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ALUMNI: We want to hear from you, so please let us know what you are doing. However, please keep it to events that have happened within the past six months. Also, keep in mind that your news may not appear in print for several issues after you send it due to the magazine schedule. All career, retirement, wedding, birth, and death news can be mailed to Alumni Notes, Virginia Tech Alumni Association, Alumni Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061; e-mailed to; or submitted online.



Thomas C. Broyles (BAD) was named First Citizen of Virginia Beach 2001 by the mayor of Virginia Beach, Va.


Paul B. Ebert (BAD), commonwealth attorney for Prince William County, Va., has been named a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.

S. Scott Obenshain (BIOL) received the Daniel C. Tosteson Award for Leadership in Medical Education from the Carl J. Shapiro Institute for Education and Research at Harvard Medical School and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.




S. Kendall Anderson (CE), president of Anderson & Associates Inc., was nominated to serve on the New River Valley Economic Development Alliance Board.

William F. Christ (PAD) was named the Sara Lodge Distinguished Professor in Business at Elizabethtown College.


William E. Browning (ANSC) was named Virginia Cattleman of the Year for 2001 at the Virginia Cattlemen's Conference.


R. A. Boynton (ARCH) was elected first vice president/president-elect of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). He also serves on the Virginia Architects Board, a member board of NCARB.


F. R. Beaman III (MGT) was named chief of the Air Force Labor Advisors by the deputy asst. secretary of the Air Force for contracting. He received the Air Force Association Medal of Merit as vice-chair of the AFA Civilian Advisory Council.

Stanley C. Harris Sr. (ME) received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying for 20 years of dedicated service.




Charles R. Leonard (ME), a mechanical engineer with Eastman Chemical Co.'s worldwide operations division, was awarded a lifetime achievement fellowship by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers International.


Richard C. Albert (ESEN) started Albert Scientific, a business that produces equipment for river and stream monitoring. He is staff scientist and restoration director for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, a non-profit environmental organization.


Treva J. Carter (HIST) joined SFCS Inc. as marketing manager.


Isaac M. Duncan Jr. (FW) retired from Chesapeake Public Schools and moved to Craig County, Va.


Jer-Nan Juang (ESM), a principal scientist for NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., was named a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers International.


Jane A. Falls (ELED) earned a Ph.D. in instructional technology from Virginia Tech. She is the coordinator for the information technology service unit in the College of Human Resources and Education.

Thomas A. Sachs (PSCI) was promoted to emergency transportation planning specialist at the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Research and Special Programs Administration, Office of Emergency Transportation.


H. Bruce Rinker III (FW), a Ph.D. candidate in environmental studies at Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, N.H., was promoted to director of research and conservation at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Fla.




Stephen M. Biondo (ENGL) is a staff writer for the Laurens, S.C., Advertiser. His Civil War novel, The True Story of Manse Jolly, Part I, is available at and Barnes & Noble.

Michael A. Ewing (AGEC) was appointed president and CEO of Marshall National Bank and Trust Co.


Kenneth E. Derrenbacher (AGEC) was promoted to senior associate of Schnabel Engineering Associates Inc. and is the branch manager of the Baltimore office.

James R. Driscoll (ECON) is brigade chaplain for the 54th Field Artillery Brigade in Virginia Beach, Va., and senior pastor of Great Bridge United Methodist Church in Chesapeake, Va.

Edison P. Keener (IEOR) was promoted to director of systems integration business area at Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems.

Thomas P. Wilkinson (ART) commands the 2nd Battalion, 116th Infantry of the 29th Infantry Division (Light). He transferred from the deputy chief of staff for operations and training at Fort Pickett, Va., to the new unit located in Lynchburg, Va.


William L. Hooker (HIST) was promoted to lieutenant colonel and assigned to the Army Inspector General's Office in Crystal City, Va.

Michael J. Raphael (ESM) is founder and president of Direct Dimensions Inc., a 3-D scanning and measuring company in Maryland. The firm measured and analyzed the one-of-a-kind, $3-million Cunningham car. He earned a master's in engineering administration from George Washington University in 1990.

Edward D. Weaver (ARCH) was named director of architecture at DMJMH+N Inc. in Arlington, Va., an international architectural design, engineering, planning, interiors, and construction management firm.


Thomas P. Hekman (HIST) was promoted to commander (O-5), U.S Navy.

John T. Overton (HIST) was promoted to director of human resources of HCA Montgomery Regional Hospital in Blacksburg, Va. He is also director of business and economic development .


