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Virginia Tech Magazine, fall 2015

Fall 2015

Since when are open-toed, high-heeled sandals appropriate for a job interview? I would hope Hokie women have more sense than that. I know the photo was done in fun and that the interviewer has on Hokie feet, but I think you missed the mark on this one.

Erin Racine

Monroe Township, New Jersey

The article tells a compelling story of the hiring potential of Hokies ... but I was disappointed with the cover photo. As a professional woman with 34 years in the insurance industry, I have coached many women to always dress for their next job or position, which is challenging in these days of "business casual." The male is dressed professionally, but the young lady in the center is all leg, with inappropriate shoes. When I first saw [the image], I thought she was hired for her looks, not that she was a Hokie.

I have three daughters, two in the workforce and one a sophomore at Virginia Tech. I remind them over and over to wear appropriate skirt lengths, shoes, tops, and jackets at work and for networking opportunities. We don't want to be remembered for what we wore. We want to be remembered for our contributions. Please take care on the visual messages we are telegraphing to our young adults.

Patricia Harris

Gladstone, New Jersey

Editor's note: We intended for the cover image to be received in a lighthearted manner, and we staged it as such, without meaning to portray a real interview setting and the requisite formal attire. Even so, we acknowledge that the image has come across as off-target to some readers, and we certainly appreciate the feedback.

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