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Spring 2009

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Holtzman Alumni Center



William M. Blankenship (CHEM) received a commendation from the U.S. Army Chief of Staff for his service to the Army.


Basil L. Jackson Jr. (BAD) received the Robert Francis Hamilton Award for 2008 from the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce for his community service.

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Henry H. Almond Jr. (BAD) retired from WaterFurnace International as territory manager.

Robert P. Chandler (VIED) retired as a senior transportation planner for the Virginia Department of Transportation on Nov. 25, 2008.


Samuel L. Lionberger Jr. (BC) was named a 2008 Southwest Virginia Business Hall of Fame Laureate by the Roanoke County Economic Development Department.


David H. Sliney (PHYS) is president of the American Society for Photobiology.


Robert S. Miller III (CE) is a member of the MATHCOUNTS Foundation Board of Directors for 2008-10.


Samuel L. Camden (SOC) is a member of the Alumni Board for Ferrum College.


Larry W. Dalton (BAD) retired as a claims specialist from State Farm Insurance Co. after 36 years of service.

Ralph A. Lorenzetti (CE) is chief prosecuting attorney for Jefferson County, W.Va.

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George Scheulen (ACCT) was named the Small Business Veteran of the Year by the Lord Fairfax Small Business Development Center.


Ronald E. Keister (ACCT) retired after an auditing career with AT&T, Virginia Tech, and George Mason University. He teaches accounting part time at a community college and does taxes for a CPA firm.


Murray K. Coulter Jr. (FIN) was named a 2008 Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine in association with the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants.


John Thompson (MATH) is president of the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.


John F. Sparks (ME) received the 2008 Distinguished Service Award from the College of Engineering.


Susan E. Horst (ID) is a management and program analyst for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Charles E. Paras (ME) received the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award from the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command.


W. Keith Burford (FIN) is a senior financial consultant for Virginia Asset Management.

Melinda Turner Chitwood (ACCT) was recognized as a 2008 Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine in association with the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants.

W. William Gust (PSCI) was named to The Best Lawyers in America list for 2009.


Robert G. Adams (MKTG) is president of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations.

Robert S. Graver Jr. (ETE) retired from Verizon after 30 years of service.

Stephen J. Long (FW) is a state environmental administrator for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Larry D. Walker (URBA) is president of the Louis Berger Group Inc.


William L. Ingles (ETC) is vice president of engineering for the Harrington Group.

John W. McLaughlin (CE) received the Water Environment Federation's Arthur Sidney Bedell award.

Paul F. Spraggs Jr. (STAT) received the Black Engineer of the Year Award.

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Dwight A. Polk (EDSS) published a textbook, Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response.


Mark M. Asher (ARCH) celebrated the 15th anniversary of his architecural firm, Asher Associates Architects, last year.

Timothy P. Roche (GEOP) is a deputy director of the Office of Aviation Negotiations.

James L. Sowder (IEOR) was appointed Northrop Grumman IT Technical Fellow.


Thomas J. Wallis (GASC) received the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in Iraq.


John E. Evers Jr. (MKTG) is president and CEO of Siemens IT Solutions and Services.

Stephanie L. McManus (CHE) is a certified ASQ/DON Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with the U.S. Navy.


Mark C. Mitchell (ANSC) is a ministerial advisor in Iraq for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Patti Lou Watkins (PSYC) has authored a book, Handbook of Self-Help Therapies.


Peter S. Bettinger (FW) co-authored the books Forest Management and Geographic Information Systems: Applications in Natural Resources Management.

Chandra Matthews McPherson (ENGL) is deputy director of the Appomattox Regional Library System.


Andrea J. Baker (ARCH) is vice president for Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Inc.

Mauritia Gauvin Kamer (PSCI) is a counsellor for the law firm of Stites & Harbison.


Lisa Simpson Alexander (HIDM) is an interior designer for Stantec.

Katrina Workman Berger (HIST) is a deputy special agent in charge in the Office of Investigations, Immigration, and Customs Enforcement for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in New Orleans.

Stephen G. Dasher (ACCT) is a shareholder with Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle P.C.

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Richard W. Davis (FIN) is commander of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light FOUR FOUR.

Michael P. Maxwell (FIN) was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine in the practice area of consumer bankruptcy.

Christine M. Miller (ART) is the author of the book Ordinary Sparkling Moments.

Nathan R. Ogle (ARCH) is vice president for Fisher Friedman Associates AIA.


