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    Volume 34, Number 4

    Virginia Tech Magazine, summer 2012

    Alumni, we want to hear what you’ve been doing. We can post online photographs of weddings, babies, and spirited alumni, with some images appearing in print.

    Mail photos to Virginia Tech Magazine, 205 Media Building, Blacksburg, VA 24061, or email them to

    Please mail career, wedding, birth, and death news to Alumni Notes, Virginia Tech Alumni Association, Holtzman Alumni Center, Blacksburg, VA 24061; email them to; or submit them online.

    Alumni mailing addresses may be viewed online in the Virginia Tech Online Alumni Directory by logging in with your Virginia Tech PID and password. For assistance, call 540-231-6285.

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  •  Ryan Nebel (building construction '07)

    Hokie pride: On April 16, as thousands participated in the 3.2-mile Run in Remembrance on campus, Ryan Nebel (building construction '07) commemorated the anniversary in his own way: He borrowed a cross country singlet from the athletic department and ran the Boston Marathon. Crossing the finish line, he held up three fingers on one hand and two fingers on the other. Not incidentally, we noticed that his finishing time also displayed the numbers.


    Full Visibility team dreams big, aims high

    From left, Tom Kohler '93, '97; Rob Andreev '95; Dave Lekuch '95; and Dan Kodesh. Photo by Janel Andreev.

    From left, Tom Kohler '93, '97; Rob Andreev '95; Dave Lekuch '95; and Dan Kodesh. Photo by Janel Andreev.

    Take a trio of Hokies, some high-tech know-how, and a long-term mindset and you'll end up with an IT firm that's positioned to win. In 2006, alumni Rob Andreev (management science '95), Tom Kohler (finance '93, M.B.A. '97), and David Lekuch (management science '95) founded Full Visibility, which provides IT solutions to federal government agencies. The firm's clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security.

    According to Kohler, the company's vice president of business development, Full Visibility delivers top-notch services "by maintaining an enduring focus on the client mission, bringing into the Full Visibility family employees that are the right fit for our company and clients, and treating our employees better than anyone else." That approach is paying off. Full Visibility was recently named a Top 50 Place to Work by the Washington Business Journal, garnering a No. 4 ranking in the small-business category.

    Though Lekuch said that, as a startup, getting the firm's name out there and building a client base were the main challenges, today the Full Visibility team strives to manage growth responsibly. "We don't want to just jump at every opportunity," said Lekuch, who serves as chief technical officer. "We want to grow in areas we have focused on and that match closely to our core expertise and areas we want to continue to grow in. We also want to maintain low overhead so we can better compensate our employees."

    Andreev, president and managing partner, said his Virginia Tech education provided him with far more than simple technical skills. "The overall business curriculum lit a fire in me that suggested that forming something with a group of colleagues that I know and trust would be my long-term strategic goal," he said.

    The founders remain true to their Hokie roots. They are season ticketholders, and plans are in the works to begin recruiting new Hokies into the fold in fall 2013.


    Summer 2012

    Energizer: The power plant that powers Tech

    Maximizing Potential: A microencapsulation company leverages the region’s resources

    On a Mission: Veterans find a niche at Virginia Tech

    Home, Sweet Home: The changing shape of housing in America

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    About 40 alumni of the SEED (Student-managed Endowment for Educational Development) program gathered for a reunion in April at the Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington.

    Successful seeds: About 40 alumni of the SEED (Student-managed Endowment for Educational Development) program gathered for a reunion in April at the Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington. "I think everyone enjoyed the weekend, and hopefully this is just the beginning for future events," said event organizer Christina Todd (finance '09). SEED alumni wishing to hear about the next reunion may email Steven Corcoran, a junior finance and economics major, at


    death Ruby L. Peery (GBUS), Rural Retreat, Va., 1/11/12.


    death Isabel S. Saunders Kelsey (BAD), Abingdon, Va., 2/23/12.


    death James C. Coleman (CHE), Pensacola, Fla., 3/11/12.
    Newell D. Sanders (ME '37, MS '37), Olmsted Falls, Ohio, 10/10/11.


    death Donald D. Rohwer, Arlington, Va., 11/11/10.
    Ormonde Smith Jr. (IE), Pittsfield, Mass., 2/27/12.
    William G. Thayer (BAD), Swanton, Ohio, 2/15/12.


    death John F. Kuck Jr. (CHEM, MS), Atlanta, Ga., 8/4/11.


    death John C. Hutt, Montross, Va., 11/13/11.


    death D.R. "Dave" Fourney (ME), Purcellville, Va. 11/18/11.
    Theodore M. Von Sprecken Jr. (CE), Moss Point, Miss., 2/24/12.


    death M.A. "Bill" Burnette (AGRN), Lynch Station, Va., 2/17/12.
    Paul E. Irwin (CHE, CHE '48), Richmond, Va., 10/26/11.
    Eloise Claiborne Keefe (HNF), Columbus, Ohio, 11/26/11.


    death M.G. "Moe" Martin (BIOL), Lexington, Va., 4/4/12.
    Howell H. Michael III (EE), Matthews, N.C., 12/7/11.
    Robert P. Taylor (AGED), Smithfield, Va., 1/14/11.
    Lorraine Hagen Westerberg (GHEC), Catonsville, Md., 12/12/11.


