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Spring 2010
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Virginia Tech campus
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Harold H. Higgins was honored by the Rotary International Club, which made a donation in his name to eradicate polio.

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William E. Laine Jr. received the 2009 Wright Brothers Award from the Federal Aviation Agency for 50 years of safe flying.


Frank E. Ferrante was re-elected by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society to the society's board of governors.

W.M. Phillips was honored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for his outstanding contributions to mechanical engineering and engineering education through service and leadership.

James T. Roberts Jr. is an international political officer for law enforcement matters in support of the commanding general, 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq.


George L. Hanbury II is president and chief operating officer of Nova Southeastern University.

John F. Tarburton is director of Maryland/Delaware Rural Development for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


John T. Scott was inducted into the Lynchburg Area Sports Hall of Fame.


J. Jefferies Miles was selected by his peers for inclusion in the 2010 edition of The Best Lawyers in America.

Leo A. Vecellio Jr. is chairman of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association Transportation Development Foundation Board of Trustees.


Clota D. Gerhardt Jr. retired from the Caroline County School Board as director of budget and finance after more than 38 years of service.

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Al Carmichael (IEOR '71) with grandsons Brady and Tyler.
HOKIES IN THE HOUSE: Al Carmichael (IEOR '71) with grandsons Brady and Tyler.


Michael R. Mills received the 2009 Governor's Transportation Aviation Safety Award.

Susan S. Wood is vice chancellor for academic services and research for the Virginia Community College System.


G. Daniel Walling retired from the City of Atlanta as a consultant after 32 years.


Murray K. Coulter Jr. was nominated as a 2009 Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine.

John E. Grinnalds received the 2009 IFMA Fellow Award from the International Facility Management Association.

Kathy Dye Spradlin is an assistant professor of developmental math at Liberty University.


John C. Harves was honored by Radford University with an endowed scholarship in his name for his success as the men's varsity soccer coach from 1977 to 1979.


Robert L. Harrison Jr. received the Madge McDaniel Leadership in Reading Award from West Virginia Reading Association's Annual Conference.

Meade P. Horne is a vice president at BB&T.


Melinda Turner Chitwood was nominated as a 2009 Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine.

Richard M. DiSalvo Jr. is chair of the Virginia section of the American Water Works Association for 2009-10.

Jeffrey N. Lighthiser is chief executive officer and president of Draper Aden Associates.

Amy Griffin Ray was nominated as a 2009 Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine.


Richard L. Anderson is the 51st House District delegate to the Virginia General Assembly, representing Prince William County and Woodbridge.

William F. Bailey was named an engineering Fellow at DuPont.


John W. Coates is director of parks and recreation for the City of Carlsbad, Calif.

Jean Wilson Hale has published a book entitled Greetings From Ekaterinburg.

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Gerald H. Luttrell was named the A.T. Massey Coal Company Professor at Virginia Tech by the Society of Mining Engineers.


James L. Smith received the U.S. Geological Survey's 2009 John Wesley Powell Award.


Mark C. Vlahos is the assistant director of operations for the U.S. Air Force.


Keith R. Koontz is lead consultant at Kevin Kennedy Associates.


Brian G. Abbott was selected as the 2010 Civilian Engineer of the Year for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Mid-Atlantic.

Kenneth W. Bible is an assistant program executive officer for Enterprise Information Systems in Washington, D.C.

Rebecca Ingram Boone earned a master of arts degree in liberal studies from Duke University.

Lynne Martin Doughtie was named to Consulting magazine's list of 2009 Women Leaders in Consulting.

Timothy N. Madison is president of the Baptist General Association of Virginia for 2010.


Ayad N. Al-Saigh is a captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

Dennis J. Beal earned his Ph.D. in management science from the University of Tennessee.

Lynda P. Fulford is the associate vice president for university relations at California Lutheran University.

Shelby Jordan Kline is principal of North Fork Middle School in Quicksburg, Va.


Wendy A. Ceccucci won the 2009 Distinguished Paper Award at the Information Systems Educators Conference and the 2009 Conference for Information Systems Applied Research.

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Rob Cole (ARCH '93) with his daughters and their distinctly Hokie creation.
SNOWBIRDS: Rob Cole (ARCH '93) with his daughters and their distinctly Hokie winter creation.


Sudip Bhattacharjee was named the Konrad W. Kubin Junior Faculty Fellow by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.


Barbara A. Board was honored with the title of district director emerita by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

John P. Loegering was a 2009 recipient of the prestigious Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.


Patrick J. Kelly received his master of science in operations research from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Mark S. Leavitt is commander of the Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron FIVE.

