P. Foisy (GEOG) received the Young Alumnus Award.

Terry F. Osborne II (BIOL) received a D.O. degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Bethany A. Schiller (ME) is a professional licensed engineer in Virginia.


Kelly L. Branham (BCHM) received a Pharm.D.

Daniel E. Rybeck (PSCI) received a J.D. from Ohio Northern's Pettit College of Law.

Jessica L. Southward (BIOC) received a Pharm.D.


Sarah M. Breeding (COMM) is marketing manager for the government safety & HR division of Coastal Training Technologies.

Rebecca L. Carr (HIST) received an M.P.A. and is a municipal personnel consultant for the New York State Dept. of Civil Service.

Rebecca S. Grenoble (ACIS) is a real estate appraiser for the City of Roanoke, Va.

Shannon L. Jones (HIST) received a J.D. from Ohio Northern's Pettit College of Law.


Flavia G. Hulsey (COMM) is development publications coordinator for Kansas State University Foundation.


Tracy S. Hall (PAPA) is director of external affairs for Focus: HOPE in Detroit.


Tyler Q. Emery (ENSC) is a staff technician for Draper Aden Associates.

Brian A. Rock (ELPS) is an accreditation coordinator with The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.



'84 Michael E. Davis and Bettye J. Stokes, 7/7/07.
88 Kimble Reynolds Jr. and Timora Dawn Boyers, 5/26/07.
90 David L. Henry and Clara L. Stone, 5/26/07.
93 Susan A. Stryker and Sean W. Jensen, 5/27/07.
95 Margaret Bowles Blackburn and '95 Brian A. Sharp, 7/28/07.
'96 Jeffrey A. Aitken and '03 Lauren Patricia Cross, 6/2/07.
'97 Elizabeth F. Alessi and Doug Fraser, 4/14/07.
'97 John C. Distler and '99 Mary Margaret Kallio, 6/9/07.
'99 Kristen A. Bruen and Benjamin Fay, 6/30/07.
'00 Jason W. Bowers and '02 Catherine Anna Fraga, 7/7/07.
'00 Sara Chewning and Timothy Miller, 1/4/07.
'00 Erin Elizabeth Sill and '01 Michael D. Morgan II, 10/8/06.
'02 Katherine S. Berardelli and '02 Whitney W. Wright, 6/2/07.
'02 Tina Mae Ensor and '02 Erik T. Necciai, 5/27/07.
'02 Kathleen R. Lavery and David A. Toellner, 4/21/07.
'02 Allison C. Pope and James E. Cooper IV, 7/21/07.
'02 Angela L. Wills and Corey W. Wade, 4/21/07.
'03 David E. Blanchard and '04 Lindsay K. Jones, 7/7/07.
'03 Hilary A. Gilliam and Christopher Edwin Thompson, 4/28/07.
'03 Brandon J. Taylor and '04 Hayley Marie Smith, 6/10/07.
'04 Afton M. Dawson and Matthew A. Fisher, 6/2/07.
'04 Brian R. Eber and '05 Shauna M. Murray, 7/14/07.
'04 Lacey A. Milam and Lenny Keesee, 6/2/07.
'04 Rebecca M. Shaver and Steve P. Grenoble, 6/9/07.
'05 Melinda M. Schlenk and Chris Humphries, 6/17/06.
'06 Ryan M. Adamson and '07 Carol Ann Willis, 6/2/07.
'06 Helene Dempsey and '06 Stephen D. Norris, 4/13/07.
Aitken wedding
Lavery/Toellner wedding
Dempsey/Norris wedding
'96 Jeffrey A. Aitken and
'03 Lauren Patricia Cross, 6/2/07
'02 Kathleen R. Lavery and
David A. Toellner, 4/21/07
'06 Helene Dempsey and
'06 Stephen D. Norris, 4/13/07


Komar son
'00 Jonathan D. Komar and
'00 Shayna Gonsky Komar,
a son, 9/30/06.

