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    Volume 36, Number 4

    Virginia Tech Magazine, summer 2014


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  • Kyle Fuller at NFL draft

    As evidenced in these Class Notes, plenty of Hokies are going pro—and some of them are going pro on the football field.

    With the 14th pick in the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears selected defensive back Kyle Fuller (finance '14). The Arizona Cardinals tapped quarterback Logan Thomas (human development '12) in the fourth round, and the Minnesota Vikings picked up defensive back Antone Exum (finance '12) in the sixth round. Including this latest trio of Hokies, 91 players have been drafted to the NFL during Coach Frank Beamer's tenure.
  • Frank A. Camp

    Frank A. Camp III '75, Plano, Texas, is managing director of the City of Dallas' Office of Environmental Quality.
  • son of Heidi Leming

    Heidi S. Leming '02, Brunswick, Ga., a son, Alexander, 7/15/13.
  • daughter of Sandy and Seth Brewer

    Sandy Nagy Brewer '04, '07 and Seth P. Brewer '07, Blue Ridge, Va., a daughter, Cameron, 11/29/12.
  • son of Eric Frady

    Eric Frady '04 and Amy Frady '05, Springfield Va., a son, Ethan, 1/5/2014. Photo by Jen Rinaldi Photography.
  • daughter of Courtney and Ryan Merrell

    Courtney Danto Merrell '04 and Ryan C. Merrell '05, '09, Fairfax, Va., a daughter, Madison, 11/29/13. Photo courtesy of Nicola Garcia, Pumpkin Patch Photography.
  • son of Derek Allen Davis

    Derek Allen Davis '07, Yorktown, Va., a son, Bryce, 12/21/13.
  • Andrew and Cherie Taylor

    Andrew D. Taylor '08 and Cherie W. Wood Taylor '08, Ashburn, Va., 9/28/13. Photo by AFT Photography.
  • Alyssa F. Bedrosian

    Alyssa F. Bedrosian '13, Greensboro, N.C., is the communications manager for RLF Communications.

    Summer 2014

    From Robots to Romance, Firsts in Virginia Tech History

    First Class: Virginia Tech Carilion's first 40 doctors graduate

    Power Couple: Kirk and Noel Schulz shine at Kansas State

    How Tech Ticks: Feeling Food

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    death Neil A. Finn (BAD), Aventura, Fla., 1/11/14.


    death Richard W. Garnett Jr. (CHE), Crozet, Va., 11/12/13.
    Stuart Shumate (CE), Richmond, Va., 3/9/14.


    death W. Todd Robins III (METE), Mountain Brook, Ala., 3/21/14.


    death William "Kay" K. Monger (BAD), Harrisonburg, Va., 1/5/14.
    C. Duval Seagle (BAD), Pulaski, Va., 9/12/13.


    death Hubert M. Blair (AGRN), Longwood, Fla., 2/18/14.



    death Elbert "Mack" S. Maloney (EE), Pompano Beach, Fla., 1/5/14.


    death Philip H. "Flip" Boyette Jr. (BAD), Portsmouth, Va., 1/1/14.
    William O. Crandall (BAD), Orlando, Fla., 1/24/14.
    Raymond C. Scott (AGED, AGEC '42), Arlington, Va., 1/16/14.


    death Ralph W. Crews (CE), Golden Valley, Minn., 12/28/13.
    Henry E. Holzbach (EE), Newport News, Va., 11/5/13.
    William T. Law (METE), Alexandria, Va., 2/3/14.
    Melvin J. Mateer (CE), Middletown, Pa., 1/25/14.
    John D. Thompson (CERE), Naperville, Ill., 12/21/13.


    death Paul D. Belz (ME), Catonsville, Md., 1/14/14.
    W.R. "Bill" Hitchman (ME), Charleston, W.Va., 12/25/13.
    Clarence C. Larue Jr. (ANSC), Kingsport, Tenn., 1/9/14.
    Charles E. Wilkerson (ARCH), Rocky Mount, N.C., 2/20/14.


    death A.H. "Al" Connellee (CHE '43), Short Hills, N.J., 2/8/14.
    E. Rouzee Givens (ME '47), Newport News, Va., 1/8/14.


    death L.H. "Pete" Goddin (BAD '48), Raleigh, N.C., 12/2/13.
    Harry K. Rust (DASC), Midlothian, Va., 2/15/14.


