Retired faculty who just won't quit
On paper, they've retired; in productivity, they haven't quit yet. John Cairns, Michael Kosztarab, John Costain, George Stern, Dean Carter, and others are still contributing to the knowledge community.

Awakening at midlife
Maybe you want to make an about-face at midlife; maybe you only hear Peggy Lee singing "Is That All There Is?" faintly in the background, but chances are life will change at middle age. Psychologist Kathy Brehony '81 has written a popular book about how mid-lifers can turn the realities of aging into an opportunity to become more whole and fulfilled than before.

Asians and Asian-Americans at Virginia Tech
An exclusive Virginia Tech Magazine online feature by Tech history professor Peter Wallenstein.

Ralph Phinney '16: Our oldest alumnus
Phinney remembers when the campus lights were switched off from the power plant and there was no such thing as a Hokie. And this centenarian is never idle -- for the last decade he's been involved in preserving the memory of former U.S. President Andrew Johnson.

Virginia Tech historical timeline
As the university's 125th anniversary year draws to a close, take a look at some major events that shaped Tech over the years.

Take a peek at some of the latest books by Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and alumni.

Short Features About Alumni
Virginia Tech alumni are involved in many interesting ventures. Here are the stories of a few of them.

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