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Letters to the Editor
Winter 2010
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The 1952-53 cheerleading squad at Virginia Tech, led by head cheerleader Bill Leetch '52, was the first squad to include female scheerleaders.
Virginia Tech's 1952-53 cheerleading squad,
the first to include females
In the fall 2009, vol. 32, No. 1, issue of Virginia Tech Magazine, you published a [letter to the editor] by Glenn Oxley '56 titled "Clearing up Cheering History." The [letter] included a photo of the cheerleading squad.

The cheerleading squad photo you posted was the 1952-53 squad. If you will look in the 1952 Bugle you will see the first cheerleading squad that had girls on it. I was the head cheerleader and was the one who brought girls on the squad for the first time in the fall of 1951, my senior year. I can only tell you that it took a whole lot of work to get approval for the girls.

We only had four girls approved. One was Meta Ann Chestnut, later married to Glenn Oxley. The four girls did a fantastic job that first year. You can't imagine the hours of training we had to undergo to make the girls fit in. I will say that I remember Meta as she was so cooperative and worked so hard.

Please send my condolences to Glenn Oxley on Meta's passing. My wife, Janice, and I met at Tech in the fall of 1952. We have been married 56 years last June. I am so grateful to Tech for her coming to get her master's.

Bill Leetch ('52) | Jupiter, Fla.

Cowgill Hall on the VIrginia Tech campus
Cowgill Hall
I read with interest Tech's high [rankings] in a U.S. News survey as highlighted in the fall 2009 edition article, "Tech programs rank high in survey." I would like to add to the list. Virginia Tech's College of Architecture and Urban Studies was recently recognized in an Architectural Record feature article, "America's Best Architecture Schools--2010," released in November 2009.

Hokie architecture ranked No. 4 among the top 10 undergraduate architecture schools in the nation, and No. 8 among the top 10 graduate programs, a list that included such notable names as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and MIT.

It's no small task to be recognized by a prestigious publication such as U.S. News but quite an honor to be recognized by one's own profession! Those lights aren't burning all night over at Cowgill for no reason! Congrats to the great faculty, staff, and students (and alumni!) inventing the future of architecture.

Daniel A. Buehler ('80) | Nashville, Tenn.

[Editors note: See new architecture rankings here.]

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CORRECTION . Lest you think that the tectonic plates have shifted dramatically, depositing Switzerland overtop Sweden, please be assured that the identification of Switzerland on the map on page 40 of the fall 2009 issue of Virginia Tech Magazine is misplaced. We apologize for any problems this error may have caused. –Editor
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