'85 J. Michael Swain, a son, 6/5/07.
'85 Kathleen Morris Yelshin, a son, 1/17/06.
'87 Susan Compton Pilato, a son, 2/1/05.
'87 Kathy Smith Sims, adopted twins (boy and girl), 1/31/06.
'88 Amy Wiley Mulholland, a son, 8/3/06.
'89 Richard T. Nielsen and '91 Christine Espinoza Nielsen,
a daughter, 5/27/07.
'91 Paula Radcliffe Hyslop, a son, 9/23/06.
'91 William L. Swift III and '93 Katherine McComb Swift,
twin boys, 2/20/07.
'92 Sean C. Colbert-Lewis and '03 Danielle M. Colbert,
a son, 6/6/07.
'92 Michael A. Duckett, a daughter, 7/16/07.
'92 Ellen Schwenk Medlock, a daughter, 9/10/06.
'92 Stephen R. Payne, a daughter, 6/8/07.
'92 Alison Gebauer Wilt, a son, 9/21/06.
'93 Kristin Maslin Ball, a daughter, 7/21/06.
'93 Lorann Tran Burkhardt, a son, 6/21/06.
'93 Kristen Kosinski Johnson and '94 David P. Johnson,
a daughter, 6/8/07.
'93 Suzanne McGrath Kellogg, a son, 1/15/07.
'93 Todd A. Peterson and '97 Tina Loane Peterson, a son, 3/2/07.
'93 Thomas L. Rose, a daughter, 7/26/06.
'94 Andrew G. Foster, a daughter, 1/21/07.
'94 Scott T. Young, a son, 3/15/07.
'95 Beverly K. Duncan and '95 Daniel F. Edleman, a daughter, 5/25/07.
'95 Jason S. Tyll and '95 Karen Eckstein Tyll, a son, 6/7/07.
'95 Sean T. Willson and '96 Nancy Sorensen Willson, a son, 3/27/07.
'96 Amanda Kahle Alger, a daughter, 6/9/07.
'96 Ellen Hartman Chirichella, a daughter, 3/1/07.
'96 Leanne Lindon Dickens, a son, 3/13/07.
'96 Tamara Fobes Dyer and '07 Matthew E. Dyer, a daughter, 8/8/06.
'96 William B. Hunt, a son, 3/5/07.
'96 Kimberly Wheeler Staton, adopted a daughter, 11/24/06.
'97 Mary Spracher Annett, a daughter, 6/3/07.
'97 Jamie Reckis Bailey, a son, 8/17/06.
'97 Jay M. Bass and '97 Robin Mayhew Bass, a daughter, 5/13/07.
'97 Matthew C. Hurst, twins (boy and girl), 4/17/07.
'97 Parrish B. Payne, a daughter, 2/1/07.
'97 Eric B. Robison and 97 Sydney Lee Robison, a son, 2/9/07.
'97 Lauren Martin Tate, a son, 7/17/07.
'98 Kerpatrick A. Lewis and '98 Virginia Kenney Lewis, a son, 4/30/07.
'99 Beth Jackson Castro and '99 Roque R. Castro, a daughter, 4/17/07.
'99 Paul C. Cherry, a son, 6/23/07.
'00 William Brock IV and '01 Emily Swenson Brock, a son.
'00 Stuart E. Card, a son, 6/7/07.
'00 Jonathan D. Komar and '00 Shayna Gonsky Komar, a son, 9/30/06.
'00 Stephanie Gilder Newcomb, a daughter, 6/24/07.
'01 Kathryn Bowers Brown and '01 Peter D. Brown, a son, 5/10/07.
'01 Lars P. Nadig, a daughter, 7/6/07.
'01 Andrea King Thompson and '01 Patrick J. Thompson II, a son, 5/8/07.
'02 David A. Clay Jr., a son, 7/9/07.
'02 Valerie Moore Mullins, a daughter, 9/16/06.
'02 Daniel A. Rabin and '03 Sarah Wilder Rabin, a son, 5/31/07.
'03 Heather Spencer Rugnetta, a son, 9/5/06.
'04 Christopher M. Minton, a daughter, 3/19/07.
'05 Jennifer Douglas Whitted, a son, 12/8/06.
'07 Jared J. Bond, triplets, 8/2/07.



