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Features -|- Winter 2007
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Ask what Tech can do for you

From career mentoring to travel opportunities to online banking, the programs and services offered by the Alumni Association are wide-ranging--and first-rate. Check out some of them here.

The 50 best things about Virginia Tech

Ten years ago, Virginia Tech Magazine ran an article called "The 25 best things about Virginia Tech" (Winter 1996). A decade later, it seemed like a good time to update that list. This time, however, the magazine staff simply couldn't keep its list of Hokie brag points to a mere 25.

Hot topic | Weighing in on obesity

Today, more people than ever--both in the United States and around the world--are overweight or obese. Virginia Tech Magazine consulted Tech expert Janet Rankin to learn about the underlying causes behind this trend and the potential solutions.

Focusing the power of science on animal disease
and public health

Twenty-five years after its founding, the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine has treated almost a million animals and trained about 2,000 veterinarians. Perhaps less visible, however, are the college's research contributions, particularly in the area of infectious diseases.

Tech degree, not ancestry, key to success

Although Harrison Tyler (chemical engineering '51) comes from an impressive lineage--his grandfather was John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States--this former CEO of ChemTreat attributes his success to initiative and a Virginia Tech degree.

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