• Spring 2013

    Volume 35, Number 3

    Virginia Tech Magazine, spring 2013


    Alumni, we want to hear what you've been doing. Mail career, wedding, birth, and death news to Alumni Notes, Virginia Tech Alumni Association, Holtzman Alumni Center, Blacksburg, VA 24061; email the news to; or submit the news online, where photos may also be uploaded for consideration.

    Alumni mailing addresses may be viewed online in the Virginia Tech Online Alumni Directory by logging in with your Virginia Tech PID and password. For assistance, call 540-231-6285.

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    • births Births and adoptions
    • career accomplishments Career accomplishments
    • deaths Deceased
    • weddings Weddings
  • daughter of Clifford R. Shearer '92 and Charlene Dal Campbell '95, '96),

    Clifford R. Shearer (MGT '92) and Charlene Dal Campbell Shearer (HIST '95, EDCI '96), Chesapeake, Va., a daughter, 8/1/12.
  • son of Lindsay Guard Cassada '96

    Lindsay Guard Cassada (SOC '96), Richmond, Va., a son, 10/15/12.
  • son of Wendy Couchoud Haas '96, '97

    Wendy Couchoud Haas (HORT '96, '97), Crownsville, Md., a son, 11/25/12.
  • son of Jackson Reed Farr '02

    Jackson Reed Farr (FIN '02), San Diego, Calif., a son, 8/31/12.
  • son of Emily Gaddy Taylor '02

    Emily Gaddy Taylor (MGT '02), Christiansburg, Va., a son, 8/30/12.
  • Crystal Morgan Fraser '04, '08

    Crystal A. Morgan (COMM '04) and Brian D. Fraser (ARCH '08), Oakton, Va., 9/29/12.
  • son of Jonathan W. Janky '04 and Stefanie Marie Erb '05

    Jonathan W. Janky (FIN '04) and Stefanie Marie Erb (MKTG '05, AHRM '05), Charlotte, N.C., a son, 9/9/12.
  • son of Richard S. Slater Jr. '05

    Richard S. Slater Jr. (CE), Gainesville, Va., a son, 6/18/12.
  • Meghan E. Byrne '06, '07

    Meghan E. Byrne (EPP '06, CE '07) and Joseph M. Check, Hampstead, N.C., 9/29/12.
  • daughter of Lindsey Leisher Estes '06

    Lindsey Leisher Estes (COMM '06), Bel Air, Md., a daughter, 12/21/12.
  • Jonathan W. Biggers III '07 and Whitney Ann Hawkins '07

    Jonathan W. Biggers III (HNFE '07) and Whitney Ann Hawkins (ACIS '07, ACIS '08), Henrico, Va., 8/11/12.
  • Carlton N. Weatherford Jr. '07, '08 and Sonya Elizabeth Milstead '09, '11

    Carlton N. Weatherford Jr. (SOC '07, EDPE '08) and Sonya Elizabeth Milstead (MKTG '09, MGT '09, BAD '11), Dayton, Va., 5/26/12.

    Spring 2013

    All in the Family: Holistic learning in Virginia Tech's residential colleges

    Picture-perfect: The land-grant today

    Full STEM Ahead: Educating the next generation's brightest minds

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    death Ernest D. Proudman Jr. (ME), Williamsburg, Va., 10/31/12.


    death Alvin R. Schwab (CE), Silver Spring, Md., 9/30/12.


    death Francis H. Dobbins (ANSC), LaGrange, Ga., 10/31/12.
    Jesse B. Grove Jr. (CHE), Scottsville, Va., 10/16/12.
    Francis D. Irving (ANSC, EDBS'’53), Cartersville, Va., 9/7/12.



    death R.P. Graves (METE), Wilmington, N.C., 9/2/12.
    Richard M. Williams Sr. (DASC), Suffolk, Va., 10/16/12.


    death James G. Van Oot (CHEM, CHEM '51), West Grove, Pa., 9/10/12.


    death Charles A. Absher Jr. (ANSC), Big Stone Gap, Va., 8/2/12.
    Glynn D. Barranger (CE), Roanoke, Va., 11/22/12.
    Hugh S. Harris (AGRN), Bridgewater, Va., 9/12/12.
    William R. Jones (CHE), Spring Hill, Fla., 8/23/12.


    death Clifford G. Dorn (EE '46), Irvington, Va., 10/9/12.
    Thomas W. Booth (CHE '48 '49), Lexington, Ky., 11/2/12.
    George S. Potts (AGEC '46), Kenbridge, Va., 10/16/12.
    John L. Whaley (BIOL), Chapel Hill, N.C., 11/1/12.


    death Russell H. Inskeep Sr. (DASC), Culpeper, Va., 11/9/12.
    William F. Thomas (AGEC '48), Richmond, Va., 9/21/12.
    Willis H. Underwood Jr. (BAD), Sterling, Va., 9/1/12.
    Charles A. Wilson Jr. (BC '48), Richmond, Va., 3/18/12.
    Harry L. Brooks (ME), Wilson, N.C., 10/11/12.
    Daniel W. Sturt (AGEC '47), La Canada, Calif., 6/17/12.


