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Winter 2010
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The Duck Pond at Virginia Tech
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Stonie Barker Jr. (MINE) was inducted into the Academy of Engineering Excellence at Virginia Tech.


W. David Fletcher (ANSC) received the prestigious A.M. Mills Award for his exceptional lifetime service to the veterinary profession and to his community.


Barry Kantor (BAD) was selected as one of the Best Lawyers in America in Family Law and as Norfolk Area Best Lawyers Family Lawyer for the Year 2009.

William C. Latham (GAG) was inducted into Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hall of Fame.


Donald L. Sage (IE) was inducted into the Academy of Engineering Excellence at Virginia Tech.


Thomas H. Row (NSE) received the Tennessee Governor's Volunteer Stars Award .

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E. Barry Rice (ACCT) has retired from Loyola College after 27 years as an accounting professor.


Victor E. Sower (CHEM) has retired as Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Management from Sam Houston State University.

Whitwell C. Wirsing (PHIL) authored a Spanish-English phrase dictionary entitled The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder/Frases Equivalentes.

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Ronald W. Daniel (ARCH) has been conferred the title associate provost and professor emeritus by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.


Patrick M. Phipps (PLPP) was elected into the American Phytopathological Society College of Fellows.


Ronald L. McAllister (AGE) is president of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.


George Nolen (MKTG) was re-appointed to the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors by Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

Andrew O. Selsky (COMM) is the Africa editor for the Associated Press.

Nancy E. Squires (SOC) is founder of The Squires Group.

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Teresa L. Conaway (EDSP) heads Instruction and Research Services at the University of La Verne College of Law.


Warren P. Adams (IEOR) received the Frederick W. Lanchester Prize from the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

William T. Moore (BFIN) is vice president for finance and planning and CFO for the University of South Carolina.


Michael A. Lane (ME) earned his juris doctor from the University of New Mexico and practices law in New Mexico.


Gerard M. Burton (CS) is senior director of information technology strategic planning and analysis for Tyco Electronics Corporation.


Christopher S. Mardis (MKTG) has assumed command of the 374th Maintenance Group at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

David L. Tondreau Jr. (IEOR) is chief technology officer for IQ Solutions.


Dixie Watts Reaves (AGEC) received the 2009 Diversity Enhancement Award from Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


Timothy E. Long (CHEM) was named as an American Chemical Society Fellow.

C. Randolph Wimbish III (PSCI) was listed in the publication Best Lawyers in America (2010).


Katherine L. Cason (HNF) received a Millennium Award for Lucy's Tasty Treasures, a health and fitness program she created for elementary school-age children.

James R. McKenna (AGRN) received the 2009 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Distinguished Educator Award.

Lawrence D. Zavodney (EM) is senior professor of mechanical engineering at Cedarville University.

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James P. McGrath III (HIST) is assistant reactor officer for the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman.


Daniel H. Cole (BAD) is vice president and portfolio manager for MFC Global Investment Management.

Michael W. Leonhirth (ACCT) is director of information security for Freddie Mac.


Christopher R. Coudon (ME) is the recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 award in the development and construction services category.

Kimberly J. McGovern-Shanahan (FIN) is the office managing director of Korn/Ferry International.

Brett S. Plano (CE) is the recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 award in the development and construction service category.

Mark S. Leavitt (PSCI) assumed command of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Five at NAS Jacksonville, Fla.


Roy L. Delph III (ARCH) is a partner with The DePasquale Gentilhomme Group.


Lara L. Jones (HNF) is an assistant professor of psychology at Wayne State University.


David B. Calhoun (EDVT) is associate director of community viability for Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Todd W. Mills (PSCI) was selected as the Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. Alabama football game.


Richard B. Dull (GBUA) was named a Fulbright Scholar for his academic achievement and demonstrated leadership in his field.

Bryan M. Lawlor (PSYC) is captain on the Embraer 145 regional jet for Continental Express.

Amanda L. Serra (ART) completed her M.B.A. at Clemson University.


Katherine Bezold Bourdon (MKTG) received her juris doctor from Catholic University, Columbus School of Law.

David F. McBagonluri-Nuuri (EM) was a finalist 2009 NASA Astronaut Candidate Corps.

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Nicholas J. Watson (HIST) is director of equipment operations for the Illinois State University Athletic Department.


Jeffrey S. Lewis (BIOL) is chief operating officer at DaProSystems Inc.


Jina N. Gaines (COMM) is the public relations coordinator and senior writer in the office of marketing and communications for Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Stacy E. Spadafora (ECAS) earned her master's of science in national resource strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.