T. Matthew Flemer (FIN) earned an M.B.A. from the Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. He is district manager for Rain Bird Corp. of Los Angeles, Calif.

Christopher H. Smith (BIOL) is the environmental compliance lead of the telecommunications and industrial global business unit for Bechtel Corp. in Frederick, Md.

Mark R. Stoops (EE) visited Crete, Greece, while assigned to Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 125 aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, homeported in Norfolk, Va.


Stephen P. Snyder (ACCT) was named global controller for Reichhold Inc.


Keith B. Jacobs (IEOR) was accepted into the International Who's Who for Professionals.




Eric D. Prosser (EE) was promoted to director of transmission systems engineering for Broadwing Communications.


Kristine M. Ellison (BIOC) is director of marketing for Examination Management Services Inc., a paramedical company.

Robert W. Leweke (COMM) is assistant professor of communication studies at Bridgewater College.


Jon R. Camden (PSCI) was promoted to district manager with Bard Medical Division in Philadelphia.


Scott N. Armstrong (COMM) received an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in August.

Penelope A. Goode (BIOL) received an M.D. from the University of Virginia in May. She received a naval scholarship to complete her medical education and is stationed in San Diego.


Brian K. Diefenderfer (CE) received a Ph.D. in civil engineering from Virginia Tech in April. He is project manager at Concorr Inc. in Sterling, Va.

Paula J. Moore (CE), a project engineer with the Blacksburg office of Anderson & Associates Inc., earned her Virginia professional engineer license.

Russell D. Robertson (ARCH) was promoted to senior associate with Hord Coplan Macht.

Pamela M. Ruck (ARCH) was promoted to associate with CUH2A Inc., an architectural, engineering, and planning firm in Princeton, N.J.


Marty L. Crow (CE), a project engineer with the Radford, Va., office of Thompson + Litton, earned his professional engineer license (P.O. Box 21344, Roanoke, VA 24018).

Julie H. Flint (BIOC) received a doctorate in pharmacy from the Medical College of Virginia in May and is a pharmacist for Centra Health (233 Kensington Ave., Lynchburg, VA 24503).

Ryan M. Warner (AE) received an M.S. in aerospace engineering from the California Polytechnic State University at Pomona in June. He works at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.


Eric M. Craft (CE), a design engineer with the Wise, Va., office of Thompson + Litton, earned the professional engineer license.

Amy L. Shober (CHEM) received an M.S. in soil science from Pennsylvania State University in May. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in soil science at the University of Delaware.


Kelly B. Henshaw (CEEN), the Middletown project engineer for Anderson & Associates Inc., passed the erosion and sediment control inspector's exam.

Jennifer M. Robinson (COMM) joined Griffin & Co. Inc. in Washington, D.C., as a media relations specialist.




Jason P. Messer (FIN) joined Deloitte Consulting in Nashville, Tenn.

Jonathan L. Wingo (GEOG) joined Anderson & Associates Inc. as the Blacksburg, Va., assistant GIS project manager.


Brian C. Arena (CPE), a Navy ensign, received his commission after completing Officer Candidate School at Naval Aviation Schools Command, Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla.


Jason K. Adcock (TED) was promoted to full-time GIS manager at the Blacksburg office of Anderson & Associates Inc.

Steve Eanes (PAPA) is director of the department of public safety for Henry County, Va.

Brian P. Lobb (FIN) was promoted to Marine Corps Reserve corporal while serving with the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in Virginia.

Seth O. Roderick (CE), the Middletown project engineer for Anderson & Associates Inc, passed the engineer-in-training exam, a prerequisite to obtain the professional engineer license, after four years of service.



