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James W. Green
(AGRN) submitted his 30-volume set, Publications and Writings of James W. Green, including And It Was Never Dull: A Memoir, to the Library of Congress. Copies of the memoir are available to Hokies upon request.



George J. Mehailescu's
(BAD) biographical profile will be published in the registry of Strathmore's Who's Who in America in 2006.



Frank A. Gourley Jr.
(ME) received the Ben C. Sparks Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
W.M. Phillips (ME) was appointed by President George W. Bush to a three-year term on the committee for the National Medal of Science.

Curtis J. Tompkins
(IE) was appointed director of RSPA's Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in Cambridge, Mass.
Edward A. Wyatt V (PAD) retired after 38 years in local government.

R.A. Boynton
(ARCH) was presented the 2004 William C. Noland Medal from the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects.
David J. D'Antoni (CHE) retired as senior vice president and group operating officer of Ashland Inc.



John R. Coiner
(CHE) retired from BWX Technologies after nearly 30 years.
James E. Pearman Jr. (ACCT) was included on Medical Economics magazine's biennial list, "The 150 best financial advisers for doctors."

W.H. Kucheman
(MGT) was named president of Boston Scientific's interventional cardiology business and will chair the management board.
Robert E. Marshall (EE) received an Award of Merit for Group Achievement from the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division.

James V. Meath
(UA) was elected president of the Virginia Bar Association.

Thomas S. Jones
(ESM) was elected to the board of directors of ASTM International in Pennsylvania.

Thomas W. Acton
(LASC) was promoted to colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.
Gregory E. Aliff (ACCT) was appointed vice chair of Deloitte & Touche, USA, LLP.
Frank D. Straus (CHEM) was elected president of the Richmond Dental Society.
Eric E. Unser (ART), the lead scenic artist for CBN, creates murals and art treatments for private clients through his business, Special Effects.

John G. Casali
(PSYC) was elected president of the National Hearing Conservation Association for a three-year term.
Roy M. Martin Jr. (PSCI) was named president and CEO of Thomson Tax & Accounting in New York.

Cynthia B. Benedict
(LASC) was named an administrative partner in the office of Fulbright & Jaworski LLP in San Antonio.

H. Bruce Rinker III
(FW) is the division director for Pinellas County's Environmental Lands Division outside Tampa, Fla.



Bruce H. Corke
(ARCH) was promoted to associate at Hillier Architecture.
Lisa C. Hatch (BIOL) is a director of clinical operations for PRA International.
Helen L. Reed (ESM) was named professor and head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Kendall P. Wilson
(ARCH) was named 2005 Designer of the Year by Contract magazine.

Timothy S. Fincham
(HIST) is director of engineering and operations at T-Mobil USA in Sacramento, Calif.
William J. Hamel (ECAS) was elected vice president and general counsel for Arkema Inc.
Daran L. Rehmeyer (EE) moved to Swaziland to work with Children's Cup International Relief.
Stephen A. Smith (ARCH) joined the architectural firm of Davis, Carter, Scott Ltd. as a project director.

Gregory L. Hall
(ME) is project manager for Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern in Roanoke, Va.
Pamela M. Sargent (COMM) was elected to a second term as a judicial representative to the Virginia Bar Association Board of Governors.

Kevin L. Bertholf
(ARCH) joined Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern as a project architect.
Alan D. Long (ARCH) was named project manager for the building division of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern.
R. Eric Tatum (MKED) was promoted to manager delivery construction for the Norfolk and Hampton, Va., offices of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern.

Bainy B. Cyrus
(HORT) published a book, Deaf Women's Lives: Three Self-Portraits.
Lorenda L. Dyson (MGT) is a missionary with the International Mission Board in Richmond, Va.
Laura J. Treanor (PHED) was named associate dean of general education at Baker College in Port Huron, Mich.

Roderick A. Hall
(FIN) was named assistant vice president of research and term director of the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science.
Donna M. Izzo (EE) is vice president of engineering for business objects and is responsible for software development in offices in Canada, France, United Kingdom, India, and China.
Nancy J. Newman (MKTG) is an account manager for The O'Connor Group.

