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    Volume 35, Number 1

    Virginia Tech Magazine, fall 2012

    Alumni, we want to hear what you’ve been doing. We can post online photographs of weddings, babies, and spirited alumni, with some images appearing in print.

    Mail photos to Virginia Tech Magazine, 205 Media Building, Blacksburg, VA 24061, or email them to

    Please mail career, wedding, birth, and death news to Alumni Notes, Virginia Tech Alumni Association, Holtzman Alumni Center, Blacksburg, VA 24061; email them to; or submit them online.

    Alumni mailing addresses may be viewed online in the Virginia Tech Online Alumni Directory by logging in with your Virginia Tech PID and password. For assistance, call 540-231-6285.

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  • Dave Splitt '66

    Dave Splitt (English '66) was named chairman of the Coral Restoration Foundation's (CRF) Board of Directors. Growing coral in nurseries and transplanting young corals to reefs, CRF is dedicated to restoring the reefs of Florida and the Caribbean. Here, Splitt inspects corals planted on the site of a ship grounding. In addition to his day job as a corporate attorney, Splitt has performed pro bono work for a variety of nonprofit organizations.
  • I was truly honored. It's wonderful when your peers look at your work and find that it was noteworthy. Personally, I really work hard and try to do my job the right way, and to be honored in that way was just tremendous."

    Pierre Thomas (communication '84). Photo by Fred Watkins/ABC.

    Pierre Thomas (communication '84), ABC News senior justice department correspondent, on being named the 2012 Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists
  • Richard D. Lewis '86; photo by Peter Frey, UGA Photography

    Richard D. Lewis (HNF '86), Athens, Ga., was recognized with the University of Georgia Foundation Professorship in Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Matthew G. McCarey '93 and daughter, Madigan Mayhew

    Madigan Mayhew, born 10/7/11, daughter of Matthew G. McCarey (HIST '93).
  • Kane, son of Jerry L. Dowdy (BSED '95)

    Kane, born 2/28/12, son of Jerry L. Dowdy (BSED '95).
  • Son of Chad D. Nagle '98 and Stephenie Ingersoll Nagle '00

    Lukas Brooks, born 9/16/11, son of Chad D. Nagle (CEEN '98) and Stephenie Ingersoll Nagle (FCD '00).
  • Blair A. Eason '04 and B.T. Nelson

    Blair A. Eason (MKT '04) and B.T. Nelson, married 5/26/12.
  • Brendan J. McDonald (PSCI '04) and Courtney R.Thurston

    Brendan J. McDonald (PSCI '04) and Courtney R. Thurston, married 7/30/11.
  • Conor Walter, son of Kevin P. Cuddihy '06

    Conor Walter, born 6/6/12, son of Kevin P. Cuddihy (COMM '06).
  • Jaime K. Leiner '06 and W.B. Gill

    Jaime K. Leiner (ARTF '06) and W. Brian Gill, married 5/27/12.
  • Erik B. Ostergaard '10 and Lindsey Eubank Ostergaard '10

    Erik B. Ostergaard (ME '10) and Lindsey Eubank Ostergaard (ME '10), married 3/24/12.

    Fall 2012

    Inspiration Then and Now: How an inventive culture defines Virginia Tech—and saves lives

    'Raising an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem': Mentors and capital bolster area's visionaries

    Instant Replay: Naturalistic studies provide clues to decreasing crash fatalities

    Under a Watchful Eye: The legend of the gargoyles

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    death Annie Slusser Albert (BIOL), Blacksburg, Va., 6/15/12.


    death Harold H. Higgins (AGED), Amherst, Va., 6/25/12.
    Morris Pollard (BIOL), South Bend, Ind., 7/18/11.
    A. Edwards Schlieser (IE), Mechanicsville, Va., 8/3/11.



    death William H. Ligon (IE), Greeley, Colo., 6/11/12.


    death John J. Richardson (AGE), Keeling, Va., 5/14/12.


    death E. Turner Darden (CHE), Wilmington, Del., 6/22/12.
    Joel W. Dinwiddie (AGEC), Virginia Beach, Va., 6/15/12.
    Byron E. Haner (BC '49, ARCH '50), Colonial Heights, Va., 6/13/12.
    Thomas S. Nickerson (ME, ME '47), Charleston, W.Va., 5/17/12.