    death Walter C. Brown (BAD '47), Harrisonburg, Va., 2/18/14.
    Warren N. Dannenberg (BIOL), Henrico, Va., 08/02/13.
    Alexander M. Davis Jr. (ME '48), Max Meadows, Va., 3/4/14.
    Franklin F. Harding (CHEM), Heathsville, Va., 11/10/13.
    F.R. "Knobby" Walsh (BAD), Saint Helena Island, S.C., 12/8/13.


    death Robert W. Lampe (EE), Cincinnati, Ohio, 2/16/14.
    Henry A. Singe (IE), Charlotte, N.C., 2/13/14.
    Richard N. Southworth (CE, EM '53), Santa Maria, Calif., 2/26/14.


    death D. Everette Hudson (ANSC), Amherst, Va., 3/1/14.
    Leslie F. Fringer Orr (BIOL), Catawba, Va., 6/14/13.


    death Jean C. Cothern Jackson (GHEC), Bluefield, W.Va., 3/14/14.
    Burton P. Lee (IE '48), Roanoke, Va., 1/18/14.
    Robert C. Newman (CE), Wilmington, N.C., 2/5/14.
    Leonard O. Oden (BAD), Norfolk, Va., 1/15/14.
    David C. Stables (AGE), Farmville, Va., 12/27/13.
    Earl W. Walker Jr. (ME), Midlothian, Va., 1/3/14.
    Marcus K. Woodford (AGEC), Atlanta, Ga., 2/2/14.



    death Guy E. Bishop Jr. (ME), Virginia Beach, Va., 1/20/14.
    Robert H. Courtney Jr. (EE), Panama City, Fla., 3/13/14.
    Joseph S. Davis Jr. (ME), Charlotte, N.C., 2/20/14.
    Joyce P. Parker Goforth (AGRN), Kinston, N.C., 1/17/14.
    Frank T. Grogan Jr. (IE), Danville, Va., 3/5/14.
    R. Clyde McAllister Jr. (IE '51), Richmond, Va., 2/8/14.

    William D. Wampler, a pioneer of livestock production techniques, a member of the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hall of Fame, and the retired chairman of WLR Foods, died March 15 in Bridgewater, Va. Wampler (poultry husbandry '50) and his family are credited with establishing modern scientific methods and vertical integration in the poultry industry. He made Wampler farms and facilities available to Virginia Tech faculty for field-testing and applied research, and he and his wife, Bonnie Lou, supported the construction of the Alphin-Stewart Livestock Teaching Arena, where the Wampler Classroom is housed. The Wampler Conference Room, located in Litton-Reaves Hall, chronicles his innovations in the poultry industry.


    death Eugene M. Baird (PHYS), Charlottesville, Va., 8/1/13.
    Willie L. Barnes (EE), Farmville, Va., 1/15/14.
    William L. Brown Jr. (ME), Chesapeake, Va., 1/1/14.
    I. Bernard Hall (AGEC), Norfolk, Va., 3/4/14.
    Douglas C. Landrum (ME), Dunnsville, Va., 12/6/13.
    Allyn H. Morton (ME), Abingdon, Va., 12/26/13.
    Frederick L. Phlegar (AGED), Radford, Va., 1/21/14.
    Alan L. Potter (CHEM), Charlottesville, Va., 1/31/14.
    T.C. "Ted" Slugocki (EE), Slatington, Pa., 2/26/14.
    George S. Smeltzer (EE), Woodbridge, Va., 2/5/14.
    Joseph L. Stephens (METE), Oxford, Ga., 3/3/14.


    death J.C. "Jim" Allen (IE), Greensboro, N.C., 1/13/13.
    Sallie S. Scott Carnahan (GHEC), Roanoke, Va., 3/18/14.
    Edgar C. Hatcher Jr. (BIOL), Bristol, Tenn., 2/13/14.
    Alonzo C. Hicks Jr. (IE), Sykesville, Md., 12/2/13.
    Wade B. Phillips (BAD), Des Moines, Iowa, 1/1/14.
    William T. Taylor (IAED '53), Pittsburgh, Pa., 2/17/14.


    death Larry R. Brown (CHE '54, CHE '55), Gardner, Mass., 1/18/14.
    Joe S. English (BC), Indialantic, Fla., 9/13/13.
    Carlton M. Hall (AGED '70, AGED '70), Richmond, Va., 3/15/14.
    Donald W. Hunter (MINE '55), Lexington, Ky., 12/23/13.
    James W. Kite (MINE '54), Pearisburg, Va., 2/3/14.
    Gordon "Noff" A. Noffsinger (DASC), Arlington, Va., 3/9/14.
    Edward W. Wilson (ARE), Greensboro, N.C., 2/15/14.