'65 E. B. Knick Jr. and JoAnn Wright, 5/18/02.
'74 James Carlin Becker and '74 Carol Marie Michel, 6/8/02.
'75 Michael J. Chambers and Kathryn Humphrey, 7/3/02.
'82 Toy M. Spatig and Ronnie F. Walker, 6/15/02.
'88 Virginia G. Daugherty and Timothy J. Hagee, 10/5/01.
'91 Gary T. Fagan and '94 Laurie A. Shelley, 3/16/02.
'91 Scott Hummel and Charis Denison, 1/20/02.
'92 Matthew R. Berberich and Stephanie Toth, 4/6/02.
'92 Stephanie Moreland and '95 Adam D. Buccolo, 9/1/01.
'94 Joanna L. Brower and Thomas Radcliffe, 4/13/02.
'94 Joshua C. George and Erin Golembewski, 7/20/02.
'95 Jason K. Deane and '95 Amanda C. Rakes, 7/21/01.
'95 Laura A. Lew and '97 Christopher S. Kehde, 6/8/02.
'96 Katrina Blalock and Scott Wagner, 8/3/02.
'96 Douglas A. Feit and '96 Christine G. Schwartz, 6/1/02.
'96 Curtis D. Lewis and '97 Amanda Carol Hagy, 5/25/02.
'96 Jeffrey M. Phillips and '97 Shannon Craig, 8/8/01.
'97 Janet Lynn Byrd and Carlus Anton Steele, 8/3/02.
'97 David J. Curnow Jr. and '99 Rachael A. Schroeder, 5/26/02.
'97 Jill Thomasson and Andrew Czajkowski, 11/10/01.
'98 Edward R. George and '99 Rosalyn Dukeman, 6/29/02.
'98 Carrie E. Kipps and Jeffrey L. Souder, 6/22/02.
'99 Dorothy E. Han and Bruce L. Blackman, 12/14/01.
'99 Michael Manos and '00 Summer S. Stephens, 7/13/02.
'99 Julian Q. Moffett Jr. and Kimberly A. Layton, 7/6/02.
'00 Christopher K. Applegate and '01 Kimberly A. Burnett, 6/15/02.
'00 Aaron T. Myers and '00 Valerie K. Thomas, 12/29/01.
'01 Deborah Freshwater and '01 Joseph A. Silber, 6/22/02.
'01 Nicholas P. Johnston and Angela Lynne Keller, 7/14/01.
'01 Brian M. Seamans and '01 Diane K. Wegl, 6/1/02.
'01 Melissa R. Wheeler and Christopher D. Cornwell, 6/22/02.



'77 Gregory B. Jones, a daughter, 5/3/02

'80 Edward M. Stowe, a daughter, 3/3/02

'82 Claudia J. Chesneau, a daughter, 3/10/02

'83 Patrick M. Behan and '97 Cathleen H. Behan, a daughter, 5/28/02

'84 Kimberly S. Farah, adopted a daughter, 7/26/01

'84 Joseph R. Ferguson Jr., a son, 6/14/02

'84 Melissa D. Woodford, twin sons, 1/3/02

'85 Laura Z. Venerable, adopted a daughter from China born 2/21/01 and gave birth to twin daughters, 5/23/02

'86 Amy E. Adler, a son, 7/4/02

'88 S. Troy Manlove, a daughter, 6/20/02

'88 Phillip M. Millett, a son, 3/1/02

'88 James K. Richardson and '89 E. Renee Black Richardson, a daughter, 1/25/02

'88 Jeffrey K. Skeen and '88 Laura S. Skeen, a daughter, 8/9/02

'89 Daniel J. Althouse, a son, 5/25/02

'89 Cecilia F. Hoff, a son, 5/8/02

'89 Kevin A. Molen, a daughter, 4/24/02

'90 Smith B. Cubine II, a son, 5/24/02

'90 Traci W. Lanzi and '91 Raymond J. Lanzi Jr., a daughter, 5/20/02

'90 Rodney F. White, a daughter, 4/1/02

'90 Donald L. Williamson, a son, 5/28/02

'91 Eric D. Prosser, a son, 5/9/02

'92 Julie G. Lyles, a son, 7/1/02

'92 Stephen R. Payne, a daughter, 7/22/02

'92 Matthew C. Robertson and '93 Kathleen C. Robertson, a son, 6/28/02

'92 Derek W. White and '94 Maria E. White, a daughter, 12/13/01

'92 Anne M. Zwerg-Villegas, a daughter, 6/4/02

'93 Diane B. Baker and '94 Michael D. Baker, a son, 6/5/02

'93 Jon R. Camden, a son, 6/27/02

'93 Shelley Hearp Cooper and '94 Taz Cooper, a son, 2/1/02

'93 Alisa B. Hauser, a son, 2/8/02

'94 Kimberly L. Fedei and '95 Dustin B. Fedei, a son, 8/3/02

'94 David J. Seastone, a daughter, 2/19/02

'94 Nicole D. Wilson and '94 Timothy T. Yang, a daughter, 6/5/02.

'95 Christine T. Asbell and '95 James D. Asbell, a son, 12/31/01.