'35 J.J. Block, 7/21/07
'36 Joseph H. Duze, 7/2/07
'37 Miles S. Carpenter, 5/24/07
'37 George E. Sodaro, 6/9/07
'37 D. Carlisle Wade Jr., 7/15/07
'39 Walter R. Lifsey Jr., 12/30/06
'39 Thomas C. Pratt, 7/26/07
'40 Charles L. Bauserman, 7/3/07
'40 E.D. Flowers Jr., 7/19/07
'40 James N. Shupe, 3/30/07
'41 Richard D. Jordan, 6/17/07
'41 Donald MacLeod, 9/12/06
'41 Robert M. Taylor Jr., 7/19/07
'42 Graham C. Beachum, 7/21/07
'42 Roy T. Mitchell, 6/27/07
'42 Ralph Pickup, 6/10/07
'42 Mark B. Wilson, 6/6/07
'43 Alfred A. Legrand, 7/8/07
'43 John W. Rucker, 7/30/07
'44 Fred H. Hayes II, 5/28/07
'44 R.T. McCauley, 6/4/07
'44 Walter B. Osborne Jr., 7/25/07
'44 Robert F. Reubush Jr., 4/9/07
'44 Douglas D. Wiggins, 5/12/07
'45 William D. Billings, 2/14/07
'45 Jack Payne, 11/7/06
'45 Robert A. Sears Sr., 7/19/07
'45 Allan W. Turner, 6/27/07
'46 Clarence D. Bryant Jr., 6/11/07
'47 Mary H. Osborne, 9/11/06
'49 Hugh L. Allen, 9/23/06
'49 Ruth C. Little, 6/22/07
'50 Fred T. Campbell, 7/9/07
'50 Joseph Kastelberg, 6/20/07
'50 Dalton B. Shumate, 6/28/07
'50 J. Howard Sword, 6/4/07
'50 J. Granville Williams Jr., 6/2/07
'51 James D. Barrett, 6/16/07
'51 Samuel H. Esleeck, 7/16/07
'51 Roderick D. Swank, 5/18/07
'52 Ellis R. Lowry, 7/31/07
'52 Cecil F. Nichols, 6/20/07
'52 E. Saunders Ruffin, 7/1/07
'52 Wilfred H. Shields Jr., 7/6/07
'52 Leo M. Thompsen, 7/24/07
'53 Haskins S. Eubank Jr., 7/12/07
'53 Otho W. Helm, 6/6/07
'53 Robert B. Jankey, 1/9/07
'53 William W. Scott, 6/20/07
'53 Robert G. Theimer Jr., 7/1/07
'54 Andrew J. Beck, 7/14/07
'54 Arnold P. Fleshood, 1/29/07
'55 William L. Harrison, 7/2/07
'55 William M. Mead, 6/9/07
'56 M. Grayson Balderson, 5/25/07
'56 Charles R. Gammon, 6/25/07
'56 Benjamin F. Gilmer Jr., 6/1/07

'56 Richard Morris, 6/17/07
'57 Charles E. Forbes, 6/28/07
'57 Thomas E. Tully, 7/18/07
'58 Carl G. Deskins Jr., 6/8/07
'58 James O. Matthews, 7/17/07
'58 Robert A. Ritsch, 7/17/07
'59 David H. Graham, 7/25/07
'59 Charles L. Tulock, 8/9/06
'59 Ronald E. Webb, 6/5/07
'59 John L. Williams, 7/14/07
'61 Patrick J. Brennan, 5/31/06
'61 E. Roderick Hayes Jr., 11/10/06
'62 C.P. Chew Jr., 6/24/07
'62 D.O. Dean, 7/31/07
'63 Herman D. Dodson, 7/11/07
'63 Samuel W. Dressler, 6/24/07
'64 Donald E. Graham, 6/15/07
'64 Donald L. Preas, 6/10/07
'65 Edward F. Hutchinson, 6/11/07
'65 James C. Patterson, 12/30/06
'65 Charles M. Sanford Jr., 2/17/07
'66 Salvatore J. Cali, 6/18/07
'66 Richard T. Dillon, 5/29/07
'66 John W. Freed, 7/3/07
'66 Phillip T. Henry, 6/26/07
'66 George Szeless, 12/2/06
'68 Jerry E. Jamison, 6/27/07
'68 Patricia R. Sawyers, 6/5/07
'71 Philip E. Zwicke, 6/2/07
'73 Frances W. Cofer, 7/25/07
'73 Judith C. Miner, 5/20/07
'73 Davida J. Snider, 5/23/06
'74 James A. Harvey, 6/5/07
'74 Darrell W. Lam, 6/22/07
'75 James R. Baker, 7/21/07
'75 John E. Green Jr., 12/29/06
'76 Melinda R. Blankenship, 12/5/06
'76 Charles H. Marshall III, 5/1/07
'79 George H. Bell Jr., 6/11/07
'79 Roger E. Lamphier, 6/19/07
'80 Kenneth R. Ayers, 5/11/07
'80 Joseph B. Dey, 7/17/07
'80 Emmett H. Dudding III, 7/21/07
'80 Peter A. Theodore, 7/30/07
'80 Thomas B. Trevillian, 7/12/07
'82 Christi Crutchfield, 5/23/07
'84 Eric V. Mariner Sr., 6/18/07
'86 Richard L. Baldwin Jr., 7/4/07
'86 Barrett A. Garrison, 6/8/07
'86 Mary L. McHugh, 1/22/07
'87 Joseph E. Gliatto, 6/25/07
'88 Brian K. Adams, 5/28/07
'92 Gary L. Carle, 5/31/07
'00 Antonio C. Amado, 5/27/07
'01 Steven F. Ryan, 5/24/07
'03 Heather N. Harris, 5/29/07