Daniel J. Dimarco
(HIST) joined Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern as a project architect.

Wayne A. Morrison
(FIN) joined Davis, Matthews & Quigley P.C. as an associate in domestic law practice.



Michael B. Dorsey
(ART) joined Neathawk Dubuque & Packett as a senior account executive.
Antonio R. Mouer (CHE) was promoted to manager of projects for PENTA Engineering.

Thomas L. Dyson
(HORT) is a missionary with the International Mission Board in Richmond, Va.

Phyllis C. Bunn
(EDVT) received the Higher Education Appreciation Day's Working for Academic Excellence award from Delta State's Academic Council.
Robert L. Gunter Jr. (SYSE), senior vice president for aircraft carrier programs at Northrop Grumman in Newport News, Va., was named Virginia Peninsula Engineer of the Year by the Peninsula Engineers Council.
Jonathan M. Holda (CE) joined the intellectual property practice of Ober/Kaler Law in Maryland.
Amy L. Huebner (MATH) was named Environmental Teacher of the Year by the Red Clay Valley Association.
Curtis B. Keesee (LAR) is a certified landscape architect on the site planning and engineering team at Draper Aden Associates.

Brian G. Bosworth
(FSCI) was named MidSouth Area Early Career Scientist of 2004.
Andrea I. Dambekaln (HNF), the top director in Hawaii for Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc., is a future executive senior sales director.
Ronald S. Mizerak (ARCH) started his own architectural rendering firm, Neversink Studios.
Michael A. Szymanski (BIOL) was named associate director of quality assurance, women's health, of Johnson & Johnson in Skillman, N.J.

Robert L. Hobbs
(COMM) practices law with Elliott Lawson & Minor P.C. in Bristol, Va.
Michelle A. Shropshire (CE) was promoted to senior project manager for Anderson & Associates in Fredericksburg, Va.

Michael F. Bianchin
(ENGL) was promoted to senior neuroscience sales specialist with Eli Lilly and Co.
Gregory C. Dudley (ME), a senior engineer at Northrup Grumman in Newport News, Va., was honored for community service in industry as a leader and mentor.
Robert J. Petrie (ARCH) is an assistant professor of architecture at Syracuse University.

Jeffrey M. Chwieroth
(PSCI) is an assistant professor of political science at Syracuse University.
Marty L. Crow (CE) is site/civil department head with the buildings division of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern.
Gary L. Lacy (EDSP) is dean of the Springfield College School of Human Services.

Elizabeth A. Long
(ESM) received Virginia's professional engineer certification.
Shawn G. Talmadge (HNFE) is assistant operations officer for the Camp Bucca Theater Internment Facility in Southern Iraq.

Valerie L. Carpenter
(CEEN) passed the licensed professional engineer exam and received an M.B.A. from Old Dominion University.
Raphael R. Castillejo (AE) returned from Japan to accept an M.B.A. fellowship at George Washington University.



Courtney L. Bremner
(COMM) was promoted to HR manager for Anderson & Associates Inc.
Erin L. Brunst (MKTG) was promoted to executive vice president of Restaurants Management LLC.
Scott D. Lippert (MSCI) was promoted to lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.

Stephen E. Stewart
(CEEN) passed the licensed professional engineer exam and was promoted to land development group manager at DJG Inc. in Williamsburg, Va.
Allison H. Tooley (LAR) joined LandDesign as a landscape designer.

Stephen C. Gray
(MATH) completed the U.S. Navy's Basic Surface Warfare Officers course at the Surface Warfare Officers School Command in Newport, R.I.
Ryan P. O'Reilly (FIN) received an M.B.A. from East Carolina University.