    death Charles R. Carder III (CHE), Montgomery Village, Md., 5/30/12.
    Samuel R. Crockett (FW), Wytheville, Va., 4/27/12.
    Hampton J. Godfrey (BAD), El Paso, Texas, 4/24/12.
    Howard M. Huffman Jr. (AGE), Salem, Va., 5/31/12.
    James K. Latimer (IE), Matthews, N.C., 4/23/12.


    death Melvin S. Feldenheimer (GBUS), Rydal, Pa., 6/11/12.
    Irvin W. Gentry Jr. (IE '48), Virginia Beach, Va., 4/24/12.
    Albert S. Hester (GSC '46), Ormond Beach, Fla., 1/13/12.
    Paul M. Hunt Jr. (ME), New Market, Va., 4/8/12.
    Marcus L. Oliver (AGED '47), Sewanee, Tenn., 5/24/12.


    death W.L. Cobb (IE '49), Richmond, Va., 5/15/12.
    John R. Hoover (ME '48), New Cumberland, Pa., 12/29/11.
    John A. Slocum Jr. (CHEM '48), Lynchburg, Va., 4/1/12.


    death Thomas R. Booth (BAD '45), Concord, Va., 6/20/12.
    Walter L. Hannah (IE), Greensboro, N.C., 6/5/12.
    H.C. Hoggard III (IE '49), Fort Myers, Fla., 6/4/12.
    Stanley J. Lowe (ME '48), Charlottesville, Va., 6/6/12.
    Marcus R. Snidow (ME '48), Sherman, Texas, 6/11/12.


    Joseph R. Loring (EE '48), Arlington, Va., received Virginia Tech's 2012 College of Engineering Distinguished Alumnus Award and the university's 2012 Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award.
    death W.E. Hotaling (EE '46), Mountain View, Calif., 10/12/11.
    Thomas G. Spatig (ME '49), Olive Branch, Miss., 6/10/12.
    William C. Wampler (BAD '48), Bristol, Va., 5/23/12.


    death Julian M. Coleman (EE), Blacksburg, Va., 7/13/12.


    death James B. Datig Sr. (BAD), Gate City, Va., 4/27/12.
    Joseph E. Gardner II (BIOL), Harrisonburg, Va., 5/16/12.
    Wilsie T. Hutts (CE), Gainesville, Ga., 5/26/12.
    Charles B. Smith Jr. (EE), Jonesboro, Ark., 5/29/12.




    death Philip L. Baird Jr. (ME), Pine Bluff, Ark., 5/27/12.
    R.W. Bowers (BAD), Roanoke, Va., 6/10/12.
    Harold J. Harvey (ASE), Huntsville, Ala., 5/24/12.
    C. Richard Hoskins (ANSC), Reidsville, N.C., 6/9/12.
    Daniel R. Kasten (BC), McGaheysville, Va., 5/26/12.
    Harvey M. Williams (IAED), Virginia Beach, Va., 4/17/12.


    death Richard M. Hylton (ARCH), Roanoke, Va., 6/9/12.
    Charles E. Whitehorne (CE), Colorado Springs, Colo., 4/17/12.


    death Thomas J. Crooks Jr. (FW), Virginia Beach, Va., 1/13/12.
    Charles E. Dennis III (ACCT '56), Roanoke, Va., 12/14/11.
    William E. LaPrade Jr. (IE), Bluff City, Tenn., 11/29/11.
    Richard J. Louden (CE), Baton Rouge, La., 2/22/12.
    Harry E. Mottley Jr. (EE), Pittsfield, Mass., 12/16/11.
    John "Jack" S. Powell Jr. (ARE '58), Virginia Beach, Va., 12/7/11.
    John P. Rector Jr. (BIOL), Scottsdale, Ariz., 8/20/11.


