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Restaurants of yesteryear (spring 2015)

menu from Daddy's Money What a great list of eateries! Did you know about Daddy's Money? It was the best name for a restaurant in a college town. It opened in the late 1970s, owned and operated by Virginia Tech alumni. I helped open it and worked there a few years—and I still have a menu.

Tom Vitanza (architecture '79), Montgomery Village, Maryland

I fondly remember Greek's Cellar and the Farmhouse. However, I noted one glaring omission: The Sports Center next to Cook's Cleaners on Main Street. It was the home of the best sandwich in Blacksburg at the time: the TDC (Techman's Delight with Cheese).

Fred Christian (political science '71), Columbia, South Carolina

Being an alumnus and former employee, I enjoyed the article on Blacksburg restaurants. However, I wanted to point out that before the donut shop was Carol Lee, it was called the Spudnut. I think the name had a bit more character.

Pete Santago (computer science '73, M.S. '81), Clemmons, North Carolina

What great memories [the article] brought back—and I was thrilled to see brief mention of Gillie's. Though probably not technically a restaurant when I was at Tech in the '70s, Gillie's had ice cream that was so good, my friends and I would buy a cone even during the winter!

Edward Chetaitis (accounting '80), Providence, Rhode Island

We spent many happy hours at Corner Drug, Meredith's, and Bryce's Tavern in the '50s and '60s. Also not mentioned were the Outpost (pizza) in Christiansburg and the Bus Stop (cheeseburgers) at the head of the Mall near the Blue Ribbon. You mentioned that the Farmhouse has recently closed—what a terrific restaurant in recent years. Thanks again for the memories; the pictures were great.

Ronald Weade (business administration '63), Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you for such a great article. I was hoping to read something about the wife of Nick Kappas. She was so friendly, caring, and polite and also a hard worker. Going to the Greeks to eat dinner was almost like going home, thanks to her—and the good food.

Ray (building construction '67, civil engineering '70) and Sharon (civil engineering '70) Rollins, Kodak, Tennessee

No mention of Cecil's Place? It had the best hamburgers in Blacksburg in the 1960s (the Golden Gobbler was a close second). Cecil's also had other things going for it, such as a diverse and always interesting clientele, discussions with Dr. MacAdoo over draft beers, and the nightly gladiatorial event near the pool table.

Bill Stepp (business management '69), Virginia Beach, Virginia

On Lane Hall

The spring issue correctly mentions the long tradition between the cadet corps and Lane Hall. It omits the historical relationship of many civilians to "Dorm 1." The influx of veterans in the '50s severely overloaded dorm space on the campus. Lane Hall was opened as civilian Dorm 1. I spent years there in room 101, right next to the front door. I shared my 12'-by-12' room with two other veterans. We had two high double bunks, one closet and one sink, and showers and bathrooms down the hall.

Bob Deurer (civil engineering '52), Westminster, Maryland

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