Donna L. Middleton was inducted into the National Women's Baseball Hall of Fame.


C. Patrick Hogeboom IV was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech football game.


Gary M. Hess is vice president of innovation at Lastar in Dayton, Ohio.

Michelle J. Krusiec performed her one-woman show, "Made in Taiwan," at Virginia Tech's Theatre 101.

Mark B. Sherkey Jr. was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. University of Miami football game.

Thomas J. Strassberger was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. University of North Carolina football game.


Kiersten Elliott Maryott is an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business.


Kendall Taney Cummings received the 2009 Dr. Robert Wiggs Outstanding Candidate award from the American Veterinary Dental College.


James G. Jenkins was named the William S. Gay Junior Faculty Fellow by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

Daniel J. Pilone published Head First iPhone Development with Tracey Chadwick Pilone.

Kathryn Klawiter Snead is chair of the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual Workgroup in 2009.

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Christopher A. Banta was nominated as a 2009 Super CPA by Virginia Business magazine.


Jacqueline C. Merrill earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular genetics from the University of Virginia.

John I. Thomas created an iPhone application called Buckets.


André DuPont published a book entitled An American Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions: Averting Global Warming Creating Green Energy and Sustainable Employment.

Deborah L. Hall-Greene received a Special Recognition Award for Professional/Community Service from the MITRE Corporation.

Kramer D. Luxbacher is principal investigator for a study issued by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to study the effects of roof falls, bumps, or explosions on underground mine ventilation systems.

Stacy E. Spadafora earned her master of science in national resource strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.


Timothy R. Dillera was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. Boston College football game.

Christopher K. Marston is the assistant Virginia division bridge engineer for the Federal Highway Administration.

Jonathan A. Noyalas has authored a book entitled The Battle of Cedar Creek: Victory from the Jaws of Defeat.

Emmett A. Sumner III presented the 2009 Robert J. Dexter Memorial Lecture.


Alberto Fonseca is an assistant professor of Spanish at North Central College in Illinois.

Michael A. Martinez Jr. was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. Duke University football game.


Rachael E. Budowle is a sustainability coordinator for Virginia Tech Housing and Dining Services.

Deanna L. Fisher was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. University of Virginia football game.

Timothy A. Fong Jr. was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. Duke University football game.

George R. Mallory was selected as a Hokie Hero during the Virginia Tech vs. University of Virginia football game.


Christopher D. Horsfall was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. Marshall University football game.

Dawn M. South is an associate at the law office of Bremner, Janus, & Stone.


Kathryn E. Riley received the Association of Environmental Professionals Channel Counties Chapter Summer Internship Fellowship Prize for 2009-10.

Charles M. Weeks received a transdisciplinary team science fellowship from the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute.


Romelin Adams was named a 2009 All-Star of Technology by Women of Color magazine.

Brian A. Alberts was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. East Carolina University football game.

Thomas A. Lenz was selected as a Hokie Hero for the Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina State University football game.


Sandra E. O'Connor was awarded a fellowship with the Food and Drug Administration in Washington, D.C.

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'65 Ronald E. Johnson and Laurie E. Finch, 10/24/09.
'90 Carma Stephens O'Sullivan and Joseph M. O'Sullivan, 1/8/09.
'93 Ronnie T. Burchett and '01 Amy Morris, 8/15/09.
'98 Michelle Carter Parks and James E. Parks, 9/26/09.
'99 Andrius T. Benokraitis and '02 Kristin L. Koch, 4/25/09.
'99 Angela K. Holland and Thomas J. Bell, 9/26/09.
'00 Christopher A. Myers and '02 Sarah M. Sazbo, 9/12/09.
'01 Scott A. MacMeekin and '05 Chelsea A. Stahr, 6/6/09.
'02 Fallon R. Arthur III and Amy N. Brannan, 10/10/09.
'02 Brian D. Koch and Barbie Spellman, 8/29/09.
'02 Shannon Donovan McDonald and Jason McDonald, 9/19/09.
'02 Crystal Powell Schaeffer and Mark A. Schaeffer, 6/29/09.
'02 Paul M. Tassell and Linde Rickert, 10/3/09.
'02 Bryan M. Williams and Ginger Hansen, 8/22/09.
'03 Caprice Swan Atwell and '04 Donald T. Atwell, 11/7/09.
'03 Eric R. Collins and Alison M. Dormer, 10/24/09.
'03 John A. Majeski and '03 Meagan Schroeder, 9/11/09.
'04 David P. Check and Courtney Green, 9/6/09.
'04 Matthew D. Hickman and '04 Tara L. Smith, 10/24/09.
'04 Justin M. Sadler and Stephanie Marrero, 10/3/09.
'05 Christopher C. Hall and '06 Alison Doherty, 9/26/09.
'05 Kristen Hawrylak Shreckhise and '06 Robert F. Shreckhise, 7/4/09.
'06 Thomas M. Bortner and '07 Stephanie J. Myers, 8/1/09.
'06 Jessica Miller Druck and Aaron B. Druck, 9/6/09.
'06 Meghan East Eggleston and '08 Eric M. Eggleston, 12/13/08.
'06 Steven A. Kyriakides and Annie E. Parsons, 9/5/09.
'07 David W. Allen and '07 Erin K. Kirks, 5/30/09.
'07 Heather Igo Donohoe and '08 Patrick K. Donohoe, 10/24/09.
'07 Jennifer Harris Miller and Bryan A. Miller, 9/12/09.