    death Gerald S. Briney (EE), Austin, Texas, 6/13/12.
    James G. Dymock (BAD '53), Blacksburg, Va., 6/12/12.
    Charles O. Everly (ARE), Sarasota, Fla., 4/8/12.
    Howard L. Fisher (DASC, DASC), Callaway, Va., 5/16/12.
    George C. Frazier Jr. (ME), Loudon, Tenn., 6/1/12.
    Robert H. Merriam (EE), Owensboro, Ky., 3/30/12.
    W.L. Michelinie (MINE), Wilmington, Del., 5/14/12.


    death Charles D. Hall (BAD '56), White Stone, Va., 12/4/11.
    Raymond H. Hayworth Jr. (BC, URS '61), Salisbury, N.C., 4/27/12.
    Delmar R. Riffe (ME, ME), Beaver, W.Va., 5/14/12.
    Richard P. Rosenbaum (AGED), Nashville, Tenn., 6/27/12.
    Eunice Martin Smith (BED), Christiansburg, Va., 5/10/12.


    death Carl M. Eggleston (AGEC), Axton, Va., 6/13/12.
    Roy E. Foutz Jr. (BAD), Salem, Va., 5/12/12.
    Jack L. Hartman (BAD), Waxhaw, N.C., 5/26/12.
    J.C. Peaslee (BC), Cranberry Township, Pa., 6/18/12.
    Charles D. Santrock (BAD), Rocky Mount, Va., 6/24/12.


    death Thomas D. Clark (ANSC '57), Wytheville, Va., 5/19/12.
    Letitia Viel Manuel (HEED '57), Chester, Va., 6/12/12.
    Richard S. Spaulding Jr. (IE), Abingdon, Va., 5/11/12.
    Velty T. Wright Jr. (IE), Bogart, Ga., 5/30/12.


    Edward B. Eller (ANSC), Abingdon, Va., is a real estate agent for Callebs Realty.
    death Nola Shelor Albert (BED), Floyd, Va., 5/5/12.
    Granville M. Grant (IE), Conover, N.C., 5/14/12.
    George B. Holmes (EDBS), Browns Summit, N.C., 5/31/12.
    Roy E. Loving (AGED), Fork Union, Va., 5/18/12.


    James L. Lavinder (BAD), Martinsville, Va., 4/20/12.


    death John E. Evans (CHE), Shelby, N.C, 5/24/12.
    T. Benjamin Garland Jr. (ACCT), Vienna, W.Va., 6/29/12.
    C. Henry Hinnant III (VIED '61), Hayes, Va., 2/10/12.
    Carlysle D. Hypes (AGED '59, EDBS '68), New Castle, Va., 6/14/12.




    death Lewis H. Bridges Jr. (CE '61), Virginia Beach, Va., 5/15/12.
    James R. Duffett (STAT), Falls Church, Va., 6/12/12.
    Richard L. Hoffman (ZOOL, BIOL), Blacksburg, Va., 6/10/12.
    Claude H. Rutherford (EE), Charlotte, N.C., 4/25/12.
    Norma Cundiff Wilbourne (EDBS), Bryans Road, Md., 5/8/12.


    Samuel L. Lionberger Jr. (BC), Penhook, Va., received Virginia Tech's 2012 William H. Ruffner Medal for his service to the university.
    death Harry M. Chaney (EE), Bradenton, Fla., 12/3/11.
    Ben D. Eichelberger Jr. (GSC), Quinby, Va., 3/26/12.
    George L. Zuidema Jr. (CE), Virginia Beach, Va., 4/22/12.


    death Carl L. Livesay (MINE '66), Richmond, Va., 2/12/12.
    William S. Porterfield (IE '64), Vinton, Va., 12/5/11.


    Leroy E. Houser Jr. (DE) Richmond Va., earned Realtor Emeritus status from the National Association of Realtors.
    death Edward L. Beale (CE, CE '67), Charlotte, N.C., 6/19/12.
    Emerson C. Hardy Jr. (DE), Jacksonville, Fla., 5/8/12.
    B. Peery Harkrader Jr. (ACCT '65), Christiansburg, Va., 4/29/12.


    death Harry F. Folden Jr. (MATH, MATH), High Point, N.C., 5/30/12.