    death Millard E. Rives (ME), Leesburg, Va., 11/11/12.
    Laura Lucas Garrette (GSC '45), Birmingham, Ala., 10/8/12.
    John M. Mabon (BAD '45), Richmond, Va., 7/19/12.
    Bernard A. Weston Sr. (CHEM), Pennington Gap, Va., 10/26/12.


    death Lucian Y. Grove (EE), Roanoke, Va., 11/10/12.


    death Charles A. Feeser Jr. (ME), Huntsville, Ala., 9/17/12.
    Benjamin Sheffield (EE), LaGrange, Ga., 12/29/11.


    death B. Gordon Cromer (AGED, AGED '58), Roanoke, Va., 10/22/12.
    Willard H. Hawley (METE), Randolph, N.J., 9/23/12.
    Frank Iannolo (BSAE) San Diego, Calif., 2/1/12.



    death Richard D. Blasser (BAD), Dillon, S.C., 9/4/12.
    Joseph E. Bon Durant (ME), Aurora, Ill., 9/12/12.
    Richard D. Fowlkes (IE), Alexandria, Va., 7/19/12.
    Joseph Goldsten (METE), Lexington, Va., 10/11/12.
    Howard G. Gouger (EE), Yorktown, Va., 10/5/12.
    Frank J. Hierholzer (EE), Florissant, Mo., 7/17/12.
    Robert L. Johnson (ME), Wilmington, Del., 10/18/12.
    Oliver T. Kittinger (BAD '51), Rocky Mount, Va., 11/5/12.
    W.K. Rodenbaugh II (CHE), Pascagoula, Miss., 6/10/12.
    Harry N. Upson (METE), Upper Gwynedd, Pa., 11/14/12.
    Dennis E. Verner (IE), Galveston, Texas, 10/19/12.
    Elwood A. Woolwine (AGED), Williamsburg, Va., 11/4/12.


    death Kenneth E. Hasle (ME), Anchorage, Alaska, 10/24/12.
    Vernon W. Hodges (ME), Lancaster, Calif., 11/11/12.
    James S. Love (AGED), Stuart, Va., 12/11/12.
    Robert W. Oast (FW), Asheville, N.C., 10/13/12.
    James H. Smith (BAD), Martinsville, Va., 9/23/12.
    Robert F. Sutton Jr. (ME), Lebanon, Ohio, 9/26/12.
    J. Harry Thompson (CHE), Morgantown, W.Va., 3/19/12.


    career John S. Long (AGED, EDAD '57), McGaheysville, Va., was inducted into the Fort Defiance High School Athletic Hall of Fame in honor of his 46 years of support.
    death Lauren O. Lyons (FW), Lambsburg, Va., 9/25/12.
    Richard B. Mottley Jr. (EE), Chester, Va., 11/11/12.
    Troy N. Washburn (METE), Knoxville, Tenn., 9/8/12.


    death John B. Deaton (GSC '58), Bohannon, Va., 11/13/12.
    Ralph C. Slusher (BION, EDCI '83), Altavista, Va., 10/29/12.
    John E. Strickland (CE, CE '60), Arvada, Colo., 8/29/12.


    death Ronald T. Binner (IE), Macon, Ga., 12/4/12.
    Richard E. Hawks (POUL), Rogersville, Tenn., 9/5/12.
    John M. Underwood (CE), Roanoke, Va., 11/16/12.


    death James E. Kalasky (ME), Royal Oak, Mich., 9/21/12.


    death Rushford K. Fleshman Jr. (ANSC), Spotsylvania, Va., 10/9/12.


    death M. Thomas Keister (BAD), Falls Church, Va., 11/3/12.
    Harry L. McGehee (BAD '61) Jupiter, Fla., 11/3/11.
    Hillmer J. Olson Jr. (IAED), Hampton, Va., 11/22/12.
    D. Bruce Wygal (CHE), Pine Bluff, Ark., 12/18/12.


    death W.W. Dise (BAD), Midlothian, Va., 9/5/12.