    career C.M. "Mac" McBride (AGED), Blacksburg, Va., was awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award by the Federal Aviation Administration for practicing and promoting safe flying for 60 consecutive years.
    death H.S. "Pat" Barr Jr. (BAD), Richmond, Va., 2/27/14.
    C.E. "Ed" Harnsberger (RS), Tuscon, Ariz., 5/27/13.
    J. Ronald Short (BAD), Charlotte, N.C., 12/26/13.
    Norman "Willie" H. Williams Jr. (BAD), Fort Wayne, Ind., 12/7/13.


    death H.H. "Hop" Dickenson (ANSC), Overland Park, Kan., 12/24/13.
    John M. Downing (ME), Catonsville, Md., 1/5/14.
    Robert M. Merriman Sr. (AGEC), Galax, Va., 3/24/14.
    R. Lowell Wine (STAT), Roanoke, Va., 1/12/14.
    James H. Wirt (IE), Montoursville, Pa., 3/17/14.


    career Raymond F. Burmester (CE '58), Fairfax, Va., and his wife were honored by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for serving more than 25 years as advocates for people with mental and developmental disabilities.
    death Robert D. Fowlkes (BAD), Danville, Va., 1/3/14.
    Fred G. Pruner Sr. (ANSC, EDVT '77), Lebanon, Va., 3/24/13.
    James N. Watkins (BAD), Waco, Texas, 11/27/13.


    career W. Franklin McCarty (AGED '60), Fredericksburg, Va., was awarded the Free Lance-Star newspaper's 2013 Citizen of the Year award.
    death Gene R. Cress (CE), Roanoke, Va., 2/17/14.
    Ernest L. Fulford (CE '58), Chesapeake, Va., 1/1/14.
    Lloyd "Meade" M. Harrison Jr. (AGED), McKenney, Va., 3/11/14.


    death C. Hudson Carper Jr. (ME), Lubbock, Texas, 2/6/14.
    Paul E. Fultz (EE '59), Virginia Beach, Va., 1/8/14.
    Glendale B. Smith (IE), Chambersburg, Pa., 11/8/13.
    Lynn C. Wigginton (BAD), Roanoke, Va., 1/8/14.


    death John D. Alden (ME), Williamsburg, Va., 1/7/14.
    R.R. "Ray" Compton (IE '60), Greensboro, N.C., 2/2/14.
    Edward T. Diehl (EE), Richmond, Va., 3/9/14.
    William T. Mefford (ME), Lexington, S.C., 1/16/14.
    Lawrence W. Moore II (BIOL), Blacksburg, Va., 2/21/14.
    Samuel D. Shaffer (CERE '60), Dublin, Pa., 5/24/13.
    Lawrence "Doc" J. Watson (ME), Cedar Point, Texas, 2/25/14.



    death Edwin "Duck" A. Darden III (BAD), West Palm Beach, Fla., 2/28/14.
    Ralph J. Wimmer (EDBS), Boones Mill, Va., 3/25/14.


    death Roger G. Gibbs (BAD), North Myrtle Beach, S.C., 2/4/14.
    Walter "Boogie" M. Harris (BAD), Ewa Beach, Hawaii, 6/3/13.
    Walter E. Johnston (ME '62), Raleigh, N.C., 3/1/14.
    Edwin L. Tucker (EE), Wilmington, N.C., 12/1/13.
    Peter M. Watts (BAD), Petersburg, Va., 3/21/14.


    death Richard L. Booth (CHE '63), Erwin, Tenn., 1/16/14.
    Nancy M. Moore Chapman (HNF), Winchester, Va., 1/24/14.
    Virle C. Crow Payne (GHEC), Blacksburg, Va., 1/22/14.


    death D. Bruce Cahilly (ANSC), Coudersport, Pa., 1/22/14.
    Charles H. Carson Jr. (EE), Chesapeake, Va., 1/3/14.
    George W. Crenshaw Jr. (BIOL '66), Kilmarnock, Va., 4/13/13.
    Michael R. Hatcher (STAT), Newport News, Va., 2/19/14.
    Rollin "Ron" E. Wehman (EE), Fredericksburg, Va., 2/19/14.


    death John O. Lampkin Jr. (EE), North East, Pa., 1/11/14.
    Lewis R. Owen (BAD), Oak Ridge, N.C., 3/17/14.
    J.G. Tizen (MGT), Cedar Bluff, Va., 2/15/14.