Jennifer J. Au (BIOL) is an assistant professor of orthopedics at Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Vikram M. Pattarkine (CE) is chief technology officer of OriginOil Inc.

Spencer R. Phillips (AGEC) is vice president for ecology and economics research at The Wilderness Society.


Haley W. Wherry (ARCH) is regional director for First Priority of America.


Lotta A. Crabtree (PHIL) is an assistant attorney general for the North Carolina Department of Justice.

James A. Ferg Cadima (PSYC) is a Wasserstein Fellow at Harvard and offers legislative counsel.

Ronald I. Teodoro (ARCH) is an architect for Cannon Design.


Barbara Aldrich Awbrey (EDSP) is assistant director in the Virginia Tech Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.

Gary A. Bruce (CE) is manager of an engineering and environmental firm, S&ME Inc., in Roanoke, Va.

Tiffany L. Gunnarson (FW) is a survey technician for Stantec in Leesburg, Va.

Cheryl A. Porr (APSC) is superintendent of the Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center.


Scott J. Cooney (BIOL) authored a book, Build a Small Green Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur.

Jerome J. Edwards (ENGL) is an assistant professor of writing in the College of Letters, Arts, and Science at the University of Southern California.

Trevor M. Kimzey (CE) is director of engineering at Gay and Neel Inc. in Christiansburg, Va.

Brian K. Pollack (ACCT) is a shareholder with Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, P.C.


David F. McBagonluri-Nuuri (EM) is a worldwide director of research and development in hypodermic systems for Becton Dickinson & Co.

Emily B. Pavot (EDCI) co-founded Howard Gardner School, a small progressive school in Alexandria, Va.

Antonio M. Relyea (FCD) earned his master's of teaching degree in early and elementary education from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Rebecca Peterson Risty (COMM) is director of marketing and programs for the San Diego World Trade Center.


Eric J. Keith (PSYC) was selected as a Hokie Hero.

Kara G. Miller (PSCI) has been selected as a Hokie Hero.

Priscilla M. Morales (CE) is a project manager for the site-planning and engineering team for Draper Aden Associates.

Stephanie Shurtz Porter (FCD) received her master's of science in literacy and culture from Longwood University.

Holly Mills Rutherford (ACCT) was named a 2008 Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine in association with the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants.

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Christopher Grasso (HIST) was selected as a Hokie Hero.


Sharnnia Artis (ISE) received the 2008 National TRIO Achievers Award from the Council for Opportunity in Education.


Jeffrey D. McMahan (FIN) is a law clerk for the U.S. Government Federal Judiciary.


Ryan P. Kennedy (ARCH) is a registered architect in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Thomas R. King (IT) is senior vice president and chief information officer of Boat America Corp.

Barbara Elise McCarthy (PSCI) was named the 2008 U.S. Presidential Management Fellow.

Enid N. Montague (ISE) was honored at the Compact for Faculty Diversity's 15th Annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring.

Christina W. Royal (SOC) was selected as a Hokie Hero.


Stacey A. Simon (PPWS) was honored at the Compact for Faculty Diversity's 15th Annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring.

Antionette D. Stroter (GSCR) was honored at the Compact for Faculty Diversity's 15th Annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring.

