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Pamplin COB
Kevin Flint

Hot topic: Testing the limits

Today's K-12 and college students are subjected to a blizzard of standardized tests. Are these increasingly controversial tests effective? Associate Professor Gary Skaggs shares his expert opinion.

Virginia's blooming red, white, and blue

The America's Anniversary Garden project, created by Virginia Cooperative Extension and Virginia Tech faculty members, commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement. Become a part of the celebration by planting your own anniversary garden.

Pamplin College of Business: Technology, leadership, and international experience

Led by Dean Richard E. Sorensen, the Pamplin College of Business is working to strengthen its academic programs and expand its outreach to the business community by developing programs that stress technology, leadership, and international experience. Learn more about the college's current goals and challenges.

CSI: Virginia Tech

Although today's television dramas about crime-scene investigation are popular shows, the reality of the profession can differ greatly from its fictional counterpart. Nonetheless, some of the 18 Hokies working for Virginia's Department of Forensic Science say that their jobs are just as interesting as those depicted on TV -- if not more so.

George Nolen: Hokie, Hokie, everywhere

The president and CEO of Siemens Corporation since 2004, board of visitors member George Nolen '78 is part of a family that includes 18 Tech graduates. Such a Hokie-heavy family tree is only fitting for an alumnus who holds the university in high regard.

Business Technology Center

Just one of Virginia Tech's many programs aimed at promoting economic development in the region and the state, the Business Technology Center not only assists growing businesses but also gives students experience in working directly with business owners and managers.

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