    Robert Richardson, Nobel Laureate physicist and member of the College of Science Roundtable, died Feb. 19. Richardson, who received both his bachelor of science and master of science degrees from Virginia Tech in 1958 and 1960, respectively, received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1996 for his work on superfluidity in helium-3, a breakthrough in the area of low-temperature physics. In 1966, he joined the staff of Cornell University, where he remained as a researcher and where he and his wife, Betty, both taught undergraduate physics.


    career S.D. R. Moore (BAD), Roanoke, Va., was named in Virginia Living Magazine as a Legal Eagle and was named to the 2013 Best Lawyers list.
    death John F. Brown (ME), Graceville, Fla., 11/25/12.
    Jerry M. Hammond (AGED), Roanoke, Va., 12/11/12.
    Franklin C. Moore (CE), Winter Park, Fla., 9/22/12.
    John E. Pace Sr. (IE '60), Chambersburg, Pa., 10/4/12.



    death Lawson H. Carr (HORT '71, AGED '71), Smithfield, Va., 12/7/12.
    J. Edward Jackson (STAT), Rochester, N.Y., 9/13/12.
    Jon D. Newell (ME '61), Gloucester, Va., 11/27/12.


    death Charles L. Putnam Jr. (CE), Millboro, Va., 10/14/12.


    career John J. Bartko (STAT '61, STAT '62), Newville, Pa., was granted Accreditated Professional Statistician status by the American Statistical Association.
    death John A. Brothers (CHE, CHE '66, MESC '68), Naples, Fla., 10/9/12.
    Michael R. Dovel (GEOL '63), Glade Spring, Va., 8/21/12.


    death G. Karr Linkous Jr. (ENGL), Durham, N.C., 6/26/12.
    Robert D. Saunders Jr. (PHYS), Gaithersburg, Md., 12/9/12.


    career Maston E. Poole Jr. (IE), Lake Frederick, Va., retired as director of financial services for Loudoun County, Va., after 34 years of service.
    Charles E. Yearout (ME), Hendersonville, Tenn., retired from Bridgestone Americas LLC but continues to serve as an engineering consultant.
    death Richard L. Gallo (BAD), Atlanta, Ga., 9/19/12.
    Jay W. Garvin (ARCH), Reston, Va., 10/9/12.
    Clark J. Wagner (EE), Westminster, Md., 10/5/12.


    career James W. Moyer Jr. (STAT), Phoenix, Ariz., published his second book, "We the People: The Sleeping Church."
    death Lewis A. Robinson Jr. (ANSC '66), Glade Spring, Va., 9/8/12.


    death Raymond L. Board (BAD), Wirtz, Va., 12/19/12.
    Paul J. Buhan (ZOOL, BIOL '70), Chambersburg, Pa., 10/9/12.


    career Earving L. Blythe (ENGL '68, URBA '83), Blacksburg, Va., received the 2012 Leadership Award from EDUCAUSE.
    death Victor R. Drewry (DASC), Mount Crawford, Va., 5/12/12.


    career G. Edgar Brown Jr. (GEOL, GEOL '70), Stanford, Calif., was the 2012 recipient of the Ian Campbell Medal for Superlative Service to the Geosciences.
    Ralph T. Grizzel (CHE '69), Newark, Del., retired as general manager from Rath Inc. after 22 years of service.


    career Ralph T. Rader (ME '70), Troy, Mich., was named to the 2013 Best Lawyers list.
    Mary Anne Marshall Richey (CTRA, EDSU '70), Hobe Sound, Fla., was selected 2012 Florida School Psychologist of the Year by the Florida Association of School Psychologists.
    death Margaret Moore Meador (EXT), Plant City, Fla., 11/2/12.
    D. Edwin Parks (BAD), Dublin, Va., 11/12/12.
    John W. Young Jr. (PHYS), Emory, Va., 10/31/12.



    death Kenneth A. Carroll (SOC), Vienna, Va., 9/22/12.
    Jennifer Hale Chrisman (MHFD '71), Sandston, Va., 11/11/12.
    Melvin G. Schnappinger Jr. (AGRN), Centreville, Md., 9/11/12.


    death Leticia Lamie Bryant (HNF), Bainbridge, Ga., 9/7/12.
    Raymond D. Cooper (ME), Bowling Green, Va., 9/1/12.
    James L. Duesberry (MGT '72), Virginia Beach, Va., 9/27/12.


    career Philip A. Shucet (HIST), Norfolk, Va., was named 2012 Virginia Business Person of the Year for his work on The Tide, a 7.4-mile light-rail system.
    Beth A. Turner (STAT, ESEN '73), Wilmington, Del., retired after 39 years of service with E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company Inc.
    death Fred R. McDavid Jr. (EE), Harrisonburg, Va., 9/18/12.


    death Kathryn Ford Conrad (URBA '75), Reston, Va., 10/7/12.
    Vaughn M. Douglass (FIW), Nashua, N.H., 9/3/12.
    William H. Mastbrook (EDBS), Manassas, Va., 11/12/12.


    career William K. Crist (EDBS, EDCI '77), Wellsville, Pa., is a senior geologist with Geo-Technology Associates Inc.
    death Darlene A. Morgan (EDBS '75), Roanoke, Va., 8/22/12.
    Judith A. Watson (CS), Norristown, Pa., 8/26/12.


    career Donald H. Beck Jr. (CE), Bethany Beach, Del., is a Realtor for Long & Foster Inc.
    death Christine E. DeMeter (BIOL), Riva, Md., 10/25/12.


