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Charles E. Hamner Jr. (ANSC) is the namesake of the research organization formerly called the CIIT Centers for Health Research, now known as the Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences.




W. Garret Mathews (ECON), a columnist for The Evansville Courier & Press, published a book about his college life, Defending My Bunk Against All Comers, Sir.

Thomas W. Wilkinson (ART) is an associate provost for distance learning and summer sessions at Virginia Tech.


Patricia A. Hubbard (HEED) is coordinator of economic and workforce development at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.


Kathleen C. Hassenpflug (BIOL) is vice president of human resources at Walco International Inc. and an officer for Animal Health International Inc.

Thomas W. Nehl (EE) received the Nikola Tesla Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


Stephen L. Castiglioni (CE) was promoted to chief civil engineer and senior vice president at MMM Design Group, directing transportation, site development, and utility project services.


Cynthia B. Benedict (LASC) was included on the 2007 Texas Super Lawyers list.


Clyde P. Bagley (ANSC) is dean of the College of Agricultural and Human Sciences at Tennessee Tech University.

Kay P. Hunnings (HORT) is associate dean of administration in the Pamplin College of Business.

William L. Ingles (ETC) is vice president and manager of the Harrington Group Inc.




Steven M. Culver (ENGL) is assistant director of academic assessment at Virginia Tech.


Paul G. Barboza (ME) is vice president of the federal solutions division at TechTeam Government Solutions Inc.

Laura G. Favata (COMM) was named director of the year by the Hampton U.S. Bowling Congress of the Women's Bowling Association.

David E. Parekh (ME) is director of the United Technologies Research Center.

Gary M. Spruill (MGT) retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after 28 years of service.

Raymond W. Cox III (PAPA) received a Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program award to study public policy issues at McGill Institute.


Donald A. Bonham (ME), vice president of W.R. Grace & Co., is president of its construction products business unit.

Jeffrey B. Gould (IEOR) is vice president of Alban Tractor Co. in Baltimore.

F. William Pierson (VM) is interim director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.


Jonathan S. Kays (FOR) received the Ribbon Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Peter Serafin (ARCH), an architect for Carter + Burton Architecture PLC, received the LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for his home design.

Ren Wang (ENT) is director of the global network for Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.


Karen L. Houseknecht (ANSC) is vice president of the pharmaceutical research division at ASDI Inc.

Timothy E. Sprano (MATH) is assistant professor of mathematics at Francis Marion University.


Ralph P. Albrecht (EE) is president-elect of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia.

William A. Balding (HIST) is a supply officer for Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron 25.

Michael G. Baum (PHED) is vice president of marketing for The Supply Room Companies.

Joseph W. Guthrie (AGEC) was named the 2007 USA Agricultural Fellow by Eisenhower Fellowships.

Christopher G. Wise (EDPE) is director of Virginia Tech's Department of Recreational Sports.




Gary A. Feather (EE) is vice president for consumer systems and technology at Sharp Laboratories of America.

Christina M. Motley-Saunders (COMM) won two awards from the National Federation of Press Women's Communications Contest.

David M. Powell (PHYS) leads the Gulfstream V Air Operations for the Supreme Allied Commander Europe at Chievres Air Base, Belgium.


Kevin P. Knudson (MATH) is associate director of Mississippi State University's honors college.


George M. Filz (CE) received the Charles E. Via Jr. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering professorship.

Michael S. Kozloff (LASC) retired from GEICO and is an automation process and sales engineer with Advanced Pneumatics Co.

Kevin J. McNiff (ME) was named to the Design Leadership Council "Dream Team" for design excellence.


Jennifer E. Stuebbe (PSYC) opened her own employment firm, Kendall Morgan Partners.


Markus Breitschmid (ARCH) has published two books, Nietzsche's Denkraum and Three Architects in Switzerland: Beat Consoni-Morger & Degelo-Valerio Olgiati.

Robert D. McClelland (ISE) is vice president of engineering for Independent Can Co.

Robert L. Smith (FPR) is associate dean for engagment for Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources.


John V. Burkardt (MATH) joined Virginia Tech's research computing support services.

Lara L. Jones (HNF) is assistant professor of psychology at Francis Marion University.

James A. Rosenstock III (FIN) is senior vice president in business development and strategy for Discovery Communications.

Susanne M. Saville (HIST) published a romance novel, Captain Devlin's Captive.


Patricia W. Cady (ME) received the professional engineer license for the state of Virginia.

