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SUMMER 2010 VOL. 32 NO. 4
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Cover: Photos from the Echols-Saunders family; memorabilia from the family and the Alumni Museum in the Holtzman Alumni Center. Photo by Jim Stroup.
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CAMPUS, circa WW I
on Capitol Hill
Corps of Cadets
Letters to the Editor
President's Message
Virginia Tech makes an impact on your life, whether you know it or not. And we want you to be a part of it. From the power grid to cancer detection to better tomatoes, this research is how we invent the future. Our alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends all contribute to the success. Read our stories. Leave a comment. Spread the word. Submit YOUR story.
Hereditary Hokies
Hereditary Hokies

If the admissions office manned a recruiting table at your latest family reunion, your family may be genetically Hokie. Passed down from generation to generation, Hokie Spirit runs through the bloodlines of many Hokie families.

Share photos of your family of Hokies.Share photos of your family of Hokies.

Saving the Chesapeake Bay: Restoring the future

Saving the Chesapeake Bay: Restoring the future

Virginia Tech researchers are at the forefront of renewed efforts to save the Chesapeake Bay, pitted against excessive nutrients and sediment that degrade water quality and threaten aquatic life. See how experts at Virginia Tech are restoring the future of a national treasure.

In the fishbowl with Rob Wittman

Spending a day with Congressman Rob Wittman (biological sciences '81) is to realize that every minute is scheduled in order to maximize his influence, outreach, and service. But Wittman wouldn't have it any other way, and he'll never forget his roots.

  Wittman discusses such topics as Wall Street reform, partisanship, and his political rise.
In the fishbowl with Rob Wittman '81
Factor of X
Factor of X

Virginia Tech dazzled the world in 2003 with System X, the fastest supercomputer in academia, trumpeting the university's technological credentials. Seven years later, the lightning-quick supercomputer is still producing groundbreaking results for scientists in Blacksburg and around the world.

Campus, circa WWI

D.C. Wolfe (civil engineering '21), a musician and engineer, was also a prolific photographer. From pole-vaulting on the Drillfield to cadets with disarming smiles, Wolfe's photos--compiled with memorabilia in two previously unpublished scrapbooks--offer a unique glimpse of the Blacksburg campus.

Campus, circa World War I
Beyond Blacksburg

Research programs at each of the 12 Virginia Tech Agricultural Research and Extension Centers spread across the commonwealth are purposefully varied and data-driven, benefiting the agricultural diversity and economy of each region.

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