    death Richard C. Caldwell (GAG), Salem, Va., 2/3/12.
    John A. Maddox (AGED), Virginia Beach, Va., 12/30/11.
    Garland "Mac" T. McCoy (ME), Leesburg, Va., 11/7/11.
    Charles C. Rawlings Jr. (CHEM), Petersburg, Va., 1/24/12.
    Clara Frazer Riddell (GHEC), Doswell, Va., 11/26/11.
    John J. Wallace Jr. (ARE), Colorado Springs, Colo., 12/20/11.


    death Leonard B. Aaron (ACCT), Newport News, Va., 1/13/12.
    James W. Collins (ME), Wellston, Ohio, 3/9/12.
    William S. Moses (BAD '47), Roanoke, Va., 2/1/12.
    Hal H. Rhea (ME '44), Portland, Ore., 11/15/11.
    Hunter T. Wagener (IE '48), Irvington, Va., 3/26/11.


    death Charles W. Barnett (EE), Black Mountain, N.C., 1/24/12.
    Edward J. Cooper (ME), Virginia Beach, Va., 3/17/12.
    W. Hugh Moomaw (BUS), Virginia Beach, Va., 12/21/11.
    Arthur R. Willis (CHEM '49), Warrenton, Va., 2/29/12.


    death Lester R. Moskowitz (EE), Coopersburg, Pa., 3/27/12.
    C.E. "Bill" Ridenour III (IE '49), Stamford, Conn., 12/10/11.


    Herbert L. Duff Jr. (ME '49), Burlington, N.C., published a memoir entitled "Recollections and Reflections: The Years Go By."
    death Wesley L. Baum (EE), Moyock, N.C., 2/16/12.
    Warren E. Burnett, Odessa, Texas, 9/23/11.
    Thomas A. Dollins Jr. (ME), Brainaird, Minn., 11/8/11.

    Former U.S. Rep. William C. Wampler Sr., R-Va., of Bristol, Va., died May 23 at the age of 86. Wampler (business administration '48) was first elected to the House in 1952, becoming at age 26 the youngest member of the 83rd Congress. He served initially for two years and then for another 16 years, from 1967 to 1983. At Virginia Tech, Wampler served on the board of visitors from 1978 to 1982. He received the university's Alumni Distinguished Service Award in 1980. A native of Pennington Gap, Va., Wampler served in the U.S. Navy and attended the University of Virginia law school. He worked briefly in newspaper journalism at the Bristol Virginia-Tennessean, the Big Stone Gap Post, and the Bristol Herald Courier. After a failed re-election bid in 1954, he joined the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. He was later vice president and general manager at his family’s furniture and carpet companies.


    death Thomas E. Briers (ME), Crofton, Md., 3/17/12.
    Roger R. Brooks (EE), Richmond, Va., 12/14/11.
    H.T. Grindstaff (BAD, VOED '56), Troutville, Va., 2/21/12.
    Victor Rogers (CE), Richmond, Va., 12/9/11.

  • Charles M. Forbes (industrial engineering and operations research '49)
    Charles M. Forbes '49
  • Charles M. Forbes (industrial engineering and operations research '49), Virginia Tech's first vice president for development and university relations, died March 7 in Wilmington, Del.

    Forbes, who established fundraising as a major driver of new initiatives at his alma mater, was the architect of The Campaign for Excellence, Virginia Tech's first national fundraising campaign, which generated $118 million and helped increase the value of assets held by the Virginia Tech Foundation from less than $8 million to more than $123 million.

    During his tenure at Virginia Tech, major new initiatives for which he oversaw fundraising included the public radio station WVTF and the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. Forbes also was the driving force in creating the Ut Prosim Society and the William Preston Society, which recognize extraordinary support of and service to Virginia Tech. His service was recognized in 2001, when he was presented Virginia Tech's University Distinguished Achievement Award.



    death H. Clay Blankenship Jr. (ME), Fairfax, Va., 2/10/12.
    Sydney H. Connelly Jr. (CHE), Hopewell, Va., 6/16/11.
    Henry "Hank" A. Davenport Jr. (IE), Roanoke, Va., 4/14/12.
    C. Gordon Emerson (IE), Huntington, W.Va., 2/12/12.
    Robert F. Fletcher (AGE '51), Temperanceville, Va., 2/26/12.
    Victor G. Gedmin (EE), Kill Devil Hills, N.C., 2/19/12.
    Raymond W. Gibson Jr. (MINE), Wilmore, Ky., 12/13/11.
    James E. Hopper (BC), El Sobrante, Calif., 1/18/12.
    Jack R. Ittner (BAD '49), Port Haywood, Va., 1/15/12.
    Herman "Dee" Jeter Jr. (IE '49), McMinnville, Tenn., 3/1/12.
    Gaillard "Skip" A. Mervin (AGRN), North Myrtle Beach, S.C., 1/9/12.
    Drexel A. Rich (ASE), Marietta, Ga., 3/5/12.
    Ernest "Stoney" W. Stone (AGEC), Elk Creek, Va., 2/25/12.
    William S. Swecker Sr. (ANSC), Stuarts Draft, Va., 3/10/12.
    Edwin "Ned" E. Thompson Jr. (CE, SAEN '51), Columbus, Ohio, 3/14/12.
    John "Jack" R. Wine (BC), Sandston, Va., 1/11/12.
    John P. Witry (ME), Waynesboro, Va., 12/19/11.