Jennifer W. Messier (HTM) is corporate sales manager at the Sheraton Ferncroft & Cocokey Water Resort.


Perry D. Martin (COMM) serves on the Virginia Governor's Commission on National and Community Service.


Dominic P. Ciminello (ME) is an associate attorney for Harter Secrest & Emery LLP.

Seth D. Humphreys (PUA) received a master's in urban and regional planning from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a planner for Henrico County, Va.

Jennifer R. Mundt (ENSC) received a master's degree from the University of North Carolina and is a legislative analyst for the North Carolina General Assembly.

Jonathan P. Parker (MSCI) is a senior manager for Washington, D.C., transaction integration practice with Ernst & Young LLP.

Brandon S. Rowe (HIST) is a public-facilities planner with the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission.




Mark A. Rice (HIST) received a master's degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College.

Pamela J. Savage (BIOL) earned a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and is a scientific adviser at the law firm of Cooper and Dunham.


Joseph B. Daly (EE) is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia.


Ryann W. Angle (MKTG) received a J.D. and an M.B.A. from Campbell University and is an associate with Newman & Newman Law Firm.

Sebastian A. Fonss (IDST) is an IT manager with Anystream.

Linda A. Harris (CHEM) is director of technology for Polymer Chemistry Innovations.


Steven G. Metzger (HIST) is an associate with Gallagher, Evelius & Jones LLP.

Christopher W. Tabor (CE) is a client service manager with CDM.


Alisha N. Jones (ARCH) is an intern architect for Spectrum Design.


Amy N. Shuart (PSCI), a 2007 Presidential Management Fellow, is working as a social science research analyst in the Office of Retirement Policy of the Social Security Administration.

John C. Wheeler Jr. (HIST) completed the Advanced Naval Flight Officer Program with Training Squadron 86.


Nicholas F. Polys (CSA) joined Virginia Tech's research computing support services.


Amanda J. Brown (ARCH) is an interim architect with GWWO Inc.



'66 Thomas G. Thornburg and Michele Shaw, 2/19/07.
'91 John D. Back and '95 Shannon Daley, 8/25/07.
'91 Heather L. Bidlake and Ian M. McCain, 7/14/07.
'91 Richell V. Slepetz and James F. McDonald, 5/5/07.
'94 Kara A. Hoffert and Justin J. Goeres, 7/14/07.
'96 Susan I. Baines and Cedric J. Vaz, 7/7/07.
'98 Brandon S. Rowe and Alicia M. Henke, 5/5/07.
'98 Amanda L. Schraegle and Anthony C. Mayes, 8/11/07.
'00 Mark A. Rice and Carolyn Trone, 4/14/07.
'00 Michael A. Stroud and Amanda E. Pfeifle, 9/2/07.
'01 Amanda L. Brown and '01 Daniel M. Wittmann, 5/19/07.
'01 Jennifer V. Clark and Rusty A. DeSantis, 9/2/07.
'01 Jamie R. Rozecki and Ray Michael Marotta, 3/3/07.
'02 Amy D. Clark and Josh O’Brien, 8/11/07.
'02 Stephen P. Janoschka Jr. and '03 Macel Hubbard, 7/28/07.
'02 Holly Lynne McKinley and '02 Darrin M. Schmidt, 6/9/07.
'02 Jay J. Mizack and '02 Jennifer Elizabeth Wilberger, 5/19/07.
'02 Anton J. Schaeffer and '04 Meghan King, 7/7/07.
'02 David R. Spracher and '05 Erika Murtaugh, 7/28/07.
'02 Erica Renee Weikel and '03 Bryan A. Muddiman, 8/4/07.
'03 Leila M. Fisher and Farees Salim, 8/25/07.
'03 Mandy L. McCall and R. Scott Price, 6/23/07.
'03 Matthew P. Minner and '04 Kelly J. Miller, 6/9/07.
'03 Michael B. Sukits and Amy L. Anderson, 5/19/07.
'04 Karen L. Jordan and Gabriel E. Adam, 9/29/07.
'04 Lindsey S. Roach and Zachary Simmons, 10/6/07.
'04 Jonathan S. Yobs and '05 Jennifer M. Nemec, 7/14/07.
'05 Alexis H. Reuther and Michael Lee Pruitt, 8/11/07.
'05 Christopher R. Ursery and Vanessa C. Avila, 3/3/07.