    career Mark A. Graham (HORT, ACCT '79), Harrisonburg, Va., received his designation as a Certified Valuation Analyst from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.
    Robert A. Rapaport (PSCI), Norfolk, Va., was named in the 2012 edition of Virginia Super Lawyers.
    death Carolyn Potts Grubb (CTRA), Purcellville, Va., 11/7/12.
    Joseph H. Kyle III (EDSP), Salem, Va., 11/19/12.
    Bequita A. Morse (EDBS), Tallahassee, Fla., 11/12/12.


    career W. William Gust (PSCI), Roanoke, Va., was named to the 2013 Best Lawyers list.
    death Nora M. Barksdale (EDCI), Java, Va., 10/22/12.
    Lois B. Rambo (EDCI), Fredericksburg, Va., 11/12/11.
    Roger M. Shelor (ECAS), Athens, Ohio, 10/29/12.


    death Eugene W. Browning (CE), Natural Bridge, Va., 12/19/12.
    Claudia M. Chaille (EDSP), Reston, Va., 1/18/12.
    William L. Fowler Jr. (EDVT), Wytheville, Va., 12/7/12.
    Gerald W. Mabry (CE), Blacksburg, Va., 10/24/12.
    Samuel C. Robinson (ECAS), Springfield, Va., 6/26/12.
    G. Hutson Tiller (MKTG), Richmond, Va., 9/21/12.


    career Ruth Harry Lytton (MHFD '77, MHFD, HIDM '86), Radford, Va., received the 2012 Heart of Financial Planning Award.
    Thomas C. Via Jr. (FIN), Blacksburg, Va., is chairman of the Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia.
    death Amy Palacio Chesek (EDSS) and David Chesek, Wilmington, N.C., 6/29/12.
    death Broughton T. Michura (BIOL), Zachary, La., 11/2/12.
    William C. Pendleton (PSYC), Ormond Beach, Fla., 9/2/12.
    Katherine H. Shiflet (SOC), Union, W.Va., 9/25/12.
    Marian L. Walker (MHFD), Pasadena, Texas, 10/11/12.

    Charles K. Robertson '85
    Amy Palacio Chesek (EDSS '79) and David Chesek, Wilmington, N.C., 6/29/12.



    career Ronald E. Adams (MGT), Daleville, Va., is vice president of ACE.
    Patricia Martin Dove (AGRN, GEOL '84), Blacksburg, Va., was selected as Virginia's Outstanding Scientist for 2013.
    death Sallie Brown Garst (MHFD '81), Fresno, Calif., 10/23/12.


    career Forrest B. Nichols (CE), Richmond, Va., is senior project manager for Skanska at the Virginia Commonwealth University's Children’s Hospital building site.
    death Earl D. Collins Jr. (HORT), Pompano Beach, Fla., 9/26/12.
    Stephen S. Engle (PSCI), Centerville, Ga., 10/10/12.
    Lisa Benedict McCray (EDCI), Buchanan, Va., 10/11/12.


    career B. Wayne Adams (MKTG), Raleigh, N.C., was promoted to senior vice president and compliance officer for North State Bank of Raleigh.
    J. Martin Cassady Jr. (COMM), Hillsborough, N.C., is business development and sales manager of the National Press Photographers Association in Durham, N.C.
    John J. Cusimano (FIN, BAD '94), Blacksburg, Va., was named the university treasurer at Virginia Tech.
    Mary Kathryn Burkey Owens (ENGL), Chesterfield, Va., was selected for the 2013 Best Lawyers list and named to the Virginia Super Lawyers edition.
    death Karen K. Ramsey (ANSC), Goode, Va., 9/19/12.
    Rex T. Teves (IEOR), Peachtree City, Ga., 10/11/12.
    William H. Woessner (BIOL), Newport News, Va., 10/30/12.


    career John D. Daus (ME), Vienna, Va., climbed Mount Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser for multiple sclerosis research.
    Thomas R. Fox (FOR), Christiansburg, Va., was named a Fellow by the Soil Science Society of America.
    Sara Wimmer Leftwich (COMM), Salem, Va., is the manager of the dual career program and special projects in the Department of Human Resources at Virginia Tech.
    Raymond J. Pages (EE '85), Dayton, Md., received the 2012 Distinguished Alumni award from Central Virginia Community College. He was also awarded the NASA Silver Achievement and Exceptional Achievement medals for his contribution to the successful launch of the NPP satellite.


  • Charles K. Robertson '85
    Charles K. Robertson '85
  • career Mary C. Calatayud (ENGL), Fairfax, Va., published her first poetry collection, entitled "In the Company of Spirits."
    John P. Grotzinger (GEOL), San Marino, Calif., is the chief scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory mission.
    Robert H. Kulp Jr. (BC), Roanoke, Va., premiered his company, Black Dog Salvage, on DIY Network on Nov. 8, 2012.
    Charles K. Robertson (COMM), Glen Ridge, N.J., was named Distinguished Visiting Professor at The General Theological Seminary in New York and general editor of the Studies in Episcopal and Anglican Theology series.
    death Peter M. Furgiuele (ARCH), Yardley, Pa., 9/5/12.
    Joey P. Powell (FIN), Chesapeake, Va., 11/2/12.


    career Douglas C. Witney (TA), Blacksburg, Va., is director of production services for the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech.
    death Margaret A. Knoll (VM), Westminster, Md., 4/14/12.


    death Carolyn Carper (EDCI), Dublin, Va., 12/1/12.
    Anne F. Miller (EDAC), Richmond, Va., 9/24/12.
    Karen Warren Riedel (ANSC), Ranson, W.Va., 11/11/12.