'96 Kimberly A. Meyrowitz and '96 Michael M. Meyrowitz, a son, 6/15/02.

'97 Benjamin L. Guthrie, a son, 6/22/02.

'97 Jennifer M. Saunders and '99 Carson J. Saunders, a daughter, 6/7/02.

'97 Tamra C. York and '99 Christopher W. York, a daughter, 5/26/02.

'98 Catherine O. Marlow and '99 Thomas W. Marlow Jr., a son, 8/2/02.

'98 Courtney Z. McConnell and '98 John T. McConnell Jr., a daughter.

'99 Melissa L. Hobbs, a son, 4/12/02.

'01 Nicholas P. Johnston, a son, 5/2/02. TOP

Note: The fall issue erroneously listed Robert T. Priddy '40 and Myra Gail Stagg '73 as deceased. We apologize for any concern this may have caused.

'20 Herbert Ward, 11/1/79.
'23 Samuel R. Stone Jr., 3/20/01.
'25 William W. Royall Jr., 9/20/99.
'27 Enoch R. Fenton, 2/15/01.
'28 Jack Dalton, 7/31/00.
'29 Kenneth Mustoe
'29 John F. Watson, 1/23/01.
'30 W. Ryland Cox, 1/10/97.
'30 Edward W. Mundie, 8/9/02.
'31 A. P. Boxley Jr., 7/28/02.
'31 Charles W. Cartwright, 3/28/02.
'31 F. Hansford Miller Sr., 11/29/01.
'32 Benjamin F. Clement, 5/23/02.
'32 William S. Foster Jr., 2/7/97.
'32 Howard A. Garber, 1/9/02.
'32 Robert W. Smethie, 5/2/99.
'33 Edward R. Hoehl, 9/1/01.
'34 Charles P. Cabell, 5/19/02.
'34 E. A. Hickson, 5/25/98.
'35 Raymond W. Epling, 5/6/02.
'34 Roland N. Jefferson, 7/31/01.
'35 Charles A. Reid
'35 William S. Kusterer, 1/18/02.
'36 Hugh J. Geering, 8/13/98.
'36 Sidney A. Gerbich, 5/4/98.
'36 Richard G. Robertson, 7/12/02.
'37 Jack R. Bryant, 3/3/00.
'37 Franklin W. Kerfoot, 2/14/02.
'38 Ettie H. Ellis, 5/3/00.
'38 James O. Fitzgerald III, 7/30/99.
'38 Lambeth T. Gibbs, 4/4/98.
'38 Carroll I. Leith Jr., 5/22/02.
'38 John W. Myers Jr., 2/27/00.
'38 Philip H. Porter, 2/8/93.
'38 Francis B. Richerson Jr., 5/16/02.
'38 Carl V. Serbell, 11/7/98.
'39 William A. Bennett, 9/3/93.
'39 Roy T. Boylan, 12/22/00.
'39 H. Lewis Chenault, 3/30/00.
'39 Hyman Feldman, 11/6/00.
'39 Stanley M. Garber Jr., 11/5/00.
'39 Meyer Greentree II, 8/31/96.
'39 R. A. Jenkins, 3/25/01.
'39 R. Sidney Morecock, 1/6/99.
'39 Kenneth L. Seay Sr., 12/4/00.
'39 S. Gayle Wilson, 8/1/00.
'40 Martin R. Cobb, 4/15/01.
'40 George M. Eckley, 8/9/01.
'40 Richard U. Goode, 1/8/02.
'40 A. Ross Morris Jr., 8/9/99.
'40 William S. Neas
'40 Lunsford T. Nuckols Jr., 11/25/98.
'40 Mary K. Plasterer, 5/21/01.
'40 Edmund W. Woody, 6/20/02.
'41 Richard W. Gouldin, 4/14/02.
'41 James W. Hall, 8/10/02.
'41 R M. Helick
'41 Claude D. Kittinger Jr.
'41 Herbert W. O'Grady
'41 Oscar D. Turner, 10/10/00.
'41 Archer L. Yeatts Jr., 7/27/02.
'42 Clifford E. Arnold, 10/15/01.
'42 Hope W. Chitty, 10/27/01.
'42 Forrest E. Dryden, 12/27/00.
'42 Walter N. Greule, 10/19/01.
'42 Wilmer W. Hutchison, 7/20/01.
'42 Gene A. Marusi, 6/11/00.
'42 Chester F. Phelps, 4/26/02.
'42 George A. Stewart, 3/23/02.
'42 Peter J. Walkauskas, 6/17/00.
'43 Jack H. Blumenstein, 8/20/00.
'43 Theodore H. Borthwick, 6/7/02.
'43 De Rosey C. Cabell, 5/30/98.
'43 Wilber R. Ellis Jr., 4/10/99.
'43 H M. Hawkins, 4/5/01.
'43 Ted J. Johnson Sr., 7/6/02.
'43 Thomas R. Small, 7/19/98.
'43 William H. Stone Jr., 4/14/02.
'44 Charles M. Carey Jr., 11/20/00.
'44 F. Richard Drennan, 4/22/02.
'44 Samuel E. Ellington, 8/23/00.
'44 Sydney C. Orr Jr., 9/21/01.
'44 Frederick M. Werth, 3/12/02.
'45 Aubrey S. Bass Jr.
'45 Ronald W. Blake, 2/6/00.
'45 W. M. Brady, 4/27/95.
'45 Jack G. Cooper, 7/8/00.
'45 Charles E. Hunter Jr., 2/7/01.
'45 W. D. Lyliston Jr., 10/18/01.
'45 Fletcher D. Marshall, 12/25/00.
'45 Edward T. Moore, 9/7/00.
'45 W. L. Thigpen, 7/14/02.
'45 Charles G. Veitenheimer, 4/1/02.
'45 Henry H. Woodfield, 3/15/98.
'46 Thomas O. Bondurant, 1/27/01.
'46 William W. Cloe Jr., 6/8/02.
'46 John J. Collins Jr., 8/30/00.
'46 Charles S. Hoster, 8/22/01.
'46 Milton M. Meyer Jr., 6/1/01.
'46 James L. Perkins, 12/13/98.
'47 Warren H. Marousek, 12/11/86.
'47 W. R. Okie II
'47 John H. Sawyer, 3/17/98.
'48 Henry Q. Bibb
'48 Andrew L. Graham Jr., 3/5/02.

