Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I had some concern about a brief article on page 3 in the winter issue titled, "Tech policy targets unproductive profs." It was striking that this was one of the only "negative" pieces in the entire issue. As a faculty member and department head of architecture, I completely accept the higher level of accountability that the post-tenure review policy ensures. The policy is really about the vast majority of "productive profs" rather than unproductive profs. It is important that within the academic community we are as supportive as possible of the substantial educational efforts of the majority of our faculty. When this kind of public reaction creeps into the climate of the university itself there is legitimate cause for faculty concern.

I think a title such as, "Post-tenure policy raises faculty accountability" would have shown the positive side to post-tenure review. It is important that faculty perceive that the university is behind their best efforts. Professors are not targets. This kind of phrasing can underscore uninformed public sentiment that can erode the morale of our faculty.


Frank H. Weiner

Head of the Department of Architecture

College of Architecture and Urban Studies

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