Garrett A. Blakely
(ACIS) was commissed as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps.
Jennifer L. Fischer (EE) completed the U.S. Navy's Basic Surface Warfare Officers course at the Surface Warfare Officers School Command in Newport, R.I.
Jennifer L. Hubbard (BIOL) completed the U.S. Navy's Basic Surface Warfare Officers course at the Surface Warfare Officers School Command in Newport, R.I.
Eric M. Latham (COMM) began a walk across the U.S. in April to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
Brandi S. Rorabaugh (PSYC) completed the U.S. Navy's Basic Surface Warfare Officers course at the Surface Warfare Officers School Command in Newport, R.I.

Manisa Pipattanasomporn
(EE) was awarded the 2005 Doctoral First Prize from the District of Columbia Council of Engineering & Architectural Societies.



'67 Dale W. Conrad and Sherry Lynch, 11/20/04
'70 Susan C. Paxton and James R. Donahey, 8/14/04
'81 Michael D. Poliszuk and Therese Aylward, 8/7/04
'90 Elizabeth A. Pedrick and '91 Michael J. Zenker, 12/4/04
'94 Sandra L. Shaver and John Douglas Van Valkenburg, 11/6/04
'96 Nicole Bernier and Jeffrey Bozman, 9/25/04
'97 James P. O'Connell and '98 Ashleigh Funk, 9/30/04
'97 Jamie R. Reckis and Matthew J. Bailey, 8/7/04
'98 Laura M. D’Angella and Robert B. Rosengarten, 10/16/04
'99 Casey L. Thompson and Nathaniel C. Spurr, 11/13/04
'01 Melissa S. Bender and Chad Hammond, 10/2/04
'01 Emmanuel J. Davis and '01 Lindsey K. Miller, 6/12/04
'01 Todd M. Eastman and Christina M. Holm, 2/19/05
'01 Angela C. Gress and Chuck McKinster, 10/8/04
'01 Brian F. Kramer and Amanda Ryan, 8/28/04
'01 Mark S. Reiter and Sara S. Thacker, 11/27/04
'02 John E. Davis Jr. and '03 Allison McNett, 12/18/04
'03 Sarah Christine Ammons and '03 Seth A. Milans, 12/4/04
'03 Benjamin R. Ritter and '03 Laura Leigh Scott, 8/28/04



