Class Notes

John C. Hrapchak '67
John C. Hrapchak '67, Surprise, Arizona, retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and received the Commanders Award for exceptional public service.
John K. Tolmie
John K. Tolmie '80, Reisterstown, Maryland, completed a six-day climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro with his sons, Grayson '11 and Hunter '15.
Suzanne Beamer Bohnert
Suzanne Beamer Bohnert '83, Arlington, Virginia, wrote a book, "Game-Day Youth: Learning Football's Lingo," that earned an honorable mention for nonfiction from the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards. Photo courtesy of B&B Publishing.
Roger N. Morris
Roger N. Morris '88, Massillon, Ohio, was named an assistant professor for educational leadership at Malone University.
book by Kathy E. Flann
Kathy E. Flann '91, Annandale, Virginia, authored a collection of short stories, "Get a Grip," which won the George Garret Fiction Prize from the Texas Review Press.
Antonio Muniz-Olan and Cynthia Muniz
Antonio Muñiz-Olán '91 and Cynthia Muñiz, Orlando, Florida, 5/7/15.
 Edward P. Chamberlayne
Edward P. Chamberlayne '93, '02, '11, Falls Church, Virginia, is commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Baltimore district. Photo by Jhi Scott, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
book by Alice V. Osborn
Alice V. Osborn '94, Raleigh, North Carolina, authored a book of poetry, "Heroes without Capes."
Alice T. Spradlin Mindak
Alice T. Spradlin Mindak '00, Hillsboro, Oregon, was chosen as the Arthritis Foundation's Adult Honoree for the 2015 Walk to Cure Arthritis.
Andrew R. Krohn and Jamie R. Haynes
Andrew R. Krohn '02 and Jamie R. Haynes '07, California, Maryland, 9/19/15. Photo by Kristine Pringle Photography.
Holly Lynne McKinley Schmidt
Holly Lynne McKinley Schmidt '02, Herndon, Virginia, earned a master of legal studies degree from West Virginia University and received the National Outstanding Junior Member Award from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.
son of Christina M. Kull Martens and Lyonel A. Martens
Christina M. Kull Martens '03 and Lyonel A. Martens '05, Redondo Beach, California, a son, Cassien, 6/12/15.
daughter of Leslie Hawkins '04
Leslie Hawkins '04, Winchester, Va., a daughter, Hollis Ellen, 5/25/15. "Hollis is at least the eighth generation in my family to have the middle name Ellen—and I promised my great-grandmother I would continue the tradition." —Leslie Hawkins
son of Amanda and James-Michael Harlan
Amanda H. Harlan '05, White Lake, Michigan, a son, Campbell-James Michael, 7/8/15.
Vanessa E. Teter and Christopher Hall
Vanessa E. Teter '04, '06 and Christopher Hall, Meriden, Connecticut, 5/23/15. Photo by Lynne Reznick Photography.
daughter of Lauren F. Fortenberry and Ryan C. Fortenberry
Lauren F. Fortenberry '06, '08, '12 and Ryan C. Fortenberry '12, Statesboro, Georgia, a daughter, Aspen Celeste, 7/31/15. "Aspen is named after the beautiful tree known for its deep roots, and Celeste is a third-generation middle name in our family." —Lauren Fortenberry
Amanda L. Zehner
Amanda L. Zehner '06, Alexandria, Virginia, started her own business, Living Threads Company, providing textiles to support Central American families and women's cooperatives. Zehner (second from left) is pictured in León, Nicaragua, with Lilliam, Deniela, Huber, Danelia, and Dora, a family of weavers who creates many of the beautiful textiles. Photo by Aaron Banas.
Rebecca L. Brady
Rebecca L. Brady '07, Raleigh, North Carolina, co-founded UPstudio, a small business whose name derives from Ut Prosim. Photo by McKenzie Gentry.
son of Amy Roeder Norris
Amy Roeder Norris '07, Charlotte, North Carolina, a son, Henry Roeder, 3/5/15.
Marc Greene and Rachel Goldman
Marc A. Greene '08, '09 and Rachel M. Goldman, Arlington, Virginia, 5/24/15. Photo by Nicola Herring.
Dawn C. Becker Spitzer and Jason M. Spitzer
Dawn C. Becker Spitzer '08 and Jason M. Spitzer '08, Smithsburg, Maryland, a daughter, Opal Lea, 5/5/15. Photo by Rebecca O'Neill, Hypnotic Imagery.
daughter of Anthony Swope
Anthony H. Swope '08, Orange, Virginia, a daughter, Kinsley Faith, 5/31/15.
Ashley Zealon Winstead and John Dean Winstead
Ashley Zealon Winstead '08 and John Dean Winstead '04, Merrimack, New Hampshire, 07/28/15. Photo by Stephanie Sims. "We weren't interested in a traditional wedding. We danced down the aisle to 'Pump It' by the Black Eyed Peas. John and I wrote the entire ceremony, which was full of adventure and laughter—which is how I would describe our relationship." —Ashley Winstead
Stephanie C. Daly Boinet and Olivier Boinet
Stephanie C. Daly Boinet '09 and Olivier Boinet, Annandale, Virginia, 6/13/15.
Christy N. Winebarger Budwin and Andrew C. Budwin
Christy N. Winebarger Budwin '09 and Andrew C. "Drew" Budwin '11, Christiansburg, Virginia, 7/11/15. Photo by Karyn Lovern Johnson.
son of William and Sara Fairchild
William D. Fairchild '09 and Sara Lichtenstein Fairchild '10, '11 Alexandria, Virginia, a son, Liam Bernard, 8/18/15.
twin daughters of Kim Sink
Kimberly Trevillian Sink '09, Chester, Virginia, twin daughters, Ella Grace and Sydney Ann, 03/30/15. "Ella (top) has a gorgeous dimple and a contagious belly laugh, and Sydney is itsy-bitsy with a personality that lights up a room. They love to hold hands and steal each other's toys." —Kim Sink