    career Irving M. Blank (PAD), Richmond, Va., is vice president of the Virginia Law Foundation and was named one of Virginia's Super Lawyers for 2014.
    death Steven Garland (FW), Rogersville, Ala., 1/11/14.
    F. David Magill Jr. (IEOR '66), Houston, Texas, 1/19/14.
    George H. Sheetz (PSCI), Edinburg, Va., 3/15/14.


    death Dale H. Jackson (EE '70, EE '70), Glen Allen, Va., 2/27/14.
    Joseph L. Mauck Jr. (AGED '67, EDAD '73), Lincoln, Va., 3/13/14.
    Jim F. Melton (BAD), Fort White, Fla., 2/4/14.
    Richard A. Reese (ACCT '67), Chesterfield, Va., 12/23/13.


    career John D. Irvin (MGT '68), Cumming, Ga., retired after 42 years of service in the hotel and resort industry. He was awarded Historic Hotels of America's Lifetime Achievement Award.
    Robert S. Miller III (CE), Virginia Beach, Va., is president of the MATHCOUNTS Foundation.
    death Eric L. Hurt (ECON), Yorktown, Va., 12/20/13.
    George H. Robinson (ASE), Star Tannery, Va., 7/31/13.
    M. Timothy Ward (MKTG), Alexandria, Va., 1/6/14.


    career Vinod Chachra (IE, IE '71), Blacksburg, Va., was honored with a House joint resolution in the Virginia legislature.
    death Norman F. Dillon Jr. (MGT '69), Danville, Va., 2/7/14.
    Floyd S. Kay Jr. (FW), Sun City, Ariz., 3/2/13.
    Alexander C. Klieforth (MATH), Washington, D.C., 3/5/14.


    career D.H. "Don" Horsley (ANSC '70), Virginia Beach, Va., was inducted into the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hall of Fame.
    death John L. Hutcherson (CE), Mechanicsville, Va., 12/29/13.
    R.D. "Jinx" Jenkins (CE), Shelby, N.C., 12/28/13.
    T.A. "Tom" Purdham (ACCT '70), Woodbridge, Va., 1/13/14.
    Nelson R. Ring (IAED, EDVT '73), Gaithersburg, Md., 12/31/13.
    Dorothy A. Anderson Savedge (HEED '70), Waverly, Va., 1/15/14.
    A.G. "Butch" Steiner Jr. (ANSC), Warrenton, Va., 3/6/14.



    death Robert T. Bair (BAD), Beckley, W.Va., 10/19/13.
    G.G. Cole (ANSC), Orange, Va., 2/18/14.
    J.E. "John" Green III (FW), Steinhatchee, Fla., 1/25/14.
    Ronnie R. Henk (EM), Williamsburg, Va., 12/28/13.


    death J. Madison "J.M." Drake (ASE), New Orleans, La., 2/3/14.
    C. Odell Sexton (MGT), Marion, Va., 1/8/14.


    career Steven G. Lindorff (URPL '73), Atlantic Beach, Fla., was named to the American Institute of Certified Planners' College of Fellows for his achievements in urban planning professional practice.
    death Ronald K. Clark (ME), Live Oak, Fla., 11/26/13.
    Benjamin F. Critzer (SOC), Mount Sidney, Va., 1/10/14.
    Kenneth B. Cruise (EE '75), Smithville, Texas, 1/8/14.
    Leonard F. Ruggiero (FW), Victor, Mont., 5/20/13.


    career Linda A. Shumate Casey (FW '74), Richmond, Va., retired as a state forester with the Alabama Forestry Commission.
    death George Coleman Jr. (MKTG), Midlothian, Va., 7/13/13.
    Gordon C. McGahuey (ME), Concord, Va., 9/10/13.
    David B. Nash (HORT '74), Springfield, Va., 2/15/14.
    W. Donald Williams (EDAD), Huntington, W.V., 12/4/13.


    career Frank A. Camp III (ZOOL '75), Plano, Texas, is managing director of the City of Dallas' Office of Environmental Quality.
    A. Jack Davis (ARCH, ARCH '76), Blacksburg, Va., is president of the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects.
    death Harris C. Crumpton (DE), Oakwood, Va., 8/28/13.
    Jean G. Gash Probinsky (EDSP), North Port, Fla., 2/20/14.
    Jack A. Robey (FW), Harrisonburg, Va., 10/10/13.
    Donald L. Waldron (EDAD '75), Peterstown, W.Va., 1/30/14.