    Preston L. Durrill (CHE), Blacksburg, Va., received Virginia Tech's 2012 Sporn Award for Excellence in Engineering Education.
    Thomas E. Watson (ME), Staunton, Va., is president of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers.
    death Eric T. Carlen (EE), Roanoke, Va., 7/10/12.


    death George A. Hatchell (CE), Midlothian, Va., 6/5/11.


    death Clyde E. Collins Jr. (PSCI), Statesville, N.C., 4/17/12.
    David E. Jackson (ANSC '69), Fairfax, Va., 4/14/12.
    James A. Price (CE), Manlius, N.Y., 11/26/11.
    Rick Schumacher (EE '70), Downey, Calif., 7/25/11.
    James R. Stafford Jr. (EM), Alpena, Mich., 4/5/12.


    death L.R. Bailey Jr. (BAD '70), Glen Allen, Va., 5/1/12.
    Stephen N. Bent (MGT), Greensboro, N.C., 5/5/12.
    Alton L. Embrey (CE '70), Midlothian, Va., 8/12/11.
    T.E. Ferguson (PSCI '70), Pulaski, Va., 5/19/12.




    death Thomas R. Ross Jr. (MGT '71), Jacksonville, Fla., 6/4/12.


    Garet K. Bosiger (MGT), Appomattox, Va., was named CFO of the Year for small, privately owned companies by Virginia Business Magazine. He sold his business to Genesis Products Inc.
    Claire Cassell Harmon (MGT '72), Los Alamos, N.M., retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
    death Stanley R. Cross (MGT), Midlothian, Va., 4/17/12.
    Ronald W. Davis (MGT), Troutville, Va., 4/26/12.
    Adrian D. Estes (FW '72), Gloucester Point, Va., 6/9/12.
    Stephen B. Hanback (BC), Warrenton, Va., 6/8/12.
    J. Kenneth Lassiter Sr. (EE), Raleigh, N.C., 4/29/12.
    Kirk E. Paradise (FW), Huntsville, Ala., 5/22/12.
    James D. Schwartz (GSC), Gallatin, Tenn., 6/3/12.
    Thomas G. Valentine (PSCI '72), Richmond, Va., 5/13/12.


    Stephen G. Lippy (CE), Lutherville, Md., retired after 40 years of service with the Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management and received the 2012 Stanley E. Kappe award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.
    death James C. Cardellichio (PSCI), Fairfax, Va., 3/26/12.
    John C. Farris (PSYC, PSYC '75), Virginia Beach, Va., 5/26/12.
    Stephen E. Fuller (FDSC), Windsor, Va., 12/6/11.
    Raymond L. Morrison Jr. (PSCI, PSCI), Summerfield, Fla., 3/25/12.


    Harold W. Adams Jr. (EE), Midlothian, Va., is retired from Dominion Resources. He received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA's Citation of Honor for leadership in creating the organization's national energy policy position statement and he is a distinguished member of the International Council on Large Electric Systems.
    death Larry G. Overstreet (IE), Blacksburg, Va., 4/23/12.
    Terry L. Stewart (CE), Weirton, W.Va., 3/10/12.
    Carlton H. Wendel (ANSC), Marshall, Minn., 6/15/12.


    Jean A. Harshbarger Dodge (SOC), Mobile, Ala., received Virginia Tech's 2012 Alumni Distinguished Service Award for her contributions to the university.
    death Frank G. Ross (PSYC '75), Moreno Valley, Calif., 9/19/11.
    Katherine Lambert Vance (ELED), Asheville, N.C, 5/5/12.


    Neil C. Damgaard (IEOR), New Bedford, Mass., was appointed the Protestant chaplain of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.
    Patricia Proudfoot Kelly (EDCI), Salem, Va., earned Virginia Tech's 2012 Alumni Award for Excellence in International Education.
    John R. Lawson II (GEOP), Newport News, Va., received Virginia Tech's 2012 Alumni Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to the university.
    Robert S. Mills (HORT, ARCH '79), Richmond, Va., received the 2012 Marcellus Wright Jr. Award from the American Institute of Architects Richmond Chapter. His firm, Commonwealth Architects, received the T. David Fitz-Gibbon Award.
    wedding William C. Apter (MGT '76) and Terry Mathis, Raleigh, N.C., 6/9/12.
    death Ellen Graube Burnop (HPE), Blacksburg, Va., 5/11/12.


