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Summer 2009

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An innovative, low-cost, dexterous robotic hand operated by compressed air

Virginia Cooperative Extension's new website gives access to a range of resources
Low-cost robotic hand operates by compressed air >>

This innovative robotic hand can firmly hold objects as heavy as a can of food or as delicate as a raw egg and is dexterous enough to use sign language gestures.

Virginia Cooperative Extension unveils new website >>

Virginia Cooperative Extension's new website provides access to a range of resources, putting university knowledge into the hands of people worldwide.

Virginia Tech physicists and engineers are searching for a new dimension

Philogia is a student-published research journal focusing on liberal arts and human sciences
New dimension sought in primordial black holes >>

Researchers in the departments of Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering are exploring the possibility of an extra dimension.

Journal features undergraduate research >>

A new undergraduate research journal in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences rolled off the press in April 2009.

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