  • Amian Mitra '88
    Amian Mitra '88
  • career Scott T. Acton (EE), Charlottesville, Va., was named an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Fellow for his contributions to biomedical image analysis.
    Monica J. McCowin Smith (ME), Hampton, Va., was elected to a four-year term on the City of Hampton School Board.
    Amlan Mitra (ECON, URPL '92), Naperville, Ill., was re-appointed to the Transportation Research Board Executive Committee of the National Academy of Sciences.


    career Christina Moldenhauer Daves (PSCI), Gainesville, Va., was named Steve's Top Inventor and awarded money to continue her work with her company, CastMedic Designs.
    death Benjamin H. Cassutto (VM) '89, Millsboro, Del., 10/18/12.
    birth Joseph W. Marshall III (ARCH), Oakland, Calif., twin daughters, 6/23/12.

    twins of Joseph W. Marshall III '89
    Joseph W. Marshall III (ARCH '89), Oakland, Calif., twin daughters, 6/23/12. As Joseph wrote, "You know, most babies have their first photoshoot in front of the Taj Mahal."



    career David A. Coahran (FIW), Spicer, Minn., is supervisor of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' fisheries staff.
    Tracy Tate O'Dowd (ELED), Frederick, Md., is assistant director of corporate business development at The Maryland Jockey Club.
    death David C. Soderberg (FIN), Oakton, Va., 9/19/12.


    career Shannon W. Holland (GEOG), Naples, Fla., completed the Investment Management Consultant certification and has become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.


    career Tammy Lee Spradlin (FIN), Bedford, Va., is assistant director of internal audit at Virginia Tech.
    wedding John M. Mattox (FIN) and Mitzi E. Bondurant, Charlotte, N.C., 8/11/12.
    birth Robert T. Hicks (MKTG), Arlington, Va., a son, 5/31/12.
    Clifford R. Shearer (MGT) and Charlene Dal Campbell (HIST '95, EDCI '96), Chesapeake, Va., a daughter, 8/1/12.
    death Kendra F. Ruestow Atherton (FIN), Virginia Beach, Va., 11/24/12.

    children of Clifford R. Shearer '92 and Charlene Dal Campbell '95, '96
    Clifford R. Shearer (MGT '92) and Charlene Dal Campbell Shearer (HIST '95, EDCI '96), Chesapeake, Va., a daughter, 8/1/12.


    career William A. Altizer (BIOC), Midlothian, Va., earned his master's degree in chemistry at University of North Carolina Wilmington.
    Stefan A. Hall (ENGL, ENGL '98), Winston-Salem, N.C., is an associate professor of communication at High Point University.


    career Markus Breitschmid (ARCH), Blacksburg, Va., has co-authored a book entitled "Christ & Gentenbein: Around the Corner."
    Robert L. Smith (FPR), Christiansburg, Va., was appointed interim head of the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech.
    Christopher L. Symanoskie (ECAS), Christiansburg, Va., is vice president of investor relations at American Public Education Inc.
    wedding Brett M. Rader (HIDM) and Carol J. Green, Pearisburg, Va., 9/22/12.
    death Victoria Friend Broyles (ENGL), Macon, Ga., 9/17/12.
    Betsy J. Clark (ENGL), Luray, Va., 10/13/12.
    Rosemary Halpin (EDAD), Roanoke, Va., 10/14/12.
    Tai K. Nguyen (ME), Roanoke, Va., 11/12/12.


    career Barry I. Matherly (URPL), Richmond, Va., was awarded Fellow Member status by the International Economic Development Council for her stature in the field of economic development and related disciplines.


    career William H. Armstrong III (HLED), Gaithersburg, Md., is the director of training and leadership at Long and Foster.
    Lewis A. Conner (ACCT), Roanoke, Va., was named in the 2013 Best Lawyers list.
    Mark N. Heinrich (ME), Leesburg, Va., is a senior associate for Dewberry.
    Monique M. Hoeflinger (PSYC), Woodbridge, Va., joined a NoVo Foundation program that seeks to end violence against girls and women.
    Brian M. Tanner (ME), Centreville, Va., is a senior associate for Dewberry.
    birth Lindsay Guard Cassada (SOC), Richmond, Va., a son, 10/15/12.
    Wendy Couchoud Haas (HORT '97), Crownsville, Md., a son, 11/25/12.
    Anthony L. Kopera (ME), Parkville, Md., triplets, 12/27/11.
    death Stephen B. Michael (MSCI), Fairfax, Va., 3/3/12.
    Ronald Sheffield (BSE), Prairieville, La., 11/24/12.

