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ON THE COVER: At Virginia Tech, private giving is just as foundational as Hokie Stone. The photograph was taken by Jim Stroup. On the stone's face, campaign imagery originally illustrated by Doug Thompson was adapted by Robin Dowdy.
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Whether it's a ticket stub from the first football game you attended or a copy of that first paper you aced—or even, as is the case with one Class of 1966 alum, the original architectural models for two of our iconic Pylons—we’d love to see the keepsakes you cherish.
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WINTER 2011-12
Vol. 34 No. 2
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An eight-year, $1.11 billion campaign fortifies the future

The Flourish of Discovery: In Latham Hall, philanthropy helps research take root
From growing chambers in the basement to the state-of-the-art labs on the fourth floor, Latham Hall buzzes with the promise of discovery and the potential for breakthroughs in fields as diverse as Lyme disease treatment, watershed management, and plant genomics. In Latham—and across campus—see how giving provides the fertile soil for innovation.

For the Next 150 Years: Financing the margin of excellence
Just how does a university grow? Consider this: In 1991, endowed funds per student were $5,481; 20 years later, the figure is $19,619. Get an inside peek at how Virginia Tech finances the teaching, learning, and research that define excellence.
Life Cycles: All paths lead to Tech
A young alumna. A pair of Hokies who met at Tech. A faculty member. A Hokie parent. A woman who decided to give when she heard of a veterinary medicine college in Blacksburg. Different roads may have led these donors to give to the university, but the individuals all share common milestones on their journeys to philanthropy.
How Tech Ticks: Matter of Scale
In the span of a single second, 10 billion electrons are fired downward through Virginia Tech's multimillion-dollar transmission electron microscope. Even more astounding is the knowledge the microscope produces, revealing for researchers how materials behave at the level of individual atoms.
Chris Kugelman: Dream catcher
Having served as a cameraman and producer for "Deadliest Catch" and "Orangutan Island," Emmy Award-winner Chris Kugelman (exercise science '94)—now a producer for National Geographic Television—knows a thing or two about chasing a dream to the ends of the earth.
Sister, Soldier, Surgeon: For one alumna, Ut Prosim means faith, medicine, and charity
Like so many alumni, Deirdre "Dede" Byrne (biology '78), is Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) personified. In this first-person essay, part of the ongoing Living Pylons series, Byrne tells the story of her triple calling—to religion, to medicine, and to service.
Randall Billingsley: Return on Investment
How would you feel if your $4.3 million investment was in student hands? No worries, if the students are advised by Associate Professor Randall Billingsley. The 2011 William E. Wine Award winner allows students to reach their own conclusions, and his methods work.
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