'48 Darcy A. Littleton Jr., 6/6/00.
'49 James C. Blankenship, 7/15/02.
'49 William P. Blevins, 5/10/88.
'49 William J. Dawson Jr., 1/2/02.
'49 H. B. Greever Jr., 10/16/00.
'49 James M. Rice Jr., 3/16/02.
'49 John C. Turner Jr., 12/1/00.
'49 Oakley H. Woolwine, 11/24/98.
'50 Julian E. Baum Jr., 10/13/95.
'50 Richard G. Brunschwyler, 9/21/00.
'50 Robert L. Bryant, 12/26/01.
'50 Robert J. Hickerson Jr., 5/21/01.
'50 John B. McKenney Jr., 3/4/02.
'50 Garnett T. Settle, 2/20/02.
'50 Ernest R. Simmons, 1/11/02.
'51 Harry E. Ballance, 6/5/01.
'51 Robert C. Cox, 2/15/00.
'51 Gerardo J. Lombardi, 2/7/02.
'51 James G. Mabe, 7/22/00.
'51 Floyd B. Porter Jr., 3/5/00.
'51 Walter A. Webster, 3/19/01.
'52 Arthur D. Bragg, 1/26/02.
'52 Reuben B. Hudgins Jr., 12/29/01.
'52 Charles S. Warren, 2/12/02.
'53 Allen S. Chandler, 7/21/94.
'53 Robert W. Nordstrom, 12/17/01.
'53 Franklin A. Tyler Jr., 12/21/00.
'54 Donald Y. Hodges
'55 Nancy W. Crow, 5/5/02.
'55 Benjamin W. Kitchen, 1/15/02.
'55 Alvery B. Par.
'56 Catharine H. Cerami, 3/30/02.
'56 Elizabeth S. Goodrich, 11/24/01.
'56 James P. Locke, 7/13/02.
'56 S. L. Robison Jr., 12/14/01.
'57 George B. Meyer Jr., 6/5/99.
'57 Carl A. Trippeer, 5/24/97.
'58 J. E. Blackwell, 4/5/02.
'58 Leroy S. Brenna, 12/5/95.
'58 James A. Eaton, 5/11/02.
'58 Paul R. MacFadyen III, 1/23/00.
'58 Warren H. Overstreet, 8/5/02.
'59 Norman T. Shelton, 4/17/02.
'59 Charles N. Smith, 10/8/01.
'59 Richard Y. Stanley, 8/24/96.
'60 Clark S. Crane, 9/13/01.
'60 J. Robert Ferguson, 2/20/02.
'60 Clayton P. Johnston, 9/1/81.
'60 Robert C. McElroy, 6/14/02.
'60 John H. Reeves, 2/24/99.
'61 Donald M. Bentley Sr., 6/8/02.
'61 George A. Corhan, 1/24/00.
'61 William E. Spencer Jr., 5/1/02.
'62 Frederick D. Branscom, 5/30/02.
'62 Dennis B. Glass, 3/6/99.
'62 Clyde A. Johnson Jr., 10/9/98.
'62 Howard R. Parks, 8/11/02.
'62 D. David Ringley, 11/16/01.
'64 Thomas J. Wash, 1/17/02.
'65 A. B. Rogerson, 7/26/01.
'67 Phillip R. Johnson, 8/7/96.
'68 Allen H. Camper, 8/17/02.
'68 Margaret A. Holzgrefe, 7/11/02.
'68 William E. Meeks III, 8/13/02.
'68 Francis X. Scianna, 9/1/93.
'69 Michael J. Giguere, 2/28/02.
'69 Charles C. Stoen, 11/5/01.
'70 Lee L. Nichols Jr., 5/10/00.
'71 David M. Figura, 6/24/02.
'71 Christopher M. Martin, 7/27/99.
'71 Robert R. Mitchell Jr., 6/25/02.
'71 William J. Nelson, 5/10/00.
'71 Delmer Wilson Jr., 1/14/02.
'73 Eugene W. Evans, 3/29/99.