    death Buford M. Cannon (GAG), Prattville, Ala., 1/14/12.
    David G. Drewry (ME, ME '55), La Vale, Md., 12/14/11.
    Jean Reid Forkner (GHEC), Mechanicsville, Va., 12/26/11.
    David P. Hoge Jr. (CHE), Manhasset, N.Y., 3/2/12.
    Ray B. Jones (ANSC), Crozet, Va., 12/11/11.
    W.H. "Bill" Martin Jr. (CE), Norfolk, Va., 1/31/11.
    Norman A. Martin (CHE), Lancaster, Pa., 11/16/11.
    William R. Myers (CHEM, CHEM '53), Burlington, N.C., 3/25/12.
    Eugene "Sonny" Showalter (ARE), Lynchburg, Va., 2/29/12.
    James A. Tilson (ANSC), Lexington, Va., 1/11/12.
    Clarence "Bev" Wilson (BC), Richmond, Va., 3/9/12.


    death Thomas J. Crooks Jr. (FW), Virginia Beach, Va., 1/13/12.
    Charles E. Dennis III (ACCT '56), Roanoke, Va., 12/14/11.
    William E. LaPrade Jr. (IE), Bluff City, Tenn., 11/29/11.
    Richard J. Louden (CE), Baton Rouge, La., 2/22/12.
    Harry E. Mottley Jr. (EE), Pittsfield, Mass., 12/16/11.
    John "Jack" S. Powell Jr. (ARE '58), Virginia Beach, Va., 12/7/11.
    John P. Rector Jr. (BIOL), Scottsdale, Ariz., 8/20/11.


    death Richard Bains (EE '60), Hampton, Va., 1/12/12.
    George B. Hall (DASC), Riner, Va., 3/16/12.
    Dewitt "Dee" H. Miller (EE), Roanoke, Va., 3/17/12.
    Jack W. Miller Jr. (BAD '55), Richmond, Va., 2/25/12.
    Richard M. Morgan (AGEC), Blacksburg, Va., 1/13/12.
    Virginia "Ginny" Howard Nordstrom (MATH), Garden City, S.C., 2/18/12.
    Glen C. Wassum Sr. (DASC '54), Harrisonburg, Va., 2/25/12.


    death Fields W. Cobb Jr. (FW), Sagle, Idaho, 11/7/11.
    Joseph H. Hoge III (BAD), Charleston, W.Va., 1/9/12.
    John L. Moran (IE), Milledgeville, Ga., 3/11/12.
    Rufus F. Scott (ME '59), Smithfield, Va., 1/21/12.
    Joseph D. Stoutamire Jr., Salem, Va., 1/22/12.


    death Franklin W. Berry (FW), Columbus, Ind., 1/2/12.
    Tom Blanchard (EE), Harrisonburg, Va., 2/5/12.
    H. Winston Chelf (ME), Virginia Beach, Va., 1/10/12.
    Robert F. Crawford (EM, ME '55), Santa Barbara, Calif., 6/24/11.
    Edwin A. Drinkwater Jr. (GAG), Stephens City, Va., 1/21/12.
    William A. Moon Jr. (GEOL, GEOL '61), Hanover, Md., 12/4/11.
    David W. Oliver (PHYS '56, MS '56), Sun City Center, Fla., 8/12/11.
    Charles B. Settle (AGED), Capron, Va., 1/24/12.


    death Earl O. Ayers (BAD '57), Myrtle Beach, S.C., 9/29/11.
    Charles D. Burnette (BAD), Evans City, Pa., 1/23/12.
    Eugene D. Callaway (CE), Richmond, Va., 12/3/11.
    Ronald L. Fink (CE '57), Chesterfield, Va., 1/3/12.
    Arthur J. Gray Jr. (POUL), Oak Hall, Va., 12/19/11.
    David H. Hubble (CERE '57), Export, Pa., 1/12/12.
    Howard C. Mills Jr. (ME '57), Broad Run, Va., 1/18/12.


    death Brand Hardenbergh (BAD), Tappahannock, Va., 2/26/12.
    R.P. "Roland" Riddick Jr. (ME), Moneta, Va., 2/26/12.
    William Howard Rooney Jr. (AGEC), Hatteras, N.C., 2/16/12.


    death J.E. "Jim" Guthrie Jr. (ME), Harrisonburg, Va., 1/10/12.
    Richard P. James (ME), Glen Allen, Va., 10/24/11.
    David I. Joyner (IAED, EDVT '77), Portsmouth, Va., 8/7/11.
    Richard P. Lehmann (ANSC, ANSC '60), Monrovia, Md., 9/5/11.
    Cary R. Spitzer (EE '59), Williamsburg, Va., 11/8/12.
    William "Bunky" M. Warren (PAD), South Hill, Va., 5/20/11.


    death George D. Dye (EE '60), Venice, Fla., 9/3/11.
    Arthur P. Morton Jr. (IAED '61), Charleston, S.C., 2/17/12.
    Helen Marshall Simmons (GHEC, EDVT '76), Christiansburg, Va., 1/7/12.