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Emmitt Foster Hutcherson, son of  Kerry B. Hutcherson ’01 and  Casey Southard Hutcherson ’03.
Emmitt Foster Hutcherson, son of Kerry B. Hutcherson ’01 and Casey Southard Hutcherson ’03, born Oct. 27, 2009.
Rob Cole (ARCH '93) with his daughters and their distinctly Hokie creation.
Josiah White, son of Derek W. White '92 and Maria Guanlao White ’94, born Oct. 9, 2008.
Births and Adoptions
'86 James E. Reaney and '91 Kristin A. Wiederholt, twin sons, 11/17/09.
'87 Frank B. Meador III, a daughter, 9/25/09.
'88 Timothy A. Consolvo, a daughter, 5/30/09.
'90 Carma Stephens O'Sullivan, a daughter, 9/23/09.
'92 Derek W. White and '94 Maria Guanlao White, a son, 10/9/08 (pictured at right).
'93 Eric D. App, a son and daughter, 1/7/09.
'93 Andrew S. Carpenter and '01 Lori A. Carpenter, a daughter, 4/29/09.
'93 Todd A. Peterson and '97 Tina Loane Peterson, a daughter, 12/02/09.
'93 Aaron F. Snyder, a son, 6/10/09.
'93 Lucinda Fannon Vance, a daughter, 8/10/09.
'94 Christopher D. Linthicum, a daughter, 9/8/09.
'94 Jason P. Livingston, a son, 10/12/09.
'96 Nicole Saunders Alvarez, a daughter, 6/3/09.
'96 Kiersten Elliott Maryott, a son, 4/10/09.
'97 Jamie Reckis Bailey, a son, 6/2/09.
'97 Michelle Cherwa Boyle and '00 Michael T. Boyle, a son, 8/30/09.
'97 Wendy Hedrick Jones, a son, 6/3/09.
'97 Amanda Pfeiffer Lezcano, a daughter, 7/17/09.
'98 Paul A. Bastuscheck, a daughter, 12/8/09.
'98 Christiana M. Boone and '98 Jonathan T. Smith, a son and daughter, 6/9/09.
'98 Harry A. Hogan and '98 Laura Hawpe Hogan, a daughter, 2/28/09.
'98 Peter J. Hohm and '01 Elizabeth Darnell Hohm, a daughter, 10/9/09.
'98 Megan Debranski Kelhart, a son, 2/1/09.
'98 Sara Hearne Kunkle and '01 Jeffrey W. Kunkle, a son, 5/9/09.
'98 Leigh J. Perry and '98 Susan White Perry, a daughter, 2/7/09.
'98 Heather Bridges Topich, a daughter, 10/12/09.
'98 Anne Morgan Vig and '99 Gregory S. Vig, a daughter, 11/5/09.
'99 Terje Aasland and '99 Valerie Renton Aasland, a daughter, 7/29/09.
'99 Rebecca Ross Bernacki and '04 Dennis W. Bernacki, a daughter, 7/4/09.
'99 Holly Funkhouser Cucuzzella, a daughter, 11/12/09.
'99 Michael M. Huffman, a daughter, 10/20/09.
'99 Tennille Keatts Powell, a son, 8/11/09.
'99 Noelle Mooney Stanley, a son, 2/3/09.
'99 Jason W. Thomasson and '99 Katharine Mirick Thomasson, a daughter, 7/20/09.
'00 Patrick D. Branagan, a daughter, 7/23/09.
'00 Dennis B. Cook, a daughter, 10/12/09.
'00 David A. Hewitt, a son, 8/17/09.
'00 Catherine Bruce Petry, a son, 6/16/09.
'00 Jason V. Smart and '02 Suzanne Rich Smart, a daughter, 11/4/09.
'01 Todd S. Baker and '02 Courtney Hilber Baker, a daughter, 6/13/09.
'01 Jason C. Gladden, a son, 5/3/09.
'01 Kerry B. Hutcherson and '03 Casey Southard Hutcherson, a son, 10/27/09 (pictured above).
'01 Michael R. Kirkman and '02 Ashley Liu Kirkman, a daughter, 9/18/09.
'01 Rebecca Fezie Menejia, a daughter, 5/19/09.
'01 Andrea King Thompson and '01 Patrick J. Thompson II, a son, 9/11/09.
'01 Donna Ritchie Young and '02 Anthony D. Young, a son, 6/3/09.
'02 Wilburn C. Dibling III and '02 Natalie Bordeaux Dibling, a son, 9/21/09.
'02 Edward J. Manlucu, a daughter, 6/22/09.
'02 Ashley Schultz Sayen and '03 Joseph D. Sayen, a son, 7/20/09.
'02 Anton J. Schaeffer and '04 Meghan King Schaeffer, a son, 10/6/09.
'02 Melissa Hargus Somers, a daughter, 10/6/09.
'03 David D. Francke and '03 Rebecca Heath Francke, a son, 10/24/09.
'03 Brett J. Higginbotham and '04 Elizabeth Lockwood Higginbotham, a son, 9/16/09.
'03 Jeremy C. Johnson, a daughter, 9/9/09.
'03 Sarah Ammons Milans and '03 Seth A. Milans, a daughter, 7/15/09.
'03 Patrick F. Mish, a daughter, 5/21/09.
'03 Lindsey Love Harrison Radack and '05 Kevin P. Radack, a son, 8/31/09.
'04 Constance Cardovilla Edwards, a son, 9/4/09.
'04 Jason P. Henrich, a daughter, 6/30/09.
'04 William A. Rendleman, a daughter, 10/29/09.
'05 Alexis Reuther Pruitt, a daughter, 6/13/09.