Mizack and Wilberger wedding
Schaeffer and King wedding
Ursery and Avila wedding
'02 Jay J. Mizack and
'02 Jennifer E. Wilberger
'02 Anton J. Schaeffer and
'04 Meghan King
'05 Christopher R. Ursery
and Vanessa C. Avila


Meredith Vorndran
Meredith Vorndran, daughter of
'98 Leslie Bunting and
'99 Harold F. Vorndran III
Tyson Lucier
Proud grandparents Mike '66 and Jeanette Lucier submitted this photo of their grandson, Tyson Andrew Lucier--born to Mike '99 and Kimberly Lucier--noting, "We hope that Tyson will be a member of the VT Class of 2029.
Go, Hokies!"
Elsie Paige Ely
Jace W. Ely '04 and Meghan L. (Grice) Ely '04 welcomed daughter, Elsie Paige, on Aug. 9, 2007. They say that Elsie "was wearing orange and maroon as soon as we could get her into it!"

'88 Kimberly Morley, a son, 8/15/07.
'90 Kerry A. Peters Jr., a son, 9/16/07.
'91 Evelyn King, a daughter, 11/14/06.
'92 Mark R. Bartholomew, a son, 8/7/07.
'93 Eric Cramer and '95 Sandra L. Blanchard, a daughter, 5/7/07.
'93 Kristin M. Metz, a son, 8/30/07.
'93 Amanda M. Sweinhart and '94 Joshua O. Testerman, a daughter, 1/29/07.
'94 Wanda L. Barkes, a son, 9/11/06.
'94 Elliott M. Gordon, a daughter, 2/22/07.
'94 Lisa Perkins, twin girls, 8/17/07.
'95 Andrew C. Bewick and '98 Kelly M. Osborne, a daughter, 4/4/07.
'95 Amy C. Gibson, twin girls, 6/28/07.
'95 Kristie Nichols, a son, 7/14/07.
'95 Kenneth A. Raffel, a son, 7/21/07.
'96 Monica P. Astroza, a daughter, 8/8/06.
'96 Katina Barrow and '97 Lee W. Pettit, a daughter, 9/11/07.
'96 Douglas A. Feit and '96 Christine G. Schwartz, a son, 4/20/07.
'96 Jared B. Jamison, a son, 7/3/07.
'97 Brian W. Casto and '98 Carrie A. Willems, a daughter, 5/2/07.
'97 Stephanie L. DeRosa, a daughter, 5/27/07.
'97 Robert D. Moser Jr., a son, 8/20/07.
'97 Barclay D. Schell, a daughter, 8/27/07.
'98 Leslie Bunting and '99 Harold F. Vorndran III, a daughter, 4/17/07.
'98 Eric J. Erway, a daughter, 9/12/07.
'98 Rebecca A. Jones, a son, 6/26/07.
'98 Beth Keith, a daughter, 5/22/07.
'98 Robert B. Martin and '04 Lisa Zweibel, a daughter, 9/1/07.
'99 Michael L. Lucier, a son, 7/5/07.
'99 Nathalie Neaves and '01 Lawrence M. Croft Jr., a daughter, 3/15/07.
'99 Gifford M. Nowland, a daughter, 8/6/07.
'99 Crystal Parker, a daughter, 10/11/06.
'99 Scott A. Postle, a son, 9/18/07.
'00 Rebecca Johnson, a son, 7/27/07.
'01 Bradley S. Markel, a daughter, 8/6/07.
'02 Stephanie J. Ruble and '03 Benjamin A. Jamison, a son, 8/8/07.
'02 Ashley Smith, a daughter, 8/24/07.
'02 Jennifer A. Tiede, a son, 5/10/07.
'04 Henry L. Barksdale III, a daughter, 8/9/07.
'04 Stephen K. Coffey and '04 Jennifer M. Dickison, a daughter, 8/22/07.
'04 Jace W. Ely and '04 Meghan Grice, a daughter, 8/9/07.
'04 Carey E. Fletcher and '04 Jordan M. Hutchins, a daughter, 7/10/07.