    death Samuel M. Bowling (ME), Charleston, W.Va., 4/8/12.
    John H. Chappell (ME), Charlottesville, Va., 3/28/12.
    Dennis B. Clark (EE '62), Toronto, Ohio, 1/18/12.
    N. Fayne Edwards (BAD), Richmond, Va., 2/8/12.
    Robert J. Frazier (BAD), Martinsville, Va., 1/17/12.
    Ann Haugh Lehmann (GHEC), Monrovia, Md., 3/7/12.
    Ellen Speiden Parham (GHEC), De Kalb, Ill., 2/13/12.
    James R. Rickman (BAD '59), Richmond, Va., 1/25/12.
    Budd Sallo (EE), Huntsville, Ala., 10/9/11.
    John B. Warden Jr. (EE), Portsmouth, Va., 12/13/11.


    death Greg Hillenburg (EE), Perryman, Md., 3/22/12.
    Byron "Butch" B. Hubbard Jr. (BC), Henrico, Va., 3/23/12.
    Leo H. Lineberry (BAD), Collinsville, Va., 2/9/12.
    Larry W. Szczur (CE), Fredericksburg, Va., 3/11/12.
    Donald J. Widmann Jr. (EE), Myrtle Beach, S.C., 3/17/12.


    death William "Wal" Bennington (ANSC '63), Mount Airy, N.C., 3/5/12.
    E. Tyree Chappell Sr. (BC), Mechanicsville, Va., 3/26/12.
    Wei T. Chin (AGRN), Lubbock, Texas, 5/21/11.
    Henry L. Finch Jr. (AGED, AGEC '64), Herndon, Va., 12/9/11.
    Marvin L. McBride (AGRN), Evington, Va., 2/22/12.
    G. David "Jerry" McNichols (GBUS), Winston-Salem, N.C., 3/29/12.
    Garrett C. Mothersead (ME), Oro Valley, Ariz., 3/1/12.
    Wayne A. Smith Sr. (CE), Saltville, Va., 12/20/11.
    Kindred D. Williams (BAD), Hartsville, S.C., 4/25/11.


    G. Randolph Robertson Jr. (ARE '64), Ashland, Va., retired from Dominion Power after 26 years of service and from Randolph Macon College as construction manager after 16 years of service.
    death Kamal M. Abdo (BION, BION '66), Bahama, N.C., 12/22/11.
    Ronald B. Bradley (CE '66), Deltaville, Va., 8/26/11.
    J.S. "Jim" Jackson (BAD, BAD '68), Aiken, S.C., 3/11/12.
    Bill Moulse Jr. (BC '66), Roanoke, Va., 3/30/12.
    Emmett F. Spiers (AGEC), McKenney, Va., 5/24/11.


    James K. George Jr. (EE), Austin, Texas, recently published a book entitled "Reunion" based on his life growing up in West Virginia.
    death Robert W. Cooper (CERE '66), Pensacola, Fla., 6/20/11.
    Wayne H. Wells (BAD), Yorktown, Va., 12/23/11.


    death Osborne L. Brockman (BAD '66), Virginia Beach, Va., 2/8/12.
    Loretta Spence Davis (FIN), Woodstock, Va., 2/18/12.
    S.W. Wilson Haynes (AGRN), Topping, Va., 2/26/12.


    David A. Splitt (ENGL), Washington, D.C., is chairman of the board at the Coral Restoration Foundation.
    death Raymond B. Cooper (AGRN), Meigs, Ga., 2/13/12.
    D. Randy Davis (BED), Danville, Va., 3/14/12.
    James R. Kelley (PSCI), Novato, Calif., 1/8/12.


    death W. Daniel Bradshaw Jr. (BAD), Kernersville, N.C., 3/18/12.
    Fred C. Forberg Jr. (BAD), Baskerville, Va., 12/19/11.
    Dianne Walters (ARCH, BAD '80), Alexandria, Va., 2/9/12.


    James M. Tucker (BAD), Hanford, Calif., retired as dean of library and student learning support services at Fresno City College.
    death James F. Campbell (ASE, ASE '73), Manassas, Va., 3/18/11.
    Patricia V. Brauscome Schwier (BIOL, EDSU '77), Hughesville, Md., 11/29/11.
    William H. Spencer III (BAD), Roanoke, Va., 3/14/12.


    death Verna Poarch Myers (SOC), Ruston, La., 12/8/11.
    James W. Stewart (HIST '70), Rogersville, Mo., 2/19/12.



    David O. Hash (ARCH, ENSY '71), Middle River, Md., retired after a 40-year career in planning and economic development with the City of Baltimore and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

    Frances Cogle Lawrence (MHFD), Baton Rouge, La., is the director of the Certified Financial Planner Board-Registered Program in the Department of Finance at Louisiana State University and editor of the Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning.

    death James R. Denyes (IE '71), Williamsburg, Va., 3/19/12.
    LeBaron Lee Moseley Jr. (IE), Roanoke, Va., 1/14/12.
    Diana Blevins Throckmorton (GHEC), Lynchburg, Va., 5/10/11.
    William S. Warner (FW '71), Charleston, S.C., 10/10/11.