'82 William M. Barbour and ’85 Sarah S. Barbour, a son, 12/13/04
'82 Jay P. Kennedy, a daughter, 12/6/04
'83 Denise W. Clark, a daughter, 9/3/04
'84 Jeffrey W. Merhout, a daughter, 10/4/04
'84 Nancy T. Wiley, a daughter, 5/21/04
'85 Todd Bushlow, a daughter, 2/2/05
'85 Thomas J. Payette, a son, 2/1/05
'87 Yvonne J. Ruiz, a son, 1/11/05
'88 Joel P. Bernard, a son, 11/13/04
'88 Lori D. Kilfeather and '89 Gary E. Kilfeather, a son, 9/14/04
'88 Richard T. Michaelangelo, a daughter, 12/30/04
'88 Steven A. Morales and '90 Christine W. Morales, a son, 4/8/04
'88 Javier I. Vega and '89 Renee M. Vega, a daughter, 2/2/05
'89 Stephen M. Trussell, a son, 12/20/04
'89 Sharon G. Young, a son, 5/15/04
'90 Scott C. Asbury, a daughter, 1/26/05
'91 Suzanne L. Chevalier, a son, 8/1/04
'91 Angela T. Glasscock, a daughter, 8/10/04
'91 Kirk D. Hilliard, a son, 12/18/04
'92 Emil V. Jensen, a daughter, 12/8/04
'92 Donald R. Lee and '92 Nancy A. Lee, twin daughters, 10/12/04
'92 Kevin J. McNiff and '94 Michele T. McNiff, a son, 10/27/04
'92 Otis L. O'Connor Jr., a daughter, 7/3/04
'92 Clifford R. Shearer and '95 Charlene D. Shearer, a son, 1/17/05
'92 Michelle H. Ward, a son, 11/17/04
'93 Joana G. Cole and '93 Robert E. Cole, a daughter, 4/22/04
'93 Brandon K. Hutcherson and '94 Kristin A. Hutcherson, a daughter, 8/4/04
'93 Tricia A. Jones, a daughter, 10/8/04
'93 Liza M. Ratana, a daughter, 12/24/04
'94 Paul C. Erpelding and '95 Marissa D. Erpelding, a daughter, 12/16/04
'94 Elliott M. Gordon, a son, 1/29/05
'95 Heather P. Barts, twin daughters, 5/11/04
'95 Heather P. Carter and '95 Jason H. Carter, adopted a daughter and son, 3/4/05
'95 Amanda C. Deane and '95 Jason K. Deane, a son, 10/4/04
'95 Todd D. Goldman, a daughter, 1/12/05
'95 Amy R. du Fief and '95 Robert T. du Fief, a daughter, 2/5/05
'96 William B. Hunt, a daughter, 12/21/04
'96 Emile A. Karam and '97 Jayme D. Karam, a son, 7/18/04
'96 Atle Larsen and '96 Lauren S. Larsen, a daughter, 5/31/04
'96 Jeffrey J. Sample and '01 Jennifer W. Sample, a son, 3/10/05
'96 John E. Whitley and '98 Danielle C. Whitley, a son, 4/20/04
'97 Jody L. Check and '97 Phillip W. Check, a son, 12/13/04
'97 Matthew R. Cordani and '99 Katherine A. Cordani, a son, 1/19/05
'97 Carolyn S. Dalton and '97 Robert D. Dalton, a son, 12/1/04
'97 Parrish B. Payne, a daughter, 8/11/04
'97 Adam J. Read and '98 Amanda M. Read, a daughter, 2/5/05
'98 Michael P. Cavanaugh and '99 Angela B. Cavanaugh, a daughter, 11/5/04
'99 Jennifer M. Roy and '99 Ryan S. Roy, a son, 1/17/05
'00 Aaron S. Montgomery, a son, 1/24/05
'00 Nathan A. Saucier, a daughter, 1/23/05
'01 Paul R. Daniels and '01 Valerie L. Daniels, a son, 5/29/04
'01 Elizabeth C. Kirchoff, a daughter, 11/5/04
'01 Amy H. Thomas and '01 John I. Thomas, a son, 12/17/04
'02 Leigh Ann A. Harrison, a son, 12/4/04



'34 Sherwood L. Butler, 2/27/05
'35 James T. Ewell Jr., 2/4/05
'35 J. Herbert Taylor, 9/9/04
'36 James M. Smith Jr., 7/2/04
'37 Ray M. Ritchie Jr., 9/15/04
'37 Fred B. Thacker, 1/6/05
'38 William L. Finney, 12/6/04
'38 M.N. Salgo, 12/15/04
'39 Byron M. Brumback, 12/4/04
'39 Robert E. Heltzel, 2/9/05
'39 J. David Newell Sr., 2/19/05
'40 Kenneth V. Brugh Jr., 12/21/04
'40 Edward H. Glass, 1/6/05
'40 L.H. Lockhart, 3/6/02
'40 John H. McFerrin, 12/3/04
'40 John P. Sawyer, 1/2/04
'40 William C. Sizemore, 12/24/03
'41 Robert K. Allison Jr., 2/14/05
'41 Walter S. Bralley, 1/21/05
'41 Charles M. Harris, 11/23/04
'41 Catesby C. Jones Jr., 2/5/05
'41 James C. Moore, 12/23/04
'41 Cecil N. Smith, 11/18/04
'42 Charlotte B. Biggs, 1/17/05
'42 Warren K. Cline, 1/7/05
'42 Gilbert T. Feinman, 12/10/04
'42 Allan P. Ford Sr., 1/2/05
'42 Donald Shotton, 1/29/05
'43 Gaston M. Jacobs Jr., 12/4/04
'43 George D. Jones, 12/23/04
'44 C. Warren Calhoun Jr., 12/22/04
'44 W.R. Hencke, 4/11/04
'45 Edgar F. Massie Jr., 12/18/04
'45 William A. Sowers, 1/20/05
'45 John D. Vaughan, 12/16/04
'47 William P. Blackwell, 12/27/04
'47 William R. Waldron Jr., 12/18/04
'49 Walter G. Adams, 9/24/04
'49 Willis S. Bateman, 1/11/05
'49 C. R. James Jr., 3/10/05
'49 William G. Skewes, 1/8/05
'49 David W. Wisecarver, 1/4/05
'50 David L. Barnes, 5/1/04
'50 Henry B. Coulon, 6/18/04
'50 William E. Deaton, 12/16/04
'50 Otis G. Farrar Jr., 12/26/04
'50 J. D. Kerr Jr., 2/13/05
'50 Robert J. Main Jr., 6/30/04
'50 Eugene L. Miller Jr., 12/5/04
'50 Martha M. Sheffield, 2/21/05
'50 Robert R. Smith, 11/24/04
'50 R.E. Taylor, 2/4/05
'50 William M. Wellman, 2/5/05