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'30 Labon Backer, 9/6/09
'37 Harry M. Meyers Jr., 10/19/09
'38 Charles I. Abbitt, 9/27/09
'38 James S. Tate, 8/16/09
'39 Charles E. Fuqua, 8/25/09
'39 Emanuel Tsourounis, 10/30/09
'40 Charles W. Miller, 10/16/09
'40 William F. Newman, 9/29/09
'40 Max Singer, 11/6/09
'41 J.H. Hayes Jr., 10/20/09
'42 Guy L. Alphin, 10/5/09
'42 W.H. Dickey, 10/4/09
'42 Herman D. Hawley, 10/29/09
'43 James B. Morrison, 10/31/09
'43 Hugh W. Sigmon, 7/28/09
'43 Paul C. Worthy, 6/25/09
'44 W.E. Abriel, 9/10/09
'44 Samuel G. Karn 11/10/09
'44 T. Frank Smith Jr., 9/22/09
'44 Morton Wood Jr., 8/10/09
'45 Raymond E. Banks, 10/2/09
'45 Robert W. Barnes, 10/17/09
'45 Randolph C. Heard, 11/6/09
'45 Charles R. Hoover, 10/26/09
'45 Jane Hardcastle Jones, 10/26/09
'45 Theodore Lok, 11/14/09
'45 Hobart M. Thomas Jr., 9/4/09
'46 William C. Bishop, 9/20/09
'48 Benjamin Squires, 9/18/09
'49 J.G. Ayers, 3/11/09
'49 R. Kenneth Cassada, 10/12/09
'49 Roland D. English, 11/10/09
'49 William C. Grimsley, 8/26/09
'49 Gwyndolyn Ward Keil, 9/5/09
'49 Shirley D. Pritchard, 9/25/09
'50 Jesse M. Bratton, 11/6/09
'50 H. Paul Oliver, 9/19/09
'50 John A. Ruffin III, 9/16/09
'51 Robert C. Peterson, 3/31/09
'51 Samuel R. Wilson Jr., 11/13/09
'52 James L. Berlin, 10/19/09
'52 W. Stuart Johnson, 9/6/09
'52 James E. Whipple, 10/7/09
'53 Charles W. Chamberlain, 10/16/09
'53 Glenn C. English Jr., 9/4/09
'53 F. Richard Quible, 11/9/09
'53 William A. Wilmarth, 10/24/09
'54 William O. Warwick, 10/13/09
'55 Sylvia Scheel Carts, 6/10/09
'55 Joseph F. Graninger Jr., 9/16/09
'55 Ralph W. Kitson, 8/30/09
'55 Arno Tamm, 8/20/09
'56 Pauline Gregory Holloway, 10/6/09
'56 Glenn M. Oxley, 10/15/09
'57 Martin C. Nielsen, 5/30/09
'57 Meredith R. Standley, 9/19/09
'58 J.A. Bailey, 9/28/09
'58 Victor M. DuPont, 9/7/09
'58 T. Skipwith Lewis, 10/10/09
'58 Linwood C. Newton, 9/23/09
'58 J.B. Pollock, 11/10/09
'58 Herbert M. Sproles, 10/18/09
'59 S.W. Calder, 10/18/09
'59 Eugene A. Fitzgerald, 8/14/09
'59 R.H. Maness, 11/16/09

