Virginia Tech Magazine, summer 2015

Summer 2015

On the cover: Ovarian cancer cells with the capacity to form tumors join together to create spheroids, a grouping that enhances the cells' ability to survive. Image courtesy of Associate Professor Eva Schmelz.

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Professor Amy Azano and her son, William
Around the Drillfield

Assistant Professor Amy Azano helped organize an autism-friendly music concert—designed for children like her son, William—at the Moss Arts Center in April.

What's in it?
Absorbing knowledge

A common diaper illustrates the complex wonders of polymers, says chemistry professor Timothy Long (Ph.D. chemistry '87), a 2015 Virginia Outstanding Scientist.

Marcus Wanner

Rising sophomore Marcus Wanner solved an enigmatic series of cryptographic mindbenders—in 2012, when he was a home-schooled 15-year-old.

Trudy Harrington Becker

Among only the second class of women to matriculate at Boston Latin School, 2015 William E. Wine Award winner Trudy Harrington Becker was destined to be a classicist.

Ken Myers
Alumnus Profile
The Defender

Ken Myers (liberal arts and sciences '92) is director of the Department of Defense organization you've likely never heard of: the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Sandy Bass on "The Price Is Right"

So you want to be on a game show? Chosen to play "The Price Is Right," Sandy Bass (marketing management '12, theatre arts and cinema '12) offers a few pointers.


Pedal power

In late April at the Moss Arts Center, Cirque Mechanics put on two performances of "Pedal Punk," a circus on wheels. Inspired by steampunk culture, "Pedal Punk" is set in a post-apocalyptic world of machines powered by the acrobatic strength of the performers.

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