    career Barry S. Parks (BIOL), Lovettsville, Va., retired after a 30-year career with the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
    death Michael K. McSherry (EE), Chantilly, Va., 1/12/14.
    Robert Snell (MEDT), North Kingstown, R.I., 2/25/14.
    John M. Sudol (ETC '77), San Diego, Calif., 1/13/14.
    Mary T. Tutle (PSYC), Arlington, Va., 1/16/14.
    John T. Waybright (PHYS '76), Blacksburg, Va., 2/2/14.


    death Tharena A. Brooks (EDCI), Naples, Fla., 2/12/14.
    Mildred M. Mintz Chrismer (HNF '77), Pawleys Island, S.C., 3/16/14.
    Bob R. Fleming (EDVT '77), Spotsylvania, Va., 3/27/13.
    Lee Haislip III (MGT, EE '81), Waterford, Va., 2/5/14.
    Charles P. Hope III (ANSC), Abingdon, Va., 11/4/13.


    career Clifford A. Frohn Jr. (MGT), Savannah, Ga., retired as senior vice president with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.
    David E. Neumann (ARCH), Washington, D.C., was elected to the American Institute of Architects' College of Fellows.
    death James "Bo" E. Hylton (MINE), Eden, N.C., 3/19/14.
    Thomas O. Major Jr. (MGT), Mechanicsville, Va., 2/11/14.
    Michael J. Mason (FW), Indianola, Iowa, 2/24/14.
    John D. Miller (ZOOL '78), Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., 1/20/14.
    Rex A. Rohweder (ETE), Leonardo, N.J., 1/3/14.


    career Christopher E. Mandel (MGT), Nashville, Tenn., was named a Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc. Fellow and appointed to the boards of the Captive Insurance Group of New Jersey and the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers Compensation.
    death David M. Coffey (EDVT), Bowling Green, Ky., 3/20/14.
    Linda A. Cyphers (EDCI), Yorktown, Va., 7/25/13.
    Louise J. Miles (ARCH), Alexandria, Va., 1/28/14.


    career Deborah L. Floyd (EDCC), Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was named interim dean of the Graduate College and professor of higher education at Florida Atlantic University.
    Michael L. O'Reilly (BC), Fort Collins, Colo., received Colorado State University's 2014 Best Teacher Award.
    death Robert P. Burton (FIN, BAD '84), Roanoke, Va., 3/13/13.
    Arthur L. McGinley (PSCI), Concord, Tenn., 3/8/14.
    Morse R. Olin (BIOL), Ashland, Va., 12/26/13.



    career Scott A. Bennett (ACCT), Valrico, Fla., retired from the Navy after 28-plus years of service and is now director of commercial training services for ACADEMI Consulting Services.
    death Neil A. Carter (ARCH), Santa Fe, N.M., 11/29/13.
    Jeffrey E. Riggs (ACCT), Midlothian, Va., 1/20/14.


    career Karen Brenner (ARCH '82), New York City, N.Y., has joined architecture firm LABO LLC.
    David B. Lavery (CS), Herndon, Va., received a 2013 Samuel J. Heyman Service of America Medal from President Barack Obama.


    career Susan E. Mittereder (EDAD, EDAD '84), Haymarket, Va., retired as Fairfax County legislative director and was honored by the local board of supervisors and the General Assembly for her 30 years of service.
    death Donald A. Peccia (EDAD), Cockeysville, Md., 2/25/14.
    Bonnie R. Roberts Penney (MKTG), Deltaville, Va., 2/12/14.


    career Stephen A. Bates (ARCH), New Freedom, Pa., was elected president of Marshall Craft Associates Inc.
    Merrill A. Messick III (ARCH), Bel Air, Md., was elected vice president and treasurer of Marshall Craft Associates Inc.
    Timothy P. Roche (GEOP), Dulles, Va., is consul general at the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba.


    career Robert D. Cryer (ME), Erie, Pa., is director of internal combustion engines for MPR Associates in Alexandria, Va.
    James F. Dickerson (FW), Zion Crossroads, Va., leads the home, farm, land, and investment real estate division with Charlottesville Solutions.
    Steven N. Moyer (FIW), Reston, Va., was elected to the National Fresh Water Fishing's Hall of Fame.
    James N. Strawbridge (IEOR), Los Altos, Calif., is a corporate attorney for Cooley.
    death Lisa G. Miller Lohr (FCD, EDAD '89), Orange, Va., 2/19/14.