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'71 James B. Spangler and DeAna Smoland, 1/5/08.
'78 Robert S. Graver Jr. and Elizabeth A. Dollins, 8/23/08.
'89 Erin Walker and Kevin W. Webster, 11/8/08.
'92 Roseann Bischof and Thomas H. Henke, 8/8/08.
'95 Neil S. Pennington and '01 Sarah B. Lovejoy, 10/11/08.
'96 Justin J. Barham and Ashlei H. Tripp, 11/8/08.
'96 Larry A. Elkins and '02 Anne Fleet, 9/27/08.
'97 Mary Gibson and Nick Kakouras, 2/23/08.
'98 Eric M. Fidler and '98 Jayda B. Freibert, 8/30/08.
'98 Tracy Skidmore and Matthew Woodhead, 5/17/08.
'98 Amy Vermillion and Josh Utterback, 10/11/08.
'99 Anne Fowler and Joseph P. McGraw, 10/26/08.
'99 Jessica Savitsky and Ian M. McNeil, 9/5/08.
'99 Judith Wasilewski and Christopher J. Fox.
'00 Jason A. Spurlin and '01 Jill S. Cockerham, 7/25/08.
'01 Darryl G. Boyer and Lindsey Kingry, 5/25/08.
'01 Paul M. Strano and Rebecca E. Kindig, 10/18/08.
'02 Jennifer Gray and Michael Toole, 8/9/08.
'02 Stephanie E. Matney and '02 Matthew T. Wheawill, 8/2/08.
'02 Brian W. Minor and '04 Elizabeth P. Babey, 9/20/08.
'03 Richmond T. Brittingham and '03 Kristen Igelman, 9/20/08.
'03 Rebecca P. Chewning and '04 Ryan P. Kennedy, 4/12/08.
'03 David S. DiCicco and '04 Jenny Manetti, 9/13/08.
'03 Jonathan D. Keenan and '03 Carla Wilhoit, 8/2/08.
'04 Jennifer Comer and Ronnie Bowen, 9/13/08.
'04 Joshua A. Dean and '05 Amanda Willis, 7/12/08.
'04 Jamie Follin and '04 Michael S. Nichols, 8/2/08.
'04 Gregory A. Laforest and '04 Katherine E. Wood, 10/4/08.
'04 David W. Litchfield and '04 Lindsey P. Saufley, 7/12/08.
'04 Michael R. Shannon and '05 Jennifer A. George, 5/31/08.
'05 Niccolle LaBranche and Michael J. Manke, 10/10/08.
'05 Kristen Taylor and Charles Puryear Jr., 10/11/08.
'06 Nicholas K. Bartko and '06 Jill T. Moser, 8/9/08.
'06 Matthew C. Davis and '06 Megan Blair Floyd, 7/12/08.
'06 Molly Parker and Richard R. Plautz, 10/23/08.
'08 Xiaomeng Chang and '08 Yanfeng Li, 10/18/08.
'08 Paul K. Smith and Kathleen J. Rixner, 8/2/08.

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Births and Adoptions

'90 Russell J. Herakovich, a son, 7/30/08.
'90 Christopher J. Tully, a daughter, 9/3/08.
'91 Christopher L. Gaj, a daughter, 10/25/08.
'91 Rhonda Spiess McCartney, a daughter, 2/14/08.
'91 Charlene Teope Migrditchian, a son, 9/1/08.
'91 Brian C. O'Leary, a son, 3/12/08.
'91 Michael N. Wynne and '92 Paula V. Johnson, a daughter, 6/1/08.
'92 Julie Swenson Bishop, a son, 6/30/08.
'92 Stephanie Moreland Buccolo and '95 Adam D. Buccolo, a son, 6/27/08.
'92 Robert T. Hicks, a daughter, 7/10/08.
'92 Christopher C. McDowell, a daughter, 10/29/08.
'92 James W. Whitehead and '95 Anita Virmani Whitehead, a daughter, 7/11/08.
'93 Greta Nelson Hernandez, a daughter, 8/21/08.
'94 Wanda L. Barkes, a daughter, 6/10/08.
'95 Elizabeth Atkinson Cox and '04 Collin D. Cox, a son, 8/20/08.
'95 Brian J. Lieberman, a son, 6/14/08.
'95 Sharlyn Thacker Underwood, a son, 12/20/07.
'95 Monica J. Wright, a daughter, 10/10/08.
'96 Robert L. Dalton, a daughter, 4/18/08.
'96 Channing W. de Bordenave, a son, 9/24/08.
'96 Robert L. Spitzer and '97 Lesley Headley Spitzer, a daughter, 8/9/08.
'97 Michael P. Hoppe, adopted daughter, 4/16/08.
'97 Mary Gibson Kakouras, a daughter, 5/21/08.
'97 Nickolaos Kappatos and '97 Kara L. Manton, a son, 3/10/08.
'97 Laura Fravel Moorer and '98 Richard M. Moorer, a son, 8/1/08.
'97 John E. Nuckols and '99 Kelly Minett Nuckols, a son, 9/10/08.
'97 Diane Shannon Sleeman, a son, 6/24/08.
'97 Lauren Martin Tate, a son, 10/8/08.
'98 Kenneth M. Adler, a son, 6/21/08.
'98 Vincent M. Maillard and '99 Brenda Baibak Maillard, a son, 8/8/08.
'98 Jennifer Flynn Mizelle, a daughter, 12/18/07.
'98 Melissa Durst Murchison, a son, 8/20/08.
'98 Antonio M. Relyea, a son, 10/20/08.
'99 Kara Wesley Beasley, a daughter, 10/13/08.
'99 Beth Jackson Castro and '99 Roque R. Castro, a son, 9/3/08.
'99 Nicholas J. Conte and '00 Jennifer Hilwig Conte, a son, 9/2/08.
'99 Christyanna Stephens Durand and '99 Matthew C. Durand, a son, 9/23/08.
'99 Carolyn Stein Griffiths, a son, 7/15/08.
'99 Amy L. Morgan-Hunter and '00 James M. Hunter, a daughter, 8/27/08.
'99 Michael D. O'Neal II, a son, 5/30/08.
'00 Douglas A. Barton II and '01 Elizabeth Sylvanus Barton, a son, 11/6/08.
'00 Craig Baxter and '01 Jennifer Gibbons Baxter, a daughter, 8/22/08.
'00 Shannon Travis Brock, a daughter, 9/29/08.
'00 Charity Gravitt Chung, a daughter, 10/19/08.
'00 Tung Diep and '01 Sara Fawley Diep, a daughter, 7/7/08.
'00 Marice E. Dorsey, a daughter, 8/24/08.
'00 Jared C. Hockenberry, a son, 5/6/08.
'00 Robert T. Mann and '03 Beth Thompson Mann, a son, 10/17/08.
'00 Cheryl Gilliam Strong, a son, 11/8/08.
'01 Nicolette Z. Detwiler, a son, 9/22/08.
'01 Pauline S. Lewis, a daughter, 9/3/08.
'01 Donald J. Lingo and '01 Marcia Paiva Lingo, a daughter, 10/9/08.
'01 Jonathan H. Rau, a son, 8/22/08.
'01 Kirsten Hoffmann Ray and '02 Michael H. Ray, a daughter, 6/8/08.
'01 Brent M. Timberlake, a daughter, 9/29/08.
'01 Thomas H. Watson Jr., a son, 7/8/08.
'01 Megan Cooper Weatherly, a daughter, 8/5/08.
'02 Heather Vachon Abdo, a daughter, 8/19/08.
'02 Ross D. Amico, a son, 10/2/08.
'02 Jonathan K. Fratter, a daughter, 11/4/08.
'03 Kimberly Mathile Wallgren, a daughter, 10/21/08.
'03 Vival S. Weatherford Jr. and '04 Jennifer Fox Weatherford, a son, 7/16/08.
'03 Christopher B. Young, a daughter, 7/24/08.
'04 Sarah Allison Cooke, a daughter, 1/18/08.
'04 Nicole Smith White and '04 Stephen J. White, a son, 8/23/08.
'05 Kristen Taylor Puryear, a son, 3/25/08.
'06 Nicholas J. Mehl, a daughter, 6/7/08.