Correction | The Class Notes in the Summer issue of Virginia Tech Magazine mistakenly reported the death of Pat L. Carpenita '74, who is alive and well in Littleton, Colo. The notice should have indicated Carpenita's uncle: '57 Pat L. Carpenita, 02/03/07 (P.O. Box 252, Courtland, VA 23837).

Faculty/staff deaths

Tech alumnus
killed in Afghanistan

U.S. Army Special Forces Staff Sgt. Jesse Clowers Jr. (business '03) was killed in Afghanistan on Aug. 12. Clowers, who had arrived in Afghanistan in March, was scheduled to return to his home in Fayetteville, N.C., in late September or early October. His survivors include his wife, Kaytie, and two children, two-year-old Jesse "Jay" Clowers III and three-month-old Danielle Clowers, whom he hadn't yet seen. Clowers' sister, Nikki Clowers, told The Lynchburg News & Advance, "He made friends easily and he was one of the sweetest, most loving guys you'd ever meet. He loved any type of sport but his family was his passion."

Enid Francis Tozier, former professor of clothing and texties, died May 10. Tozier, who worked at Virginia Tech from 1966 until 1987, also served as a member of the board in the U.S. Department of Agriculture during the Nixon administration, working with the Cooperative State Research Service. She was appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce Exporters Advisory Committee and served as a consultant to several textile companies and universities. During her 20 years of retirement, Tozier spent her winters in Thonotosassa, Fla., and her summers in Solon, Me. In her memory, The Tozier Scholarship was established to award funds for high-school graduates in the Maine School Administrative District #74 to attend instititutions of higher learning.

Leonard Victor Huggins Jr., former professor of art, died on May 26. Huggins taught at Virginia Tech for 25 years. During that time, he headed an annual study-abroad program for art majors, taking about 20 students to Brighten, England, for six weeks to share his love of art. His work, which primarily focused on landscapes but included abstract pieces, was displayed in more than 400 art collections, including at the Smithsonian. Huggins was drafted by the Army in 1959. After his discharge, he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Huggins retired from Tech in 1994 and moved with his wife to Bogalusa, La., where he enjoyed time spent with family and learning to play golf.

Hanford Palmer Caldwell, a former captain with the Virginia Tech Police, died on July 23. Caldwell began his law enforcement career in 1963 with the Blacksburg Police Department and retired in 2000 as captain of the Virginia Tech Police Department after 34 years of service. Previously, Caldwell had served in the U.S. Army from 1961 to 1963 as a member of the military police. He graduated from the F.B.I. Naitonal Academy in 1974 and was a Life Member of the Blacksburg Fire Department and Blacksburg Rescue Squad. He was also a member of the Montgomery County Coal Miners Heritage Association.

Ernest J. Pavlock, professor emeritus of accounting and information systems in the Pamplin College of Business, died on Aug. 13. Pavlock joined Virginia Tech in 1980. He taught on the Blacksburg campus until 1986, when he moved to the Northern Virginia campus to teach M.B.A. students. He retired in 2000; two years later, the college established the Ernest J. Pavlock Scholarship in Accounting and Information Systems. An Air Force veteran, Pavolock received his bachelor's degree from Duquesne University, doctorate from the University of Michigan, and M.B.A. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Paul Wischkaemper, a professor emeritus of marketing, died on Aug. 30. A native Texan, Wischkaemper earned his B.S. and M.S. from Texas A&M in College Station and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. A professor at Virginia Tech from 1964 to 1981, Wischkaemper received emeritus status when he retired. After retirement, Wischkaemper raised Angus cows and was an active member of the American Angus Association and instrumental in promoting the EPD method of cattle evaluation in the state of Georgia.

Virginia Tech