'33 Thomas R. Cox, 9/12/07
'34 Donald T. Martin, 9/7/07
'34 Wallace F. Poore, 8/7/07
'35 Harold E. Campbell, 7/28/07
'36 Ralph R. Bailey, 4/19/07
'38 V. Howard Belcher, 9/11/07
'39 Halsey A. Dean, 8/13/07
'40 Max G. Gasser Jr., 9/8/07
'40 H.L. Kalbach, 7/7/07
'40 F. Allen Miller, 3/12/07
'40 Fred M. Mullins, 9/22/07
'41 Eugene M. Simons, 12/22/06
'42 Charles M. Carter, 8/15/07
'42 Warren F. Cline, 8/12/07
'42 Howard C. Corner, 9/11/07
'42 James M. Johnson, 8/9/07
'43 Clifton F. Bruce, 8/26/07
'43 Charles H. Garrette Jr., 8/7/07
'43 J.P. Janosik, 9/27/07
'43 Robert W. Runions, 9/28/07
'43 Eugene H. Wheeler, 9/22/07
'44 John D. Lewis, 8/5/07
'44 M. Davis McClenny, 8/8/07
'44 James L. Skidmore, 7/23/07
'45 John M. Kirby, 9/7/07
'45 Thomas S. McKenzie Jr., 9/15/07
'46 Paul F. Duckworth, 8/30/07
'46 Thomas H. Farrow, 8/13/07
'46 William B. Wagers Jr., 8/9/07
'47 F.G. Cobb Jr., 9/26/07
'47 Charles Vaden, 9/10/07
'48 Francis C. Eaton, 8/13/07
'48 Robert C. Reid, 9/24/07
'48 C.G. Snidow, 8/8/07
'49 Roger H. Fournier, 9/16/07
'49 Forrest B. Holloway, 8/22/07
'49 Melvin E. Huff, 8/14/07
'49 Guy M. Sutherland Jr., 10/19/06
'49 J. Richard Tawes, 8/21/07
'50 James M. Couch Jr., 8/19/07
'50 Kenneth G. Cromer, 2/12/97
'50 Roby L. Edwards Jr., 8/17/07
'50 Lee P. Hammond, 8/29/07
'50 Robert D. Magann, 8/10/07
'50 James D. Murphy, 9/16/07
'50 Luther S. Reams, 9/16/07
'51 John B. George, 7/4/07
'51 E.L. Madison Jr., 8/7/07
'51 James A. Prillaman, 7/31/07
'52 George F. Meenaghan, 7/23/07

'52 James B. Morris, 5/30/07
'52 A.E. Skrzec, 8/23/07
'52 Charles R. Smith, 12/30/06
'54 William Harris Jr., 9/2/07
'56 Joel S. Coplon, 8/10/07
'56 G. Donald Dudley, 8/11/07
'56 Bingham Y. Pan, 7/31/07
'56 Fred A. Trent, 8/25/07
'57 Fabian E. Tew Jr., 9/23/07
'58 Kathleen B. Burchett, 1/18/07
'58 Robert G. Daniel, 9/25/07
'58 George E. Mase, 5/17/07
'59 William L. Colley, 8/11/07
'59 Bryan W. Teates Jr., 9/19/07
'60 Charles W. Hancock, 8/27/07
'60 Malcolm Kalman, 8/16/07
'60 Donald M. Wood, 7/18/07
'61 D. Ran Jamison, 8/31/07
'63 Arthur L. Embrey, 8/15/07
'63 Alfred E. Miles, 9/30/07
'64 J.S. Bosserman Jr., 11/18/06
'64 John S. Gray, 9/29/07
'64 Hattie Russell Jones, 1/2/07
'65 Walton F. Adams Jr., 5/24/07
'65 Michael P. Von Kaenel, 11/21/06
'69 Frances S. Dietrich, 9/24/07
'71 Roy W. Crawford III, 9/16/07
'71 Edward L. Martin, 2/19/07
'71 Edwin G. Updike III, 4/7/07
'72 Douglas R. Nobles Jr., 9/7/07
'73 Stephen D. Albert, 8/19/07
'73 Donald R. Henne, 7/30/07
'73 Richard F. Long, 4/23/07
'74 John F. Beier, 9/24/07
'74 Carolyn H. McIntyre, 9/21/07
'77 Thomas H. Boyle III, 12/20/06
'80 Lynn F. Bramble, 9/4/07
'81 Doris A. Bland, 8/26/07
'81 Frank W. Sheffler, 9/28/07
'86 Ralph W. Schubert, 7/15/07
'87 Brian C. Cho, 9/16/07
'87 Sandra W. Tarte, 12/17/06
'88 Glenda C. Petrini, 8/3/07
'89 Terra L. McGonegal, 10/20/06
'92 Murali Padaki, 8/24/07
'94 Susan M. Moore, 8/11/07
'97 Brent M. Christian, 9/12/07
'03 Jesse G. Clowers Jr., 8/12/07
'06 Anne J. Liberati, 8/22/07
'07 Gregory M. Jackson, 9/7/07


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