    career Tina L. Hyman Cook (ELED, EDCI '04), Saltville, Va., was named 2014 Virginia Region 7 Teacher of the Year.
    death Karen A. Campbell (HIST), Mount Airy, N.C., 2/19/14.
    Dana E. Markham Short (ARCH), Arlington, Va., 3/2/14.


    career Dushan Boroyevich (EE), Blacksburg, Va., was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.
    Charles A. Kilpatrick (CE), Fredericksburg ,Va., was appointed commissioner of the Virginia Department of Transportation by Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
    Barbara A. Knuth (FIW), Ithaca, N.Y., was named chairwoman-elect of the Council of Graduate Schools at Cornell University.
    Bettina K. Ring (FW), College Park, Md., was named Virginia State Forester by Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
    Kevin B. Sullivan (ARCH '87), Weston, Mass., is president and CEO of Payette, an architecture firm.
    death Barbara L. Lineweaver Clouse (CE), Blacksburg, Va., 1/30/14.
    Lisa M. Etheridge (MGT), Richmond, Va., 4/15/13.
    C. Kent Kunkel (MKED), Dallas, Texas, 11/28/13.
    Steven F. Parr (CS), Columbia, Md., 2/28/14.
    E. Bryan Wilson II (IEOR), Aroda, Va., 1/31/14.


    career James H. Booterbaugh (ESM), Chapel Hill, N.C., is president of National Spinning Co. Inc.
    death Thomas P. Houghtaling (EDSC), Richmond, Va., 12/8/13.


    death Michael G. Lytton (AE), Eugene, Ore., 2/21/14.


    career LaDell W. Wright Lockwood (COMM), Cherry Hill, N.J., is a communications consultant IV for the Washington State Department of Services for the Blind.
    Shawn T. Taylor Zelman (PSYC), Leesburg, Va., earned a doctorate in organization and management from Capella University.



    career Crystal D. Collier (ENGL, ENGL '92), Alexandria, Va., is CEO of CX Act, formerly known as TARP Worldwide.
    Evan S. Fiedler (BIOL), Virginia Beach, Va., wrote, edited, and published several e-books individually and with other authors. The most recent is entitled "Sister Surrendered."


    career Scott E. Beller (COMM), Arlington, Va., wrote a book entitled "Beggars or Angels."
    David A. Long (ESM, SYSE '92), Blacksburg, Va., is president of the International Council on Systems Engineering.
    Scott A. Mathias (COMM), Reston, Va., produced an independent feature-length film, "Rise of the Fellowship."


    career Jess W. Jones (PSYC, FW '96, FIW '04, FIW '09), Blacksburg, Va., received the Rachel Carson Award for Scientific Excellence from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
    birth Jesse B. Brown (BC) and Cindy Brown, Atlanta, Ga., a daughter, 7/9/13.
    death Susanna M. Schorn (CE, CE '96), Oak Ridge, Tenn., 12/26/13.


    career Brian G. Bosworth (FIW), Cleveland, Miss., earned the 2013 North American Journal of Aquaculture Best Paper Award.
    Matthew J. Campen (PSYC, BIOC), Albuquerque, N.M., received the 2014 Society of Toxicology Achievement Award.
    Rickie D. Rudd (EDVT), Blacksburg, Va., was reappointed by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors as the Virginia Cooperative Extension Chair of Excellence in Community Viability.
    death Ann M. Burnley (EDAC), Roanoke, Va., 2/20/14.
    Catherine A. Elliott (EDCI), Narrows, Va., 1/27/14.


    career Kory C. Brendsel (MKTG), Woodbridge, Va., was selected to attend the Dwight D. Eisenhower School of National Security and Resource Strategy at the National Defense University.
    Barry I. Matherly (URPL), Richmond, Va., was elected as the International Economic Development Council's secretary and treasurer.
    Nima Sharifi (BIOL), Dallas, Texas, was recognized with the American Association for Cancer Research's 2014 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research.
    death Gregory A. Grider (MKTG '96), Cleveland, Tenn., 1/23/14.


    career Becky C. Bareford (FIN), Saint Stephens Church, Va., was promoted to senior vice president for Richmond's Federal Reserve Bank.
    Jennifer R. deVoure (CHEM), Falls Church, Va., is working in patent law from home and is a Pampered Chef consultant.
    Charles C. Esslinger (ISE), Smyrna, Ga., is owner of Westside Engineering, a consulting engineering firm.
    wedding Jennifer Burt Kibler (ISE, ISE '99) and Kemper S. Kibler Jr. (EE '01), Poquoson, Va., 3/30/14.
    birth Camille C. Chapman Cunningham (LASC), Charlotte, N.C., a son, 2/21/14.
    death John W. Ott (CSA), Columbia, Md., 2/8/13.