    triplets of Anthony Kopera '96
    Anthony L. Kopera (ME '96), Parkville, Md., triplets, 12/27/11.


    career Catherine Y. Gehrt (PSYC, ART '02), Blacksburg, Va., is communications director for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech.
    wedding Jody Littman Booth (BIOL) and Michael Booth, Simpsonville, S.C., 11/24/12.


    career Geoffrey S. Ax (ARCH), Burke, Va., is regional aviation market director for Leo A. Daly in Atlanta, Ga.
    Pavlos P. Vlachos (EM, EM '00), Blacksburg, Va., was named the Robert E. Hord Jr. Professor of Mechanical Engineering by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.
    wedding Jeffry C. Alexander (BION '94, VM) and Stacia L. Flinn, Blacksburg, Va., 6/5/12.
    death Katherine T. Willey (ENSC, ENT '08), Washington, D.C., 10/15/12.


    career Myra Blanco (ISE, ISE '02), Radford, Va., was awarded the J. Cordell Breed Award for Women Leaders, to be presented at the SAE International 2013 World Congress.
    Katherine M. Bredimus (ENGL), Marionville, Va., is co-owner of 11th Hour Creative and has joined forces with Bayonet to form a branding and advertising agency in Richmond, Va.
    Roque R. Castro (IDST), Culpeper, Va., presented his "LOVE" sculpture to the Town of Culpeper, to be displayed in the downtown park as part of a Virginia tourism social media campaign.
    Memuna Z. Khan (BIOL), Oshkosh, Wis., was the recipient of the 2012 May Bumby Severy Class of 1908 Award, given to Ripon College faculty in recognition of excellence in undergraduate teaching.
    Lisa M. Wnek (MGT), Wareham, Mass., was selected as the Hokie Hero for the Russell Athletic Bowl game.
    Jennifer Gittes Zuniga (PSCI), Severn, Md., was selected as the Hokie Hero for the Russell Athletic Bowl game.
    wedding Jeremy A. Guerin (COMM) and Shannon B. Watson, Centreville, Va., 10/13/12.
    death Kristin L. Makovec Bourkland (AE, AE ’01), Springfield, Va., 11/6/12.



  • Ryan J. Witherell '00
    Ryan J. Witherell '00
  • career Ryan J. Witherell (COMM), Nashville, Tenn., is a partner with Seigenthaler Public Relations.
    wedding Marc S. Povell (ART) and Rachel H. Schoolman, Washington, D.C., 8/4/12.
    birth Jason C. Dye (ISE) and Kelly C. Henderson (BIT '03), Mooresville, N.C., a son, 7/23/12.
    David H. Luer (GEOL), Denville, N.J., a son, 7/2/12.
    Brian C. Okerberg (MSE, MSE '05) and Laura Stephanie Pollard (PSYC), Gibsonia, Pa., a daughter, 1/19/12.


    career Thomas E. Cecere (BCHM, VM '05, BMVS '12), Newport, Va., is an assistant professor of anatomic pathology in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology at Virginia Tech.
    Eric J. Ruggiero (ME, ME '02, ME '05), Schenectady, N.Y., won the 2013 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Lawrence Sperry Award for his innovation and leadership in turbo-machinery seals technology.
    wedding John C. Krebs (MSCI, FIN '02) and Bridget T. Bradshaw, Fairfax, Va., 4/28/12.
    birth Jason M. Moss (MKTG) and Jenny Philips (MSCI), Bristow, Va., a son, 3/8/12.
    Colleen Bullock Quattlebaum (COMM) and Steven L. Quattlebaum (CE), Glen Allen, Va., a daughter, 6/10/12.


    * Attention 2002 grads: After June 30, 2013, the Schiffert Health Center will destroy the medical records of all 2002 graduates. If you would like a copy of your records, please contact Paula Robertson at 540-231-9430 or before June 1.

    career Timothy L. Belcher (CE), Centreville, Va., is an associate with Dewberry's Fairfax office.
    Maria Evangelista Robison (COMM), Overland Park, Kan., won a Mid-America Regional Emmy for Best News Promo with KCTV5 station.
    Megan L. Shepherd (BIOL, VM '06), Christiansburg, Va., is a clinical assistant professor of nutrition in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.
    Michael G. Voicheck (TED), Hatfield, Pa., received a doctorate of education from Immaculata University and was named the Pennsylvania High School Teacher of the Year by the Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania.
    birth Stephen P. Janoschka Jr. (AT, AGED '05, EDCT '06) and Macel Lynn Hubbard (PSCI '03), Salem, Va., a son, 8/25/12.
    Jenna Cancro Lyons (PSYC '01), Englishtown, N.J., a son, 8/22/12.
    Jackson Reed Farr (FIN), San Diego, Calif., a son, 8/31/12.
    Emily Gaddy Taylor (MGT), Christiansburg, Va., a son, 8/30/12.
    Michael G. Voicheck (TED) and Jill C. Guertin (ARCH '05), Hatfield, Pa., a son, 5/27/12.
    Michelle Arevalo Winston (ISE, SYSE '07) and Mark A. Winston (EE '03), Clifton, Va., a son, 7/4/12.
    death George R. Wood (ME), Rocky Mount, Va., 10/11/12.