'73 Carolyn M. Sheriff, 9/10/01.
'74 Jane M. Ewing, 8/3/02.
'74 Donald B. Gormley, 1/21/01.
'74 Richard W. Shanks, 2/9/99.
'74 Dale A. Soncini, 1/3/02.
'75 Dianne C. Valla, 3/26/01.
'75 Carl B. ÒMikeÓ Weaver, 4/2/02.
'75 Rex M. Wightman, 5/29/02.
'76 Ellen C. Baylor, 10/14/01.
'76 L. Sibley Hendel, 11/19/00.
'76 Douglas Love Jr., 9/4/00.
'77 Ray S. Carpenter, 3/10/02.
'77 Richard L. Rivard, 7/21/01.
'77 Richard R. Schmidt, 4/21/91.
'77 Dan S. Taylor, 5/20/01.
'78 L. R. Head III, 3/1/02.
'79 Ronald Wayne Cary, 7/14/01
'79 Louise A. Coogan, 9/20/93.
'79 W. Thomas Sizemore, 4/10/01.
'80 Stan Harris, 10/5/00.
'80 Rebecca A. Pruett, 7/1/02.
'81 James M. Kerr, 11/8/01.
'82 Nadim I. Andary, 5/11/02.
'84 James F. Murnane, 12/1/88.
'84 Kristian Soegaard
'86 Glenn C. Atkinson, 9/1/98.
'87 Szu Lin Chen, 2/27/01.
'93 Dana Y. Ho, 7/9/02.
'93 Christopher G. Russell, 8/3/02.
'01 Jennifer Hathcock, 5/19/02.
'02 Jason A. Renfro, 7/9/02.



John F. Eckel, former head of Virginia Tech's metallurgy department (now the materials science and engineering department), died Sept. 27. After receiving his doctorate from the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University), Eckel taught at Purdue University and worked for several companies, including Bell Telephone Laboratories, Western Electric, and General Electric's Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. He joined the Virginia Tech Faculty in 1956 and retired as head of metallurgy in 1968.

Frans Van Damme, a scientific glassblower and faculty instructor in the Department of Chemistry, died May 5. During his 35 years at Virginia Tech, Van Damme served as supervisor of the Virginia Tech Glass Instruments Laboratory and taught Advanced and Intermediate Scientific Glassworking. He won three awards for teaching excellence and earned the departmental Alan Clifford Service Award. In addition, Van Damme made decorative glassware, including a working trombone made entirely of glass for the Highty Tighties.

John Murray, who taught chemistry and glassblowing at Virginia Tech from 1942 until his retirement in 1971, died Aug. 19. His specialty was physical chemistry and general chemistry. "He made many valuable contributions to the junior physical chemistry laboratory, which he taught for over 10 years," says Larry Taylor, head of the Department of Chemistry. Murray held degrees from Colgate University and JohnsHopkins University.