    career Robert S. Notte (CE), Cornelius, N.C., was promoted to vice president at the Dewberry firm in Charlotte, N.C.


    career Tara L. Berescik (APSC, EDVT '99), Grahamsville, N.Y., was named the Association of Career and Technical Educators' 2014 National Career and Technical Education Teacher of the Year.
    Sarah K. Bridges (PSCI), Mechanicsville, Va., is counsel for Hunton & Williams LLP.
    David G. Hieber (CE), Fairfax, Va., is an adjunct professor of civil engineering at George Mason University.
    Beatrice C. Kilel (HORT '92, HORT '94), Frederick, Md., has written many reference and study guides on the topics of teen and tween informatics in STEM education.
    Robin C. McLean (EDVT), Mount Holly, N.J., was named Association of Career and Technical Educators' 2013 National Career and Technical Education Teacher of the Year.
    birth Harry A. Hogan (ENSC) and Laura H. Hawpe Hogan (FW), Springfield, Va., a daughter, 6/18/13.
    death Alain M. Dempsey (EE), Yorktown, Va., 2/16/14.


    career D.S. Horsley (APSC, APSC '02), Virginia Beach, Va., was inducted into the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hall of Fame.



    career Keesha A. Steed (BIOL, BIOL '03), Newark, Del., wrote her first book, "We Can't Do It."
    birth Jason W. Bowers (AT) and Catherine A. Fraga Bowers (APSC '02, VM '09), Frederick, Md., a son, 11/20/13.
    Kimberly D. Dail Forbes (PUA), Chesapeake, Va., a son, 4/30/13.
    Mary H. Gibson (APSC) and Jason M. Beydler (AAEC '03), Charles City, Va., a daughter, 2/23/14.
    Matthew D. Lacy (MGT) and Sally M. Miles Lacy (MKTG '03), Plainview, Va., a daughter, 10/10/13.

    Sally Miles Lacy and Mary Helen Miles Beydler with their daughters, Violet and Caroline.

    Sisters Sally Miles Lacy '03 with daughter, Violet, and Mary Helen Miles Beydler '00 with daughter, Caroline


    career Matthew D. Chan (FIW), Hillsboro, Ore., was named assistant vice president and west hydropower operations manager for Parsons Brinckerhoff's western U. S. region.
    birth Gregory K. Brown (CE) and Laura M. Kvech-Brown (HIST '01), Smithfield, Va., a son, 9/22/13.


    career Matthew R. Cook (HNFE '03), Osaka, Japan, was elected chairman of the National Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching and named a senior staff member at the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education.
    B.R. Horsley (APSC, APSC '04), Virginia Beach, Va., was inducted into the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hall of Fame.
    birth Heidi S. Leming (ELPS), Brunswick, Ga., a son, 7/15/13.


    career Emily C. Winslow Lilly (PSCI), White Oak, W.Va., received the Distinguished Honor Graduate award at Officer Candidate School in Ft. McClellan, Ala., and also the West Virginia Army National Guard Achievement Medal.
    Christina K. Kull Martens (ENSC, ESEN '05, MUS '06), Redondo Beach, Calif., received the County of Los Angeles Chairman's Green Leadership Award for her effort to improve environmental sustainability in the community.


    career Kimberly L. Kreitlow (ENT), Apex, N.C., received the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Recent Alumni Award.
    Anthony V. Scardina (PAPA, FOR), Hurley, Wis., is forest supervisor for Wayne National Forest.
    birth Alisha H. Hunt Consroe (BIOL) and Jeff D. Consroe (ME '05), Salem, Va., a daughter, 11/6/13.
    Eric M. Frady (CE) and Amy C. Coddington Frady (HNFE '05), Springfield, Va., a son, 1/6/14.
    Courtney D. Danto Merrell (MKTG) and Ryan C. Merrell (HORT '05, BAD '09), Fairfax, Va., a daughter, 11/29/13.
    Matthew R. Parks (CPE, CPE '06), Chesapeake Beach, Md., a daughter, 2/23/14.
    Nicholas J. Pascale (PSCI) and Tara D. Zebrowski Pascale (SPAN '05), Manassas Park, Va., a son, 1/8/14.
    Eric C. Rommell (FIN) and Jacqueline K. Rommell (CHEM), Great Falls, Va., a daughter, 1/3/14.