'60 Alfred T. Campbell, 9/27/09
'60 Nelson L. Emmons, 9/6/09
'60 Frederic D. Fraley, 10/27/09
'60 Albert H. Smith, 11/12/09
'60 Robert H. Thompson, 2/22/09
'61 H. Joseph Lawler, 9/8/09
'61 Grayson H. Via, 8/3/09
'61 William R. Wells, 5/22/09
'62 Samuel H. Hodges, 10/26/09
'63 James E. Carico, 3/24/09
'63 R.W. Critz, 10/28/09
'63 Charles M. Heartwell, 10/19/09
'63 Samuel E. Pope Jr., 11/7/09
'64 Samuel J. Hall, 4/30/08
'64 Vernon D. Lucy III, 11/19/09
'64 William A. Reed, 9/5/09
'64 Joseph E. Urban Jr., 10/23/09
'64 Joseph G. Vance, 9/14/09
'65 Glenn E. Wilmer Jr., 10/25/05
'66 Richard C. McNee, 9/13/09
'67 F. Samuel Baechtel, 10/3/09
'67 Thomas R. Costin Jr.
'67 John M. Stout, 8/3/09
'68 John A. Floyd II, 9/17/09
'68 John E. Strauss, 10/27/09
'70 Harold E. Hamilton Jr., 9/9/09
'71 Louis T. Whittaker Jr., 10/22/09
'72 Juanita Krentzman Snipes, 4/30/09
'72 Kenneth E. Turner, 9/1/09
'73 Robert D. Lowe, 5/17/09
'73 Ronald C. Poff, 10/11/09
'74 Michael L. Conner, 9/17/09
'74 Anne M. Gaare, 10/24/09
'74 J. Frederick Gabbert Jr., 10/18/09
'75 Gary E. Day, 9/6/09
'75 Randall E. Hall, 9/2/09
'75 William A. Naff, 11/9/09
'75 Steven D. Reese, 10/4/09
'76 Bruce A. Causseaux, 6/15/09
'79 John I. Creigh, 10/22/09
'81 Donna Luedtke Sutton, 4/16/09
'82 Philip G. Thompson, 10/9/09
'83 Jonathan R. Caless, 12/1/08
'86 Mark A. Kusiak, 9/28/09
'87 John M. Christopher, 9/26/09
'88 Edward B. Dail, 9/19/09
'88 Angela L. Farrar, 8/20/09
'88 Melvin E. Franks, 9/14/09
'88 Mark F. Warren, 10/19/09
'89 Jane D. Reagor, 10/14/09
'89 Norrine Bailey Spencer, 9/23/09
'91 Robert E. Lowry, 9/28/09
'92 Won S. Um, 7/16/09
'94 Henry B. Bodzioney, 10/6/09
'96 Nancy M. Gilmore, 9/30/09
'97 Eric S. Albano, 11/1/09
'00 Susan M. Bean, 1/13/09
'00 Christa M. Dawn, 11/16/08
'01 David S. Mitchell, 10/25/09
'05 John W. Corbett, 9/11/09
'07 Adam S. Katz, 9/10/09
'08 Hunter D. Richardson, 11/27/09
Morgan Dana Harrington (Class of 2011),

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Peggy Lee Hahn, wife of university President Emeritus T. Marshall Hahn Jr., died Dec. 10, 2009, at age 85. She was the university's first lady from 1962-74, a period of great change in which enrollment nearly tripled and Virginia Tech became a comprehensive research university. According to her husband, her talent for entertaining and maintaining relationships with university stakeholders helped make it possible to transform the institution. She was also a generous benefactor to the university, especially its Hahn Horticulture Garden, which was renamed in her honor in 2004. A garden pavilion and meadow garden are named for her as well.
Peggy Lee Hahn and President Emeritus T. Marshall Hahn Jr.

Virginia Tech