    Robert J. Dunay (ARCH, ARCH '79), Blacksburg, Va., was named one of the 25 Most Admired Educators of 2012 by the magazine DesignIntelligence.

    death John R. Hind (EE), Raleigh, N.C., 2/15/12.
    Steve Liskey (ENGL '72), Bristol, Va., 11/25/11.
    Margaret Sallie Willers Mabie (EDBS), Statesboro, Ga., 4/7/12.
    Barbara Silk Magaddino (SOC), Santa Ana, Calif., 1/20/12.
    Donald P. Marks (CE), Blacksburg, Va., 3/4/12.
    Kenneth L. Michael (ENGL), Emporia, Va., 3/8/12.
    Roy W. Reynolds (ARCH), Holt, Fla., 1/18/12.
    Zalman "Z.C." Samuels (MGT), Memphis, Tenn., 11/29/11.


    Robert E. Cosby Jr. (CE), Richmond, Va., is a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International.

    Forrest E. Gladden III (FW), Cape Charles, Va., is manager for the Kiptopeke State Park in Cape Charles.

    death W. Fred Dotson (ESM '73), Sandston, Va., 2/12/12.
    David M. Ellis (HIST), Denver, N.C., 4/11/10.
    Morton B. Gulak (URPL), Richmond, Va., 3/12/12.
    Mandie Meyburgh Patterson (SOC, SOC '72), Richmond, Va., 3/16/12.
    Larry D. Pinson (EM), Willis, Va., 2/12/12.


    Samuel B. Long (MGT), Roanoke, Va., has been awarded the Counselors of Real Estate's CRE designation and is serving as vice president on the Appraisal Institute's national appraisers liability insurance program committee.

    death Cynthia "Cindy" L. Martin (PSCI, PSCI '75), Holly Springs, N.C., 2/9/12.
    James E. Vredenburgh Jr. (PSCI '74), St. Louis, Mo., 3/8/12.


    T. Reynolds Patterson (BIOL), Boise, Idaho, is a palliative care physician with St. Luke's Health System in Idaho.

    death Harold "Steve" S. Adams (BOT), Hot Springs, Va., 10/9/11.
    Lindy R. Bryant (ME), Forest, Va., 1/24/12.
    Verna G. Johnston (EDCI), Blacksburg, Va., 3/2/12.
    J. William Bill Oglesby (FIN), Cincinnati, Ohio, 10/28/11.


    Jerry L. Archer (EE '76), Round Hill, Va., was named the North American Information Security Executive of the Year for 2011 by T.E.N., a technology and information-security executive-networking firm.

    JP. Edward Burcham (CHE), Florence, Ky., retired from Procter & Gamble after 36 years and is now with the Goldenberg Schneider law firm, working in civil litigation.

    death Billy J. Stephens (EDVT '76), Stafford, Va., 2/24/12.
    Bobby M. Abercrombie (CS '76), Radford, Va., 1/9/12.
    Vernon C. Allen Jr. (MGT), Roanoke, Va., 1/19/12.


    death Arthur L. Gilliam Jr. (CHEM), Somerset, N.J., 3/9/12.
    Rosalie E. Green (EDAC, EDAC '79), Manassas, Va., 2/20/12.
    Barbara Faulkner Kiser (ELED), Stuarts Draft, Va., 1/3/12.
    Suzanne M. Georgalas Kokorelis (PAD), Yorktown, Va., 11/22/11.
    Molly N. Mauldin (EDCI), Danville, Va., 3/7/12.
    John R. Simpson (BIOL), Wilmington, N.C., 1/8/12.


    Fredrick S. Najjar (PAD, EDSP '79), San Francisco, Calif., is senior vice president for philanthropy at Dignity Health.

    Thomas M. Phillips (BC), Williamsburg, Va., is a project manager for off-site work, including civil infrastructure and temporary facilities, on the $11 billion Wheatstone Project, a two-train, liquefied natural gas plant for Chevron.

    Everett H. Stephenson Jr. (FOR), Savannah, Ga., self-published a book of short stories entitled "Innovation."

    death Bryan L. Blackburn Jr. (CS), Tyler, Texas, 8/16/11.
    William H. Martin Jr. (HORT), Springfield, Va., 3/19/12.


    W. Terry Dickey (FW), Greensboro, N.C., is president and CEO for United Cabinet Holdings.

    Douglas W. Domenech (FW '79), Richmond, Va., received the Alumni Award of Achievement from the College of Natural Resources and Environment.

    Robin D. Stewart (MKTG), Downers Grove, Ill., was recognized with a CEO Award for Excellence by Armstrong World Industries.

    death William H. Crostic Jr. (CHE), Simpsonville, S.C., 11/25/11.
    J. Nicholas Laprade (EE), Tracy, Calif., 3/8/12.


    Douglas E. Gehley (ARCH), Vienna, Va., is East Coast operations manager at SHW Group.

    James F. Stief (FW), Stow, Ohio, is executive vice president of operations for Davey Tree Expert Company.

    death John C. Rogers III (GBUS), Morro Bay, Calif., 2/13/12.
    Faye Quarles Witcher (EDCI), Sandy Level, Va., 1/20/12.



    Bryce A. Turner (ARCH), Baltimore, Md., was appointed by Gov. Martin O'Malley to the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission.

    death M.B. "Mark" Bain (FIW), Lansing, N.Y., 2/8/12.
    Michael D. Olsen (GBUS), Blacksburg, Va., 3/20/12.


