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William T. Sergeant
(GSC) has worked nearly 15 years with Rotary International to eradicate polio. A sculpture of Sergeant holding a child was erected in Knoxville, Tenn., to honor the organization's efforts.



Maurice C. Law
(BC), a senior vice president for English Construction Co. Inc., received the Hall of Fame Constructor award.

Kennerly H. Digges
(ME) received the Pathfinder Award from the Automotive Occupant Restraints Council.
Barry Kantor (BAD) was selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America.



Edward B. Knipling
(FW) received the Outstanding Alumnus Award from Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources.

W.M. Phillips
(ME) received the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Ralph Coats Roe Medal.

Douglas R. Fahl
(CE) was elected to the Home Builders Association of Virginia Hall of Fame.

Michael F. Savage
(EE) retired from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

Harry W. Johnson Jr.
(BAD) retired from the U.S. Army after 37 years.

Gary K. Bell
(ASE) retired from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Martha G. Burton (MHFD) received the Family Life Educator of the Year award from Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee.



Nancy L. Hargroves
(HNF) was installed as president of the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs Inc.
Joseph W. Newbill (DASC) retired as state director of rural development for the USDA after 36 years.
Michael H. Cox (BAD) is vice president of loan operations for Goal Financial, LLC.

Raymond O. Keto
(CHEM) was awarded the U.S. Treasury Department's Albert Gallatin Medal upon retiring after 32 years in forensic chemistry.
Scott S. Hughes (GEOL) received an outstanding researcher award based on his geochemical work on lunar mare basalts and volcanic glasses and basalts of the Snake River Plain.

Jeffrey T. Crate
(GEOL) holds registered professional geologist certifications from Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and now North Carolina.
Judith I. Bailey (EDAD) received Virginia Tech's Graduate Alumni Achievement Award.

Donald R. Boyken
(BC) was elected a fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Scott D. Ryan
(MGT), a retired Marine Corps officer, is a business director for the aerospace and defense electronics firm, BAE Systems, in Silver Springs, Md.
Calvin D. Jamison (EDPE) was named senior vice president and chief administrative officer at Hampton University.
Edward S. Colonna (EE) was elected to the board of directors of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc.

James K. Lowe Jr.
(CE) was promoted to senior vice president of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc.

Douglas W. Burks
(CE) is chair of the board of Hankins and Anderson Inc. consulting engineers in Richmond, Va.
Jane G. Gray (EDSP) received the Top Spiritual Site Award from Spirit and Sky.
Randall L. Elliott (EE) is a B737 captain with AirTran Airways.
F. Thomas Ragland (FW) is Commander, 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Group, Al Udeid AB, Qatar.
Martha J. Reeder-Kearns (FIN) was honored for her book, Ready, Set, Go! Take Control of Your Professional Future.



John W. Dreiling
(ARCH) was promoted to associate of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc. in Washington, D.C.
Michael N. Biscotte (CE) was promoted to senior vice president of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc.

Thomas D. Perry
(HIST) donated to Virginia Tech a teacher's guide for Laurel Hill, the birthplace of J.E.B. Stuart.

Steven E. Anderson
(IEOR) was named president and CEO of Diversified Distribution Inc. and its transportation subsidiary, DDI Logistics.
William R. Burden (BIOC) was voted Best Plastic Surgeon of the Emerald Coast and selected as King of Aquila, Mardi Gras 2006.
George F. Kokkoros (GEOP) lives in Sarawak, Malaysia, as a senior geophysicist for ConocoPhillips.

James Q. Talley
(ME) was elected to a two-year term on the selectboard of the Town of Shelburne, Vt.
Robert A. Matthews Jr. (ME) published a six-volume work, @@@Annotated Patent Digest.

Allen W. Cadden
(CE) was named geotechnical engineer of the year by the Philadelphia section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Dwight A. Holland (GEOP) received the Won J. Kay Award for outstanding contributions to international aerospace medicine or aerospace human factors.
Lloyd R. Cannaday (PSYC) received the David R. Pierce Faculty Technology Award.
Wade A. Anderson (CE) was promoted to vice president of Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc.
Michelle H. Dickinson (COMM) graduated from the Gwinnett Neighborhood Leadership Institute.

David A. Keith
(ARCH) was appointed director of architecture with Clark-Nexsen Architecture & Engineering.
David W. Nuttall (AOE) was promoted to manager of engineering for the Sea Ray Sport Cruiser facility in Knoxville, Tenn.
Joseph K. Kremer (ACCT) was promoted to vice president and managing director for Dell Corp. for Australia and New Zealand

Scott C. Brown
(ME) joined Power Medical Interventions as director of project management.