    career Christopher S. Dula (PSYC), Johnson City, Tenn., was named to the Top 25 University Instructors list on
    Yousri Omar (FIN '04), Falls Church, Va., was recognized by the Bar Association of the District of Columbia as Young Lawyer of the Year.
    wedding Timothy P. Gurski (IDST) and Erin Crowley, Springfield, Va., 10/6/12.
    Jennifer Cooke Young (MGT) and Jeremy A. Young, Ashland Va., 7/29/12.
    birth Sara Shepperson Belleau (HD), Richmond, Va., a daughter, 8/11/12.
    Caroline Hunter Davis (COMM) and Luke F. Davis (ACIS, BAD '05), Columbia, S.C., a son, 10/29/12.
    Katey Robison Wilber (MKTG), State College, Pa., a son, 5/20/12.

    Timothy P. Gurski '03
    Timothy P. Gurski (IDST '03) and Erin Crowley, Springfield, Va., 10/6/12.


    career Andrew C. Witt (BIT), Bethel Park, Pa., published his first article, "Hearing Psalm 102 within the Context of the Hebrew Psalter," in the academic journal Vetus Testamentum.
    wedding Crystal A. Morgan (COMM) and Brian D. Fraser (ARCH '08), Oakton, Va., 9/29/12.
    birth Tammie Lynne Blauch (ARCH) and Evin M. Fitzpatrick (FORS), Lebanon, Pa., a daughter, 4/17/12.
    Rebecca Shaver Grenoble (ACIS), Roanoke, Va., a daughter, 3/16/12.
    Kathy M. Holdsworth (SOC), Sarasota, Fla., a son, 7/4/12.
    Jonathan W. Janky (FIN) and Stefanie Marie Erb (MKTG '05, AHRM '05), Charlotte, N.C., a son, 9/9/12.
    death Melissa M. Dowd (BIOL, BIOL ’05), Fresno, Calif., 11/16/12.


    career Shireen A. Hafez (VMSC), Blacksburg, Va., is an anatomy instructor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.
    John N. Hall (FIN), Lynchburg, Va., is a portfolio manager for MontVue Capital Management.
    Christopher J. Imhof (DOE, DAE), Columbia, Md., earned his professional engineer's license in the State of Maryland and works for Dwyer Engineering.
    John R. Irwin (COMM), Culver City, Calif., produced the short film "Sold" and was chosen as a semifinalist for Ridley Scott's Your Film Festival.
    Tracy A. McCracken (VM), Chevy Chase, Md., is assistant director of education and training for the Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech.
    Kennard O. Ratliff III (HIST), Christiansburg, Va., is an adjunct professor of history at Concord University.
    wedding Dorothy Pendleton Heimlich (PSYC) and Gregory S. Heimlich, Mechanicsville, Va., 7/6/12.
    Dara Felder Logan (ISE) and Daniel Logan, Fairfax, Va., 5/26/12.
    birth Richard S. Slater Jr. (CE), Gainesville, Va., a son, 6/18/12.

    Dara Felder Logan '05
    Dara Felder Logan (ISE '05) and Daniel Logan, Fairfax, Va., 5/26/12.


    career Kenesa T. Ahmad (PSCI), Herndon, Va., co-authored and edited three books for the International Association of Privacy Professionals and the Open Society Foundation.
    Cecilia M. Elpi (PSYC), Blacksburg, Va., is the events coordinator and handles external relations for the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.
    Penn N. Markham (EE), Knoxville, Tenn., earned a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee.
    wedding Meghan E. Byrne (EPP, CE '07) and Joseph M. Check, Hampstead, N.C., 9/29/12.
    birth Benjamin W. Deen (MKTG) and Cynthia Sunny Ahari (AHRM '07), Reston, Va., a daughter, 11/11/12.
    Lauren E. Murphy (PUA), Stephens City, Va., a daughter, 9/29/12.


    career Andrew S. Howell (HIST), Greer, S.C., was selected as the Hokie Hero for the Duke game.
    Matthew B. James (CE, CE '10), Blacksburg, Va., earned his professional engineering license.
    wedding Jonathan W. Biggers III (HNFE) and Whitney Ann Hawkins (ACIS, ACIS '08), Henrico, Va., 8/11/12.
    Joseph O. Ferrante (AE) and Catherine Gates, Las Vegas, Nev., 10/20/12.
    James P. Racine (CE, CE '08) and Ingrid Elizabeth Freemyer (COMM '09), Falls Church, Va., 9/22/12.
    Carlton N. Weatherford Jr. (SOC, EDPE '08) and Sonya Elizabeth Milstead (MKTG '09, MGT '09, BAD '11), Dayton, Va., 5/26/12.
    birth Ashley Dooley Carpenter (CS), Belmont, N.C., a daughter, 10/28/12.