    Bruce D. Burton (FIN '83), Lexington, Ky., was elected as the Worshipful Master of Masonic Lodge Devotion No. 160.

    Steven S. Prevette (CE), Graniteville, S.C., received a Fellow grant from the American Society for Quality for achieving distinction and preeminence in the technology, theory, educational application, or management of quality control.

    death Patrick A. Morgan (CHE), Asheville, N.C., 2/7/12.


    Thomas G. Wilson (EDAD), Christiansburg, Va., retired as Upward Bound director at Virginia Tech, ending a 30-year career.

    death Barbara Shaw Akers (EDVT), Bassett, Va., 3/3/12.
    Elisabeth Libby A. Beyer (BAD), Richmond, Va., 1/30/12.
    Lyndon S. Guy (EE '84), Rockville, Md., 7/5/11.
    Nancy Case Hurst (ZOOL), Frazier Park, Calif., 12/9/11.
    Michael D. Olinger (ANSC), San Francisco, Calif., 3/8/12.
    James C. Widlak (FIW), Cookeville, Tenn., 2/10/12.


    death Kathryn Thompson Leckie (COMM), Adamstown, Md., 2/19/12.


    Todd C. Berg (ARCH), Concord, N.C., is a partner with Morris-Berg Architects in Charlotte, N.C.

    Pierre G. Thomas (COMM), Falls Church, Va., was selected as 2012 Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists.

    death Lionel Casey F. Jones III (PHED), Blacksburg, Va., 3/19/12.
    Raleigh B. Vann (EDAD), Fieldale, Va., 8/20/11.


    Eleanor C. Jones (COMM), Falls Church, Va., is director of strategic marketing for Business Management Daily.

    death Richard H. Howarth Jr. (FIN), Meridian, Miss., 1/16/12.
    Michael A. Russell (BC), Roanoke, Va., 11/11/11.


    Allen W. Cadden (CE, CE '88), West Chester, Pa., is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Alumni for Virginia Tech's Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

    Annette R. Debo (ACCT, ENGL '90), Asheville, N.C., published a book entitled "The American H.D."

    Kevin B. Sullivan (ARCH '87), Weston, Mass., was elevated to Fellow in the American Institute of Architects.


    Charles L. Grant (HIST), Chesterfield, Va., was named executive director of Henricus Historical Park in Chester, Va.

    Jeffrey B. Trollinger (FW), Gum Spring, Va., was promoted to deputy director of administration and bureau service in the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries' Bureau of Wildlife Resources.


    Patricia J. Johnson Brown (EDAC), Richmond, Va., received the MaryEllen Cox Memorial Award for Advocacy.

    death Belkist E. Padilla (COMM), Coconut Grove, Fla., 2/14/12.


    Jeffrey W. Burkett (MGT), Lexington, Ohio, was named commander of the Air National Guard's 152nd Airlift Wing in Reno, Nev.

    Rodney P. Gaines (FIN, EDPE '96, EDCI '01), Colonial Heights, Va., is a professor at Virginia State University and was elected president-elect for the Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

    wedding Audrey Wright Lockwood (COMM) and Todd D. Lockwood, Blackwood, N.J., married 2/29/12.

    death John F. Carroll IV (ME), Midlothian, Va., 3/8/12.
    Nina A. Haddad (EDSP), Hammond, La., 12/19/11.
    Douglas J. Hedrick (PSYC), Glen Allen, Va., 1/6/12.
    Judith Bower Miller (EDAD, EDAD '90), Falls Church, Va., 2/26/12.



    Scott C. Asbury (AE), Longmont, Colo., was promoted to senior manager of joint polar satellite system programs at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colo.

    Thomas P. Fabrie (ECON, BAD '96), Richmond, Va., was promoted to director of finance at INGENCO.

    Vikram Yadama (FPR), Pullman, Wash., received a National Science Foundation CAREER award for his work to develop unique, sustainable building materials from wood strands.


    John H. Escario (HIST) Germantown, Md., is head of exchange-traded fund portfolio analytics for Vanguard.

    David M. Winslow (GEOL), Redding, Conn., is vice president and district office manager for GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc.


    Joanne E. Waters (MKTG), Arlington, Va., was promoted to special counsel at WilmerHale Promotions in Boston, Mass.


    Michelle R. O'Connor (EDCI), Salem, Va., is president and CEO of CMR Institute.

    Lena W. Winfrey Seder (ENGL), Orlando, Fla., published a book entitled "The Metamorphosis of a Muslim."

    Pamela C. Smith (ACCT, GBUA '01), San Antonio, Texas, is a full professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

    wedding Jeff K. Woodford (MKTG) and Kristen Hibel, Forest Va., married 11/11/11.

    birth Susan A. Stryker Jensen (ACCT), Chesterfield, Mo., a daughter, 2/23/12.

    death Robert C. Tippett Jr. (MATH), Roanoke, Va., 11/21/11.


    Christopher D. Linthicum (ME), Severna Park, Md., is a senior project manager at Kaiser Permanente.

    Jessica Wilson Shoudel (FIN), Bonaire, Ga., is executive director with Robbins-Giola LLC.

    Vernon L. Wildy Jr. (ISE), Glen Allen, Va., has published his first novel, entitled "Nice Guys Finish Last."

    birth Edwin M. Wied III (PSYC), Annawan, Ill., a son, 2/23/12.

    death Matthew J. Young (CHE, ENE '96), Washington, D.C., 10/7/11.