'51 Robert T. Howard, 2/12/05
'51 Thomas H. Ripley, 2/8/05
'52 M. Lindsey Hagood, 12/30/04
'53 Robert W. Blanton Sr., 1/17/05
'53 John L. Grizzard, 11/21/04
'53 Robert E. Johnson, 1/17/05
'53 John R. Murray, 2/15/05
'53 David R. Wright, 8/1/04
'54 William D. Hodges
'54 E.K. Landis Jr., 1/25/05
'55 O.B. Jones Jr., 5/18/04
'55 Skelt E. Sink Jr., 12/3/04
'56 William M. Bass, 12/1/04
'56 James I. Sublett, 12/12/04
'58 Donald S. Bower, 12/16/04
'59 Arpad A. Pap, 1/20/05
'60 Lester C. Parks Jr., 5/28/04
'61 Claude D. Pennington III, 1/19/05
'64 Walter F. Perkins, 5/1/04
'64 Michael W. Tilley, 1/8/05
'65 Raymond T. Green, 11/29/04
'65 R. Charles Parks, 12/15/04
'66 Roger R. Dix, 1/13/05
'66 Anthony L. Hines, 12/12/04
'66 Robert G. Rizos, 1/23/05
'67 James O. Waller, 11/25/04
'67 Thomas G. Wolcott, 1/27/05
'68 Johnny L. Oates, 12/24/04
'70 R.F. Petty, 10/1/04
'71 Duane T. Alderman, 2/3/05
'71 Robert F. Russow, 2/4/05
'71 Donald K. Wiseley, 12/6/04
'74 Bunnie R. Stallard
'75 Wanda P. Collins, 11/22/04
'76 Michael J. Conley, 1/22/05
'76 Donald C. Hall Jr., 2/28/05
'76 C. Malcolm Little III, 12/30/04
'77 Kathy M. Gardner, 12/16/04
'77 Connie R. Hull, 12/19/04
'77 Robert J. Wallis, 11/14/04
'80 John N. Nelli, 10/8/04
'81 Shirlee C. Loomer, 1/17/05
'88 Chandra Wijesundara, 12/26/04
'91 Katherine R. Aho, 10/8/04
'92 David J. Coffman, 2/16/05
'97 Susan J. Daniels, 11/18/04
'99 Aaron G. VanNamee, 12/26/04
'01 Sherrie P. Dockery, 2/17/05
'01 Kyle J. Harmon, 2/16/05
'01 William J. Normand, 10/19/04
'02 Christopher L. Weaver, 1/26/05
'03 William G. Heim, 11/26/04



Raymond A. Swirsky, former professor of chemistry, died April 30. Swirsky, who earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Virginia Tech in 1971, taught in the Department of Chemistry for several years before going on to become a chemical consultant. He later owned two chemical plants. Swirsky also served in Korea and Lebanon as a parachuter in the 101st Airborne Division and was a member of Mensa.