• Summer 2014

    Volume 36, Number 4

    Virginia Tech Magazine, summer 2014

  • At the farewell reception for outgoing President Charles W. Steger in May, University Distinguished Professor Nikki Giovanni paid tribute with a poem.

    Charles W. Steger and Nikki Giovanni; photo by Logan Wallace


    Summer 2014

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    First Class: Virginia Tech Carilion's first 40 doctors graduate

    Power Couple: Kirk and Noel Schulz shine at Kansas State

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    'Courage: For Dr. Charles Steger'

    by Nikki Giovanni

    It takes courage
    For a son of the old south
    To helm his beloved university

    There is a Future Shore to reach

    It must have been the courage learned
    By calling again and again
    On a certain young lady
    Who finally moved
    Much much closer
    Then closer still
    And now after jobsmortgageschildrenandstuff
    As close as a good partner is

    That courage to let
    Others partner
    As they see fit
    Without renouncement

    It's that courage to say
    We have to expand
    To make this good university
    A great institution

    The courage to say
    We must diversify:
    The past is good
    But not good

    There can't always be
    A Clarion call
    A rousing phrase
    A push back on horror
    Sometimes it's just that first smile

    Suggesting "Can this...poetry thing live"
    And the Answer is "Yes"

    Understanding Poetry is What
    We all do no matter What
    We call it

    Didn't Miles Davis remind John Coltrane:
    Always Play the Blues?

    We Love You
    Bannered our April 16th spirits around your office
    Allowing you to listen
    To your heart and stay
    Strong for all of us

    It is we who cannot issue a clarion call
    Today but rather simply sound
    The trumpet to declare:
    It Was A Great Ride
    This Virginia Tech of Steger
    A Great Ride

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