    Courtney A. Beamon (CE, CE '96), Midlothian, Va., is president of Delta Airport Consultants Inc.

    wedding Emily Haynes Cooper (HLED) and Brian Cooper, Virginia Beach, Va., married 11/11/11.

    birth Robine M. Humphrey Whetham (COMM), Norfolk, Va., a son, 12/12/11.

    death Allen K. Briggs (CS), Blacksburg, Va., 3/3/12.


    birth Brian K. Diefenderfer (CE, CE '98, CE '02) and Stacey Reubush Diefenderfer (CE '97, CE '99, CE '09), Charlottesville, Va., a son, 5/18/11.


    Andrew C. Brought (FW), Shawnee Mission, Kan., is practicing environmental law with the firm of Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP.

    Kevin M. Lang (MINE), Henderson, Nev., is director of gas operations support staff for Southwest Gas Corporation in Las Vegas.

    birth Michael F. Liska (ME) and Amanda Watters Liska (CE '01), Fredericksburg, Va., a daughter, 5/26/11.
    Kevin J. O'Keefe (AE) and Susan Dodd O'Keefe (FCD '97, EDCI '99), York, Pa., a son, 9/7/11.
    Margaret J. White, Wilmington (VM), Del., a daughter, 1/11/12.


    William R. Agee Jr. (ACCT), Richmond, Va., is controller of construction and development for Gumenick Properties.

    Scott M. Barrett (FW, FOR '01), Fincastle, Va., received the Forest Resources Association's Appalachian Region 2011 first-place technical writing award.

    Elizabeth Johnson Howard (MSCI), Chester, Va., is owner and president of The Cordial Cricket and received a 2012 Best of Virginia Wedding Professionals award as the best invitation company.

    Elaine J. O'Quinn (EDCI), Boone, N.C., a professor in Appalachian State University's Department of English, received the North Carolina Board of Governors Award for Teaching Excellence.

    Amy L. Stipandic (BAD), Ardmore, Pa., is senior vice president of strategic process, design, and delivery for Comcast Cable.

    birth Vincent M. Maillard (ENE) and Brenda Baibak Maillard (CHE '99), Annapolis, Md., a daughter, 2/1/12.


    Nathaniel L. Bishop (EDPE), Christiansburg, Va., is chair of the Department of Interprofessionalism at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.

    Carmen McGough Stowers (BIOC), Savannah, Ga., is an executive assistant to the president of Savannah College of Art and Design and assistant secretary to the college's board of trustees.

    Brett H. Wallace (AT), Brooklyn, N.Y., is a landscape architect for Rhodeside & Harwell Inc.

    wedding Danielle Byrd Gillotte (BIOL) and James Eaton (BUS '02), South Riding, Va., married 01/13/12.

    birth Jason B. Klatsky (MKTG), New York, N.Y., a son, 2/21/12.
    Justin M. Klingman (MSCI), Jamestown, N.C., a son, 2/27/12.



    birth Douglas A. Barton II (WOOD) and Elizabeth Sylvanus Barton (IDST '01), York, Pa., a son, 7/30/11.

    death Melissa J. Cheliras (COMM), Richmond, Va., 2/10/12.


    Michael S. Finnegan (PUA), Richmond, Va., is vice president of construction and development for Gumenick Properties.

    Elisabeth G. Hodgson (BIT), Herndon, Va., authored a book entitled "King of Darkness."

    wedding Thomas R. Greer III (HIST, FIN) and Erika Weiberth (MATH '01), Centreville, Va., married 7/9/11.
    Lisa Olsen Hahn (PSYC, ENGL '03) and Peter Hahn, Arlington, Va., married 2/18/12.

    birth Heather N. Cayey (MUS) and Brian Morgan (HD '03), Philadelphia, Pa., twin daughters, 10/2/11.
    Robin Pumphrey Wiedegreen (WSCI) and Kristiaan Wiedegreen (ENGL '04), Glen Allen, Va., a son, 1/5/12.

    Lila Grace Morgan and Emma Penelope Morgan, twin daughters of Brian Andrew Morgan '03 and Nikki Cayey '01

    Lila Grace and Emma Penelope, twin daughters of Brian Morgan '03 and Heather "Nikki" Cayey '01.


    Hylton J. Haynes (FOR), Cambridge, Mass., is associate project manager of the Firewise Communities Program for the National Fire Protection Association.

    Emily Gaddy Taylor (MGT), Christiansburg, Va., obtained her Certified Manager of Community Associations certification as property administrator for CMG Leasing.

    Caleb D. Welty (MKTG '09), Charlottesville, Va., is the director of marketing and technology with the National Association of College Auxiliary Services.

    birth Charles H. Florin (EE) and Francesca Lorusso-Caputi (COMM '03), Trenton, N.J., a son, 2/28/11.
    Lauren Duvall Heisey (MKTG), Falls Church, Va., a son, 12/19/11.
    Richard A. Powers II (ARCH), Norristown, Pa., a son, 1/24/12.
    Candace Wiltshire Toone (COMM '01), Rockville, Va., a daughter, 10/24/11.
    Sarah Bell Van Orman (PSYC), Portsmouth, Va., a son, 12/19/11.
    Catherine E. Conroy Webster (HD) and Brian Webster (IDST '03), Amherst, Va., a daughter, 1/24/12.