Jeremy C. Johnson (PSYC) earned his master's of education in counselor education from the College of William and Mary.


David A. Keene (GEOG) was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska football game.

Amanda K. Komar (EPP) was selected as a Roy H. Park Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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'88 Gregory T. Wolford and Stephanie Renee Odum, 6/20/09.
'93 Catherine Guy Batchelor and Daniel Alan Batchelor, 6/13/09.
'97 Jessica Shisler Lee and John E. Lee, 7/18/09.
'01 Paula David Monte and David Monte, 9/27/08.
'03 Kyle Charlesworth and Tanya Myers, 6/12/09.
'03 Molly School de Lima-Campos and Bruno Mattioli de Lima-Campos, 5/16/09.
'03 Monica Tiburzi Fulkerson and Michael Fulkerson, 8/9/08.
'04 Suzanne M. Cada and Jack Dennis, 7/11/09.
'05 Erin L. Robertson and Reed Patrick Neuman, 6/20/09.
'05 Brian C. Wells and '06 Amy K. Ducut, 9/27/08.
'06 Laura Williams Dillon and '06 Stephen Dillon, 8/15/09.
'06 Laura Crouse Luksik and Brian C. Luksik, 8/1/09.
'07 Dory Tucker Doyle and '07 Timothy J. Doyle, 4/4/09.
'07 Megan Ott Garrison and Cory L. Garrison, 5/23/09.

Christopher Tyska '02 and Anne Ignatovicz '04, 5/18/08
Wedding of Christopher Tyska '02 and Anne Ignatovicz Tyska '04, 5/18/08
(L. to r.): Sari Brooks '04, Angela Jones '04, Cameron Ogden '02, Chris Tyska '02, Virginia Tech Professor of Mathematics John Rossi, Maria Rossi, Anne Ignatovicz Tyska '04, Elizabeth Stye Devens '03, and Laura Young '05.

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Births and Adoptions

'88 Amy Wiley Mulholland, a son, 1/29/09.
'92 Terry H. Hubbard, a daughter, 1/3/09.
'93 Eric D. App, a son and a daughter, 1/7/09.
'93 Jonathan H. Mangels, a daughter, 8/12/09.
'93 Amanda Sweinhart Testerman and '94 Joshua O. Testerman, a daughter, 5/15/09.
'95 Carla Moravitz Martin and '96 Jason W. Martin, a daughter, 7/21/09.
'96 Aaron J. Drazin, a daughter, 4/16/09.
'96 Rachel Rhoads Nestor, a daughter, 2/25/09.
'97 Steven M. Glissman, a daughter, 5/1/09.
'97 Scarlett Simmons Truong, a son, 7/8/09.
'98 Katherine Bezold Bourdon, a son, 7/6/09.
'98 Jill Zizzo Colangelo, a daughter, 3/14/09.
'98 Robert B. Martin and '04 Lisa Zweibel Martin, a daughter, 7/14/09.
'98 Kelly Farrar Pickeral, a son, 11/4/08.
'99 Robert E. Emard, a daughter, 7/15/09.
'99 William T. Hudson and '99 Krista V. Marschner, a son, 8/6/09.
'99 Carmen McGough Stowers and '01 Steven Stowers, a son and a daughter, 4/29/09.
'00 Brent A. Smiley and '02 Carrie Reid Smiley, a son and a daughter, 4/21/09.
'01 Valerie Stover Doerig and '02 Marc A. Doerig, a daughter, 11/26/08.
'01 Holly A. Gatton, a son, 9/10/08.
'01 Bari Blackwell Hyatt and '02 Michael C. Hyatt, a daughter, 8/2/09.
'01 Michael B. Jay and '02 Amanda Martin Jay, a daughter, 6/10/09.
'01 Jeffrey S. Lewis and '01 Shannon Brantley Lewis, a daughter, 3/27/09.
'02 Justin M. Kerns, a son, 7/22/09.
'02 Christopher E. Williams, a son, 9/2/09.
'03 Christopher K. Marston, a daughter, 6/15/09.
'03 Jonathan R. Mollerup and '03 Lauren Cloyed Mollerup, a son, 3/21/09.
'03 Lori Bunnell Scheffler and '04 Timothy D. Scheffler, a son, 7/2/09.
'03 Heather Parks Turner, a daughter, 5/30/09.