Shirley T. Morton
(EDAC) was accepted as a fellow in the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.
Charles L. Vipperman Jr. (COMM), news director for WBTM radio in Danville, Va., received the Virginia Associated Press' Best Year-Round Sports Coverage award for his play-by-play of Danville High School football games.
Michael J. Stuckey (IEOR) was named general manager of Douglas Quikut, a Scott Fetzer compa



Raymon R. Bruce
(PAPA) received a Fulbright Senior Specialist grant to conduct workshops on new comparative economics at the Renmin University of China in Beijing.

Michael O. McClung
(ARCH) is credited and quoted regarding a featured residence on Long Island in the May issue of Architectural Digest.
Darcy W. Williamson (COMM) was promoted to director in corporate treasury with Capital One Financial Corp.
Patrick S. Larkin (HORT) was appointed executive director of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

Amy C. Moore (EDPE) was named director of wellness and fitness at Prince William Hospital in Manassas, Va.
Kevin W. Mottley (PSCI) was elected to the partnership of Troutman Sanders, LLP.
Robert F. Strean (ME) received a J.D. from the University of Kentucky and is an intellectual property attorney with Alston & Bird, LLP.

Michael J. Meunier
(ME) received the Republican nomination as a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, 39th District.
David C. Tootle (ME) joined RTKL Associates Inc.'s applied technology group.
Mark Manross (EDPE) received the Joy of Effort Award from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.
Robert Cobb Jr. (TED) was named Virginia's 2004 TRIO Achiever.
Christopher L. Curfman (BIOL) is an associate with the law firm of Needle & Rosenberg, P.C.
Michael C. McWithey (AE) is aerodynamics group lead for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control in Dallas.

Jon D. Shields
(PHED) is the defensive line football coach at Elon College.
Kory C. Brendsel (MKTG) is a senior consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton.
Scott N. Armstrong (COMM) is a producer for Video Impact.

Jonathan A. Purdy
(HIDM), manager of investment services at Evergreen Investment, was promoted to assistant vice president and won Evergreen's 2004 Grand Vision Award.

Adam J. Langer
(BIOL) received an M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins University.
Steven P. Duffy (BIOL) is Wing Intelligence Officer, Patrol & Reconnaissance Wing Two, Kaneohe, Hawaii.

James W. Barnes
(AAEC), who co-authored a Redbook for IBM's WebSphere Portal Support v5.1 Handbook, works in IBM's customer problem management for the product.
Michael Goldsby (BMGT) was promoted to Stoops Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ball State University.

Karen M. Hines
(MKTG) joined the sales team at Media Brokers International as a media director.



Stefano C. Gagliano
(ARCH) is a registered LEED professional in architecture.

Paula M. Davis
(APSC) received a D.V.M. and accepted an internship at Fairfield Equine Associates.
Michael J. Carrato (CE) joined the office of Wickwire Gavin, P.C., practicing construction law and litigation.

Mark R. Dion
(GEOG) graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Recruit Training Center in Cape May, N.J.



'74 Debbie L. Glossbrenner and David W. Francis, 4/2/05
'79 Daniel S. Nimick and Gail E. Small, 2/25/05
'83 Robert N. Wilcocks and Betty A. Stowers, 6/13/04
'86 Karen G. Connors and Patrick E. Connors, 8/25/04
'87 W. Mark Roberson and Ellen L. Yarnell, 11/20/04
'87 Dawn M. Shook and Bruce D. Jones, 5/14/05
'88 Cara Fanelli and '91 Baibureh A. Cline-Thomas, 8/8/04
'88 Kimberly J. Morley and Richard Trumble, 8/7/04
'94 Melanie A. Lewis and '94 Christopher H. Seamster, 5/29/05
'96 Brian K. Diefenderfer and '97 Stacey D. Reubush, 5/7/05
'96 David P. Fitch and '97 Shana R. Mohr, 5/21/05
'96 Arne E. Olsen and '98 Larissa S. Buccolo, 4/8/05
'97 James M. Brinker and '97 Anne Cupina, 4/16/05
'98 Carrie Marty and '00 Andrew W. Carroll, 3/19/05
'00 Kimberly Kirby and Byron H. Rinaldi, 5/28/05
'01 Matthew P. Daggett and '02 Sarah E. Sarver, 11/13/04
'02 Michelle J. Covell and '02 Rhys A. Ziemer, 4/23/05
'02 Ross A. Meyer and Heather Legge, 6/16/04
'02 Brian C. Robertson and '03 Alice L. Whitener, 3/19/05
'04 Nicole L. Smith and '04 Stephen J. White, 5/29/04