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'37 Parke C. Brinkley, 11/26/08
'38 R.A. Sandy, 11/28/08
'38 Pattie Orr Snodgrass, 10/27/08
'39 George L. Smither Jr., 9/15/08
'40 Waddy M. Allnutt, 1/26/08
'40 John T. Craigs Jr., 5/19/08
'40 Russell E. Fisher, 10/18/08
'40 Jack H. Hicks, 10/18/08
'41 W.V. Bauserman, 10/16/08
'41 N. Arthur Coulter Jr., 10/24/08
'41 Cardwell F. Hannabass, 11/20/08
'41 Maurice A. Murray, 11/17/08
'42 W.L. Acree, 9/16/08
'42 James M. Givens, 10/16/08
'42 Joseph Hagendorn Jr., 4/10/08
'42 Lou Pendleton Steele, 11/22/08
'42 Lewis H. Youngblood Jr., 10/7/08
'43 Harry D. Atkins, 10/21/08
'43 Rupert M. Cassell, 11/29/08
'43 W.G. Dechant, 10/7/08
'43 William H. Ford, 9/2/08
'43 Bill B. Laningham, 11/20/08
'44 J.H. Peterson, 9/21/08
'45 Douglas L. Howard, 11/27/08
'45 John D. Wittig, 11/7/08
'46 Warren J. Basham, 12/12/08
'47 Clarence O. Vassar, 10/5/08
'48 R.O. Rogers Jr., 11/18/08
'48 Paul R. Shriver Jr., 10/7/08
'48 Betty Clark Sullivan, 9/9/08
'48 Neilson H. Turner Jr., 10/19/08
'49 H.G. Alexander, 11/12/08
'49 Robert C. Jones, 2/20/08
'50 Charles W. Coker, 9/29/08
'50 Robert S. Horne, 12/12/08
'50 Letcher A. Hudgins Jr., 9/22/08
'50 Charles S. Kiley, 8/23/08
'50 J.M. Manner Jr., 12/9/08
'50 Alfred Versace, 8/1/08
'51 William N. Crofford III, 9/19/08
'51 Owain J. Hughes Jr., 9/16/08
'51 John Kricorian, 8/24/2006
'51 William S. Prince, 11/24/08
'51 Paul E. Turner, 10/30/08
'52 Eustace Frederick, 11/7/08
'52 C. Arthur Hart, 1/22/08
'53 William C. Duckhardt, 10/16/08
'53 Robert F. Eilers, 5/1/08
'54 James P. Burton, 10/14/08
'54 Rhea K. Clark, 11/6/08
'54 Robert F. Harrison, 7/15/08
'54 D.S. Pratt
'55 Cecil D. Cormany, 9/19/08
'56 James T. Duffy, 11/30/08
'56 Garnett H. Harvey, 9/26/08
'56 G.D. Haynie, 11/17/08
'56 Lucian G. Lindsey Jr., 11/7/08
'56 William B. Matthews, 10/6/08
'56 Joseph S. Musgrave III, 11/11/08
'56 Stafford M. White Jr., 11/20/08
'57 O. Talmadge Cox, 10/23/08
'57 David A. Ward, 11/18/08
'58 Suzanne Glass, 11/1/08