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'38 S.T. Adams, 7/23/09
'38 Clarence B. Cox, 7/23/09
'38 James S. Tate, 8/16/09
'39 William M. Welch, 7/27/09
'41 Elbert D. Potter, 8/7/09
'43 H. Peter Bisschop, 7/1/09
'43 Nancie Felty Miller, 7/13/09
'43 Hugh W. Sigmon, 7/28/09
'43 Paul C. Worthy, 6/25/09
'44 Austin T. Hyde, 7/10/09
'45 Robert W. Phillips Jr., 7/14/09
'45 Donald A. Simpson, 7/13/09
'46 Edward E. Lane, 8/19/09
'48 C. Theodore Hicks, 7/27/09
'49 Earl W. Andrews, 8/23/09
'49 Fred C. Morris Jr., 8/28/09
'49 Nathaniel D. Nottingham Jr.
'50 R. Conrad Dodl Jr., 7/25/09
'50 Cornelius Driver, 7/29/09
'50 Ralph I. Glasgow Jr., 7/3/09
'50 William A. Michael, 10/6/08
'51 James W. Lane, 7/31/09
'54 Ellis P. Bucklen, 7/14/09
'56 Joseph H. Wilds III, 7/18/09
'57 James R. Futrell Jr., 7/20/09
'57 Dorothy Clark Hulst, 8/10/09
'58 James H. Bailey, 8/9/09
'58 Louis T. Mazza, 8/4/09
'58 James R. Richeson, 8/29/09
'59 James T. Davis, 8/13/09
'60 Thomas A. Murray, 8/4/09
'60 Robert H. Thompson, 2/22/09
'61 Grayson H. Via, 8/3/09
'62 Robert A. Chubboy, 8/4/09
'62 Vivian Yenling Mah, 8/12/09

'65 James A. Burrowbridge, 8/5/09
'65 William S. Clark, 7/15/09
'66 Richard L. Meadows, 8/29/09
'69 Barry L. Sutphin Sr., 7/16/09
'72 Charles L. Auckerman, 7/28/09
'72 Leigh G. Hurst, 8/22/09
'72 W. Michael Reed, 7/30/09
'73 Phillip E. Keith, 8/15/09
'73 Reginald A. Skeeter, 8/21/09
'74 Richard H. Foster, 8/20/09
'74 Dannis E. Williams, 1/31/09
'75 Charles L. Smith III, 7/28/09
'76 Keith A. Brayshaw, 7/16/09
'77 Elaine H. Jones, 8/12/09
'77 Gene D. Smart Jr., 7/26/09
'78 Robert R. Richards, 7/21/09
'79 Jeffrey M. Burton, 7/15/09
'80 Darrell T. Cook, 8/6/09
'80 Vicki Candler Humphrey, 8/9/09
'82 Terry L. Cooley, 7/31/09
'85 James E. Waterbury, 8/2/09
'86 Yvonne G. Lescure, 8/10/09
'86 Mark P. Quasius, 8/9/09
'89 Mark E. Hardt, 7/23/09
'91 John J. Madigan III, 5/4/09
'91 Carol A. Pasley-Maddaloni, 8/8/09
'92 Edward K. Stiegel, 12/5/08
'92 Won S. Um, 7/16/09
'93 Lori Neiverth Key, 6/28/09
'03 Thomas W. Ashburn, 8/16/09
Class of 2010 Emily Dao, 8/12/09
Class of 2011 Robert Stieber, 10/5/09
Class of 2012, 8/26/09 Heidi Childs
Class of 2012 David Metzler, 8/26/09

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Faculty/staff deaths

Norrine Bailey Spencer, associate provost and director emerita of undergraduate admissions, died Sept. 23, 2009. Spencer worked at the University of Delaware from 1970 to 1982 and at Virginia Tech from 1983 until 2008, serving as associate dean of the Pamplin College of Business through 2004 and then as associate provost and director of undergraduate admissions. Her Virginia Tech service included two terms as chair of the Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs, chair of the University Appeals Committee, and secretary of the University Athletic Committee. In 2007, she was one of six university administrators and faculty recipients of the Advancing Women Award. In 2009, the Pamplin College of Business awarded her a Certificate of Excellence for Lifetime Achievement in Diversity. Upon her retirement in 2008, she was awarded emerita status by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

William Alan "Willie" Shank of Forest Hill, W.Va., a senior computer specialist at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech, passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 17, 2009. Shank joined the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute in 2004, and had been at Virginia Tech since 1999. In his time at the institute, he worked on many computer projects for Virginia Bioinformatics Institutes's key day-to-day operations, including administration, core laboratory systems, human resources, and facilities. In addition to being a consummate professional, he was an incredibly nice person and a pleasure to work with.

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