'85 Jeffrey A. Cole, a son, 2/11/05
'86 Barry W. Beckner, a daughter, 9/22/04
'87 Daniel P. Kailey, a daughter, 3/16/05
'88 Kimberly M. Trumble, a daughter, 5/11/05
'89 Dean F. Cikins, a daughter, 1/12/05
'89 Andrew M. Gibbs, adopted a daughter, 12/6/04
'89 Diana K. Bowman, adopted a daughter, 12/13/04
'90 Jeffrey A. Place and '90 Jennifer F. Place, a son, 3/16/05
'90 Paul T. Girardo and '91 Pamela R. Girardo, a son, 7/15/04
'90 Richard Karsch and '97 Sophie R. Karsch, a daughter, 1/31/05
'90 David S. Richardson and '91 Jennifer M. Richardson, a daughter, 4/5/05
'90 Scott A. Leonard and '91 Laura B. Leonard, a son, 2/23/05
'90 Mary S. Mertz and '91 Mark A. Mertz, a son, 9/21/04
'90 Gary Scopel, twin boys, 3/3/05
'90 Stacey B. Zebrowski, a son, 3/17/05
'90 Lawrence D. Comerford and '90 Susan V. Comerford, a daughter, 1/16/05
'91 Mary E. Johnson, a daughter, 12/15/04
'91 Steven M. Hauenstein and '93 Sandra P. Hauenstein, a son, 9/28/04
'91 Lisa Rayne, a daughter, 1/19/05
'92 Eric P. Beane, a daughter, 12/1/04
'92 Bruce R. Biesecker and '92 Susan T. Biesecker, a son, 9/12/04
'92 Stephanie M. Buccolo and '95 Adam D. Buccolo, a daughter, 2/8/05
'92 Brennan M. McGehee, a daughter, 5/15/04
'92 Melissa B. Nelson, a daughter, 2/5/05
'92 Kathleen A. Noonan, a daughter, 1/30/05
'92 Carla M. Trolaro and '92 Kevin M. Trolaro, a daughter, 7/11/04
'92 Steven J. Tselides, a daughter, 12/11/04
'93 Jodi F. Benowitz, a son, 5/2/05
'93 Patrick J. Bowman, a daughter, 1/4/05
'93 Shelley H. Cooper and '94 Walter T. Cooper, a daughter, 11/17/04
'93 Michael S. Foltz and '96 Kristi K. Foltz, a daughter, 8/19/04
'93 Melissa B. Forburger and '94 David H. Forburger, a daughter, 7/22/04
'93 Matthew G. Mccarey, a son, 3/1/05
'93 John M. Nottingham III, a son, 1/4/05
'94 Heather L. McGrogan, a son, 12/20/04
'94 Jason M. Mennard, a daughter, 3/24/05
'94 Tonya E. Williams, a son, 4/21/05
'95 Garland L. Allen Jr. and '95 Shannon T. Allen, a daughter, 3/3/05
'95 Lisa J. Bray, a son, 6/2/04
'95 Keli E. Fisher and '95 Shane A. Fisher, a daughter, 5/2/05
'95 Glynn C. LoPresti and '95 Michelle LoPresti, a daughter, 8/11/04
'95 Peter J. McCourt II and '96 Loriann C. McCourt, a daughter, 2/1/05
'95 Jason M. Molinsky and '95 Sara L. Qureshi, a son, 9/21/04
'95 Scott R. Mutchler, a daughter, 1/11/05
'95 Cynthia R. Sweitzer and '96 Timothy J. Sweitzer, a daughter, 3/26/05
'96 Chad C. Alander and '97 Marjorie K. Alander, a son, 3/14/05
'97 Steven P. Duffy, a daughter, 9/12/04
'97 Chad S. Lape and '97 Susan J. Lape, a son, 11/29/04
'97 Patrick T. Murtaugh and '99 Miranda L. Deputy, a son, 5/10/05
'97 Kevin J. O’Keefe and '97 Susan D. O’Keefe, a son, 12/3/04
'98 Michael P. Cavanaugh and '99 Angela B. Cavanaugh, a daughter, 11/5/04
'98 Eric J. Erway, a daughter, 4/14/05
'98 Lydia Jakub and '03 Michael C. Jakub, a daughter, 5/26/05
'98 Barbara K. Ressler, a daughter, 3/22/05
'98 Heather J. Topich, a daughter, 3/22/05
'99 Marriah M. Barnett and '99 Robert A. Barnett, a son, 7/2/04
'99 Dorothy H. Blackman, a son, 3/3/05
'99 Beth J. Castro and '99 Roque R. Castro, a daughter, 4/26/05
'99 John M. Dovie, a son, 3/18/05
'99 Heather S. Hogge, a son, 5/1/05
'99 Gregory E. Settle, a daughter, 3/7/05
'99 Joseph A. Sichol, a son, 3/4/05
'00 Peter R. Brown and '01 Meghan H. Brown, a son, 9/25/04
'01 Seth A. Caldwell, a daughter, 10/27/04
'01 Lars P. Nadig, a son, 3/6/05
'02 Jeremy B. Seltzer, a son, 2/10/05