    career James V. Bisha (FPR, FPR '12), Ithaca, N.Y., is director of unit load technology for Ongweoweh, a pallet management company.
    Lindsey E. Miller (CHE, PSCI), Baltimore, Md., passed the New York State Bar exam and is employed at the Jones Day law firm in New York.
    Blair R. Riley (COMM), Atlanta, Ga., is an assistant account executive of technology for Porter Novelli.
    Lindsay M. Walton (PSCI), Richmond, Va., is an associate with the law firm of Macauley & Burtch P.C.
    wedding Thomas D. Brennan Jr. (PSCI, PHIL) and Alexandra Glancy Brennan (SOC), Richmond, Va., 9/15/12.
    Jeremey L. Burner (AAEC) and Katelyn D. Koontz (AAEC '09, ACIS '09), Rhoadesville, Va., 9/29/12.
    Jessica Jones Weiss (PSYC, ME '09) and Nicholas J. Weiss, Baltimore, Md., 6/9/12.
    birth Riley Katherine Andrews (IDST) and Gary M. Wheelock (EE), Manassas, Va., a daughter, 3/1/12.


    career Shaun Bockert (PHIL), Chesapeake, Va., is an associate with the firm of Blank Rome in Philadelphia.
    wedding Edward "Teddy" Dyer (EIT) and Chelsea Kathleen Helm (BC '11), Roanoke,Va., 11/10/12.
    Selena Stewart Gottuso (ENGL) and Aaron C. Gottuso, Hinckley, Ohio, 6/16/12.
    Samantha Baker Marcum (AAEC, FIN, BAD '12) and Robert Marcum, Blacksburg, Va., 4/21/12.
    birth Justin M. Love (ISE), Houston, Texas, a daughter, 11/8/12.
    death Clay R. Copeland (BC), Abingdon, Va., 10/15/12.
    Erika N. Fifer (AAEC), Evansville, Ind., 12/12/12.

    Edward Dyer '09 and Chelsea Kathleen Helm '11
    Edward "Teddy" Dyer (EIT '09) and Chelsea Kathleen Helm (BC '11), Roanoke,Va., 11/10/12.



    career Peter R. Laclede (HIST, PSCI), Java, Va., was selected as the Hokie Hero for the University of Virginia game.


    career Robin L. Fontenot (BMVS), Christiansburg, Va., is a clinical instructor of large animal surgery in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.
    Suzanne L. Santamaria (BMVS), Blacksburg, Va., presented a paper at the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology that won Best Paper, and is now a research assistant professor in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.



    Brig. Gen. Earl C. Acuff, U.S. Army Airborne Light Infantry and commandant of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets from 1973 to 1980, died Feb. 13. He was 94. In 1970, he was asked to teach military science at Virginia Tech. In 1973, he became the corps' commandant.
    During WWII, he served in the U.S. Army in a platoon known as the Alaskan Scouts, scouting Japanese forces in the Aleutian Islands. In 1949, he returned to the Army to teach Arctic survival skills, and in 1952, he fought for the hills known as Pork Chop and Old Baldy, earning a Purple Heart and more. At age 47, he became the oldest man to graduate as a U.S. Army Ranger. He earned a master's degree in international policy in 1966 and served as a brigade commander in Vietnam in 1968.
    Later, Acuff was inducted into the National and World Champion Racquetball Hall of Fame after earning 20 gold medals at major national and international tournaments.

    James M. Buchanan, a 1986 Nobel Prize winner in economic science and a long-time professor at Virginia Tech, died Jan. 7. In 1969, Buchanan arrived at Virginia Tech, where he founded the Center for Study of Public Choice. His work, including more than 30 books, made the case for smaller government, lower deficits, and fewer regulations. Buchanan left for George Mason University in 1983. In 1998, he returned to Virginia Tech as University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics and Philosophy, contributing to the community in a variety of ways.

    Shinya Kikuchi, the Charles E. Via Jr. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, died Dec. 7, 2012. His research focused on transportation planning, urban transportation systems, traffic logistics and engineering, treatment of uncertainty and data, application of soft computing, and intelligent transportation systems.

    Buford Brown Meredith, grounds foreman in the Department of Athletics, died Jan. 24. Meredith had just completed 50 years of service. He helped with the construction of Cassell Coliseum and the Jamerson Athletics Center and helped maintain athletic facilities, including the mowing of the fields and the cross-country course. However, he was best known for painting the lines and end zones on Worsham Field before home football games. He performed this task until 2005.


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