    career Adam L. Worcester (MKTG), Richmond, Va., started a small craft brewery.
    wedding April D. DeLossantos MacDonald (PSYC, COMM) and Kenneth MacDonald, Virginia Beach, Va., 12/26/13.
    birth Diana P. Piersol Ditty (BIOL) and Richard L. Ditty II (EE '10), Virginia Beach, Va., a son, 6/22/13.
    death Robert A. Coppock (EDCI), Falls Church, Va., 2/14/14.


    career Nathan A. Lahy (LAR), Chesapeake, Va., earned a Virginia landscape architect license.
    birth Kaitlin W. Wilson Phucas (ME) and Nicholas C. Phucas (ME), Gainesville, Va., a son, 1/29/14.
    death John D. Wilburn (FORS, FOR '12), Grants Pass, Ore., 3/9/14.


    career Andrew P. McCoy (BCSM), Blacksburg, Va., was recognized by Engineering News-Record, a construction industry publication, as one of the Top 20 Under 40 in the mid-Atlantic region.
    John D. Medlock (COMM), Bloomington, Ind., helped produce the film "Rise of the Fellowship."
    Chase R. Sisk (ENGL), Lebanon, Va., received a master's degree in English and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University.
    Sarah R. Williams (PSYC), Baltimore, Md., received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Louisville and accepted a postdoctoral fellowship with the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
    birth Derek A. Davis (MKTG), Yorktown, Va., a son, 12/21/13.
    Megan O. Ott Garrison (MKTG), Aldie, Va., a daughter, 2/23/14.


    wedding Justin R. Jordan (PSYC, EDCO '11) and Leslie H. Hetrick Jordan (IDST '10, EDCI '11), Christiansburg, Va., 9/24/13.
    Andrew D. Taylor (ME) and Cherie W. Wood Taylor (ARTF), Ashburn, Va., 9/28/13.
    birth Jonathan A. Clifton (COMM), Chesterfield, Va., a son, 12/20/12.


    career David J. Jingeleski (AE, AE '12), Claymont, Del., is employed at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake in California.
    wedding Kate G. Griffin Pierce (BIOL) and Jonathan S. Pierce (BIOL '10), Winston-Salem, N.C., 8/10/13.
    death Emily C. Morrison (ECAS), Flemington, N.J., 3/1/14.



    career Pamela C. Smart-Smith (EDCI), Roanoke, Va., is assistant director for academics at the Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute.


    career Steven Rich (communication '11) was part of a Washington Post reporting team that in April won the Pulitzer for Public Service for six months of reporting on the National Security Agency (NSA) and the intelligence community. The team included 33 staffers whose reporting helped spark a national discussion about the balance between individual privacy and national security. Rich is the database editor for the Post's investigative unit, and he was included in a three-reporter byline for a story headlined "Files show NSA targeted Tor encrypted network" that ran Oct. 5, 2013. The Post series examined documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
    death Joshua H. Beach (MKTG), Blacksburg, Va., 1/5/14.


    death Timothy R. Kzinowek (BCHM), Blacksburg, Va., 12/20/13.


    career Alyssa F. Bedrosian (SPAN, COMM), Greensboro, N.C., is the communications manager for RLF Communications.
    Laina N. Schneider (CSES), Blacksburg, Va., developed and implemented an outdoor stove for the Hale-Y Community Gardens.



    Sam G. Riley III, professor of communication in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, died March 19. A member of the Virginia Tech faculty since 1981, Riley taught undergraduate and graduate courses in journalism, magazine writing, history of mass media, communications law, travel writing, public speaking, and more. Riley wrote numerous books and editorials for national and Virginia newspapers.

    Lt. Gen. Howard M. Lane Sr., U.S. Air Force (retired), who served as Corps of Cadets commandant from 1980 to 1989, died May 2. Lane enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942 and became a highly decorated fighter pilot who flew combat missions in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He went on to a command position at Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California, and retired from active duty in 1980.

    Geza Ifju, professor emeritus and founding head of the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products in the College of Natural Resources and Environment, died May 15. Born in Hungary, Ifju earned a bachelor's degree from the University of British Columbia, a master's degree in wood technology from Yale University, and a doctorate in wood science from the University of British Columbia in 1963. He joined the Tech faculty in 1964, built a career in wood science and education, and led the department for 22 years.

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