'30 Elmer L. King Jr., 3/4/05
'34 John S. Ferguson, 5/5/05
'34 William B. Webber
'35 Henry A. Hedly, 2/28/05
'35 Julian M. Fore, 3/10/05
'37 C. Curtis Waller, 4/7/05
'37 Malcolm L. O’Neale Jr., 6/5/04
'37 E. Preston Carter, 1/7/05
'38 William F. Brent Jr., 3/29/05
'38 Tyler E. Holland, 10/7/04
'38 Rankin L. Emory, 10/21/04
'39 Donald W. Glenn, 3/14/05
'39 Harvey E. Henderson, 3/28/05
'39 Ralph L. Simenson, 3/1/05
'40 David M. Pitts, 12/4/04
'40 R. Stuart Baldwin, 2/26/05
'40 John B. Trent Jr., 12/8/04
'40 William L. Huddleston, 4/2/05
'40 A. Bruce Belfield Jr., 4/15/05
'41 D.L. Balthis, 3/11/05
'42 Jack S. Copenhaver, 4/15/05
'42 Emmette T. Rasnic, 5/9/05
'42 Ray M. Ritchie Jr., 9/15/04
'42 James K. Musick, 3/5/05
'42 Abraham S. Lincoln, 3/15/05
'43 Alan S. Heltzel, 4/2/05
'43 Basil P. Stieffen, 4/2/05
'43 Alfred P. Gillette, 5/4/05
'43 Kenneth E. Fussell, 4/6/05
'43 William C. Barger, 4/21/05
'43 James H. Fix Jr., 3/24/05
'43 Peter G. Vurnakes, 4/5/05
'44 Thomas A. Scott Jr., 5/5/05
'44 Frank G. Turpin Jr., 4/28/05
'45 John E. Hammer, 2/24/05
'46 Robert A. Booth, 12/1/04
'46 Margaret S. Blane, 3/26/05
'47 Kenneth B. Bolling, 4/9/05
'47 William D. English, 4/19/05
'49 Gerald Ayers, 3/27/05
'49 Meade A. Talley Jr., 8/1/04
'49 Clarence M. Dunlap Jr., 3/30/05
'50 Thomas E. Wiley, 1/21/05
'50 Walter E. Bloxom Jr., 3/14/05
'50 William D. Gillie Jr., 5/2/05

'50 Hawthorne C. Buchanan, 2/28/05
'51 N. Merrill Beck Jr., 4/2/05
'51 Charles W. Stultz, 7/29/04
'52 Maurice O. Marshall, 3/28/05
'52 Aubrey R. Cox Jr., 4/25/05
'52 Richard O. Boyken, 4/23/05
'52 Alan L. Colter, 4/6/05
'54 Wintfield G. Huffman, 3/14/05
'56 Harry M. Hairfield, 4/22/05
'58 Harry H. Thompson, 3/30/05
'60 Janet G. Zydron, 4/16/05
'61 Earl M. Edwards Jr., 3/10/05
'62 Marguerite M. Kleinfield, 5/27/05
'62 Roger A. Shaw Jr., 4/12/05
'63 Larry J. Holt, 3/20/05
'64 Charles Brenneman, 5/28/05
'64 William D. Largen, 5/15/05
'65 Charles W. Floyd, 5/10/04
'66 J. V. Bowen Jr., 11/26/04
'68 David L. Bramlett, 4/21/05
'70 Christine D. Naczkowski, 12/21/04
'70 M.L. Geffen, 10/28/04
'71 Harry A. Null Jr., 3/29/05
'71 Thomas H. Eitt, 7/11/04
'71 Raymond A. Swirsky, 4/30/05
'72 James E. Sacra Jr., 4/25/05
'73 Lois H. Neblett, 5/28/05
'76 Julian S. Doss, 3/31/05
'76 Judith A. Jessee, 2/20/05
'77 George L. Greaser, 4/2/05
'78 William J. Roszak, 4/2/05
'78 Virginia G. Wilcocks, 2/19/05
'78 William C. Smith III, 5/8/05
'79 Deborah P. Hoysa, 3/3/05
'79 Nadine C. Allen, 3/20/05
'79 Johnnie W. Mathias, 4/10/05
'80 Faith B. Gray, 7/5/04
'82 Clifford R. Shoemaker, 2/4/05
'84 Sarah S. Stephenson, 3/26/05
'89 Thomas R. Fanney, 2/22/05
'91 Stephanie Bradshaw, 4/24/05
'93 Nathaniel J. Nyren, 12/28/04
'96 Claire L. Seifert, 9/1/04
'96 Daniel M. Pepelko, 9/5/04
'03 Wilson K. Tharrington, 11/27/04