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The Coalwood Way, Homer Hickam's engaging sequel to his bestselling Rocket Boys, carries on a tradition of storytelling that is personally revealing and socially insightful. Against the backdrop of a declining West Virginia mining town in 1959, Hickam (industrial and systems engineering '64) highlights the pains and joys of growing up, clarifying his values, and preparing to leave behind his way of life.

The story takes place during Hickam's senior year in high school. A strange sadness assails him, and he methodically sets out to pinpoint its cause. His honest self-analysis unfolds into a fascinating coming-of-age drama.

The book is published by Delacorte Press, Random House, Inc. 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

The Coalwood Way

To many critics and fans, film director Sam Pekinpah will always be known as "Bloody Sam" because of his powerful depictions of violence. To Bernard F. Dukore, University Distinguished Professor of Theatre Arts and Humanities Emeritus, Pekinpah's meticulous techniques show more than a preoccupation with brutality; Dukore sees the mark of genius, even in the director's lesser-known works.

In Sam Pekinpah's Feature Films, Dukore examines Pekinpah's 14 feature films as one coherent body, finding common themes such as existentialism, the plight of the outcast, and revenge deferred. Dukore intersperses detailed shot-by-shot analyses to reveal a Pekinpah who is tough, exacting, and shrewd.

Dukore has also written Shaw's Theatre, a three-part text. The first two sections, both previously published, look at Shaw as director and interpreter. The final new section examines Shaw's use of the theatre itself as a dramatic element.

Shaw's Theater is published by the University Press of Florida, 15 Northwest 15th Street, Gainseville, FL 32611-2079. Sam Pekinpah's Feature Films is published by the University of Illinois Press, 1325 South Oak Street, Champaign, IL 61820.

Sam Peckinpah's Feature Films

The authors of Iowa's Black Legacy cite many sources of inspiration for the book, among them the misconception that blacks do not live in Iowa. In fact, African-Americans have been part of the state’s history since the early 1800s, though their contributions have largely gone unrecorded.

To begin filling in the gaps, Charline J. Barnes (Ed.D. '95) traveled throughout the state with fellow Iowan Floyd Bumpers. The book presents their discoveries of the numerous contributions of black Iowans as a pictorial history.

It is published by Arcadia Publishing, 2 Cumberland Street, Charleston, SC 29401.

Iowa's Black Legacy

Mechanical engineering instructor Michael Alley has written The Craft of Editing for the scientists, engineers, and managers whose workloads often include technical editing. A practical guide for improving editing skills, the book focuses specifically on the types of editing scientists and engineers will most likely encounter in the workplace.

The book is published by Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

Ann Lloyd (education '98 M.A.) did not enjoy reading as a child. When institutional reading instruction failed to work consistently for her children, Lloyd devised her own methods. Just 'Til I Finish This Chapter evolved from that experience.

Written as a how-to guide for parents who want to teach, motivate, and inspire their children, the book includes helpful tips, step-by-step instructions, and age-appropriate reading recommendations.

It is published by Know More Publishing, Box 175, New Springfield, OH 44443-0175.

The Craft of Editing

Just 'til I finish this chapter

Family wealth counseling, founded by E. G. "Jay" Link, entails radical changes to traditional estate planning. In Getting to the Heart of the Matter, Link and Eddie F. Hearp (business administration M.S. ’66) describe this innovative approach to financial planning for wealthy families. At its heart lies the philosophy that financial matters involve not only numbers, but also personal, spiritual, and emotional priorities.

This book is published by the Professional Mentoring Program, P.O. Box 697, Franklin, IN 46131.

Getting to the heart of the matter