'58 James L. Goodman, 9/18/08
'58 Mary Parks Sprague, 8/11/08
'58 Robert F. Whitley, 10/31/08
'59 Ronnie G. Britton, 9/28/08
'59 Gerald H. Caffee, 12/1/08
'59 Jay W. Dorff III, 10/6/08
'59 Jimmy P. Enlow, 11/4/08
'59 James N. Gillum, 11/19/08
'59 Albert W. Longest, 3/28/08
'59 Don A. Price, 2/24/08
'59 Margaret Mimms Transue, 11/23/08
'60 Thomas M. Parham Jr., 11/16/08
'61 Elisabeth Anderson Brinkman, 2/17/08
'61 Thomas R. Trigg II, 2/5/08
'61 Morgan W. Wayson Jr., 11/18/08
'62 Claris B. Dix Jr., 11/15/08
'62 William B. Haile Jr., 11/1/08
'63 George B. Gilbert III, 9/18/08
'63 Joe W. Hammonds, 9/16/08
'64 E. Baxter Lemmond, 9/30/08
'65 G.G. Brummitt, 11/25/08
'65 J. Dirffie Tyler, 1/25/08
'67 Ole W. Renick, 11/21/08
'69 Dewey W. Hylton Jr., 5/30/08
'69 John R. Nuckols Jr., 10/29/08
'69 Benjamin D. Pinkard Jr., 10/3/08
'70 Jerry L. Solomon, 1/8/08
'71 Francis A. Charrette, 10/14/08
'72 Krishna M. Kammula, 2/11/08
'72 John H. Rife, 5/3/08
'73 Valerie Freeman Ashworth, 10/26/08
'73 R. Donelson Beauchamp, 9/28/08
'74 Briscoe B. Brown III, 9/19/08
'74 Amy B. Teague, 9/18/08
'74 Jerry E. Wheeler, 10/7/08
'76 John O. Hahn, 9/22/08
'76 Josephine C. Rife, 10/23/08
'77 Lloyd W. Chamberlain III, 10/24/08
'77 Margaret L. Hawley, 1/11/08
'77 Katie L. McKenzie, 10/5/08
'77 John Rebman IV, 10/13/08
'77 Donald F. Willis, 9/25/08
'78 S. Wali Abdi, 10/24/08
'78 Jeff A. Pitts, 6/18/08
'81 Gordon E. Fuerst, 10/31/08
'82 Lillien S. Brown, 10/28/08
'82 Avinash O. Garg, 10/4/08
'82 Dellanna West O'Brien, 9/7/08
'83 Robert S. Martin Jr., 9/7/08
'85 Robin C. Weiss, 11/14/08
'85 Richard J. Wheaton, 9/23/08
'86 John Simon, 11/24/08
'87 Peggy C. Harris, 2/21/08
'90 Lia T. Hsu-Pieper, 12/6/08
'91 David R. Mull, 11/2/08
'91 David C. Welch, 1/7/09
'92 James Okeyo, 11/17/08
'92 Leslie K. Puckett, 11/15/08
'96 Karen Ritchie, 11/1/07
'01 Genevieve P. Orange, 9/25/08
'07 Ian M. Wolfe, 10/5/08
'08 Eric F. Hirt, 10/1/08

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