    Heather L. Grutzius (ARCH), Richmond, Va., owns an architecture and construction firm with her husband, John P. White Jr. '04.

    wedding Stacey Hornyak Gnugnoli (HD '03) and David M. Gnugnoli (ME, BIOL '04), Wilmington, Del., married 10/8/11.

    birth Molly School de Lima-Campos (HIDM), Oakton, Va., a daughter, 11/30/11.
    Dawn Springer Huntzinger (ACIS), Mount Pleasant, S.C., a daughter, 10/2/11.
    James R. Kane (MINE) and Lesley Stec Kane (HD '04), Concord, N.C., a daughter, 2/12/12.
    James S. Miller (ME) and Kathryn DeBragga Miller (PSYC '03), Lynchburg, Va., a son, 1/23/12.
    Charles L. Simmons (FORS), Harrisonburg, Va., a son, 1/5/12.
    Walter R. Thomasson (EE) and Blair Tyson Thomasson (HNFE '04), Mechanicsville, Va., a daughter, 1/17/12.


    wedding Matthew J. Kushin (PSYC) and Kelin Kitchener, Pleasant Grove, Utah, married 5/29/11.

    birth Jennifer Banasky Bookwalter (MKTG), Lutherville-Timonium, Md., a daughter, 9/14/11.
    David W. Litchfield (CHE, CHE 'O7, CHE '08) and Lindsey Saufley Litchfield (HNFE '04), Midlothian, Va., a daughter, 12/10/11.
    Amber K. Stewart-Humphries (ME, BAD '06) and David Humphries (ME '06), Inman, S.C., a daughter, 10/20/11.
    Virginia Anne Edwards Swails (COMM), Franklin Springs, Ga., a daughter, 12/1/11.

    death John R. Robinson III (FORS), Stevensville, Va., 11/12/11.


    Alison Cordell Matthiessen (COMM), Roanoke, Va., is the communications manager for the Division of Undergraduate Education at Virginia Tech.

    Lauren B. Stull (FORS, PAPA '07, FOR '07), Robbinsville, N.C., was promoted to district ranger of the Nantahala National Forest, where she manages forest service operations for the Cheoah and Tusquitee districts.

    Braden S. White (WOOD, FPR '08), Blacksburg, Va., is director of technical services for White & Company.

    birth Christopher C. Hall (CS) and Alison Doherty Hall (ARCH '06), Charlotte, N.C., a son, 9/19/11.
    Brian L. Pruden (HTM), Avon, Ohio, a daughter, 7/18/11.


    wedding James R. Sage (CS) and Amanda Feree Sage (PSYC '08), Reisterstown, Md., married 10/01/11.

    birth Jonathan Galgan (ISE) and Gillian James Galgan (BIOL '07), Yorktown, Va., a son, 11/3/11.


    Victor H. Valenzuela (CE), Mechanicsville, Va., earned his professional engineering license and works in the utilities engineering division of Draper Aden Associates.

    wedding Katherine C. Boatwright Dawley (AHRM) and Jeffrey Dawley (GEOG '07), Reston, Va., married 2/18/12.
    Jessica Bradner Carwile (IDST) and David Carwile, Hampton, Va., married 10/15/11.


    Monica K. Streeper (IDST, LAR '11), Lynchburg, Va., is a landscape architect for Rhodeside & Harwell Inc.

    wedding Brian M. Jasion (CE, CE '09) and Patricia Adkins Jasion (CHE '11), Williamsburg, Va., married 3/24/12.


    David W. Grant (PSCI, IDST), Columbia, Md., is the congressional correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor in Washington, D.C.

    Ryan A. Koumbis (GEOG), Virginia Beach, Va., is a lead systems engineer at Rigel Science & Technology LLC.

    Bradley W. Miller (FOR, GSCR), Florence, Ky., was selected as a U.S. Young Observer to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry general assembly and congress in Puerto Rico.



    Kelsey B. Ewing (WSCI, EDCT '11), Wytheville, Va., is the 4-H Extension agent for Wythe County.

    Jessica L. Lockwood (MKTG), Hampton, Va., is an account coordinator for Big River, a Richmond-based, independently owned branding and advertising firm.

    Sunarto (GSCR, FIW '11), Jakarta, Indonesia, led a study to systematically investigate the use of different land-cover types for tiger habitats.

    wedding Bethany A. Laine (PSYC) and Andrew Lanier (SOC '11), Moore, S.C., married 1/14/12.

    death Megan L. Goellner (IDST), Mechanicsville, Va., 2/25/12.


    Olivia N. Marshall (ENGL), Baton Rouge, La., is a legislative correspondent for Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia.



    Dieter Reinhardt Seltzer, Class of 2013, Manassas, Va., 2/14/12.
    John B. "J.J." Stinson, Class of 2014, Alexandria, Va., 4/6/12.


    Celia Ray Hayhoe, Virginia Cooperative Extension specialist in family financial management and associate professor in the Department of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, died March 16.
    Michael Frederick Naff, director of Application Information Systems, died Feb. 10.
    Michael D. Olsen, professor emeritus of hospitality and tourism management in the Pamplin College of Business, died March 20.

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