    Ritchey Bristow (FW), Greenville, N.C., retired from the General Services Administration after 30 years of civil service.


    Ray E. Van Dyke (ENGL, EDCI '81, EDAD '97, ELPS '98), Blacksburg, Va., received the Distinguished Leader award from the Division of Undergraduate Education at Virginia Tech.


    James M. Bigwood (EDMA), Towson, Md., received a regional Emmy Award in the audio crafts category for recording and mixing the Morgan State University Choir.
    Matthew J. McGinniss (ZOOL), San Diego, Calif., is executive director of molecular genetics at Genoptix Medical Laboratory in Carlsbad, Calif.
    Douglas J. Nelson (ME, ME '79), Blacksburg, Va., was elected Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers International.
    Kathy Largen Patterson (MUS '79), Pembroke, N.C., earned the National Board Certified Teacher Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching.
    Saifur Rahman (EE), McLean, Va., received the Divisional Professional Leadership Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA.
    Mary Lynn Richford (EDAD, EDAD '81), Glen Cove, N.Y., published articles entitled "The Halloween Dance" and "First Communion Day" in Looking Back Magazine.


    Douglas W. Burks (CE), Midlothian, Va., was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Alumni in Virginia Tech's Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
    William P. Rhodes (HORT), Darlington, Md., served as an agricultural advisor in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, from 2009 to 2011.
    Harold T. Speaks Jr. (FW), Blacksburg, Va., was named forest supervisor for the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.
    death Edward J. Daniel Jr. (COMM '81), Providence Forge, Va., 9/13/11.
    Thomas H. Fore Jr. (BIOL), Powhatan, Va., 6/2/12.
    Steven R. Hillesland (ECON), Fargo, N.D., 6/24/12.
    Mark L. Hopkins (AGRN), Keller, Va., 5/1/12.
    Wesley C. Noren (URBA), Fredericksburg, Va., 6/23/12.
    Susan Davis Zammit (CTRA), Wythville, Va., 5/4/12.




  • Kimberly Sumner Hardin '81
    Kimberly Sumner Hardin '81
  • Patricia Martin Dove (AGRN, GEOL '84), Blacksburg, Va., will be inducted into the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of her sustained excellence in original scientific research.
    Kimberly Sumner Hardin (ARCH '81), Nashville, Tenn., is vice president and corporate treasurer at the architecture/engineering firm of Barge, Waggoner, Sumner, and Cannon Inc.
    Alan K. Truman (EE), Los Altos, Calif., is vice president of engineering for Zettaset in Mountain View, Calif.
    William H. Woodall (STAT '74, STAT '81), Blacksburg, Va., received the Box Medal from the European Network of Industrial and Business Statistics.
    death Millard D. Kefauver III (CHE), Danville, Va., 5/29/12.
    Loren Stickney (HNF), Locust Grove, Va., 6/2/12.


    Helene Combs Dreiling (ARCH), Roanoke, Va., was elected the 2013 first vice president and 2014 president-elect for the American Institute of Architects.
    Dwight A. Polk (EDSS), Baltimore, Md., authored his third book, "Law Enforcement Responder: Principles of Emergency Medicine, Rescue, and Force Protection."
    Victoria K. Sloan Wyant (PSYC), Springfield, Va., is assistant manager for the Unit Owners Association for Lexington Square Condominium.
    Carl E. Zipper (AGRN '86, AGEC '87), Blacksburg, Va., received Virginia Tech's 2012 Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence.
    death Linda C. Beal (MHFD, FCD '87), Blacksburg, Va., 6/8/12.
    Thomas D. Daley (BAD '82), Richmond, Va., 6/4/12.
    Matthew C. McHale (ANSC), Winchester, Va., 5/22/12.


    Shirley A. Sunderland Edwards (ACCT), Sandy Spring, Md., received Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business 2012 Distinguished Alumnus Award.
    Rytas J. Vilgalys (BOT, BOT '85), Durham, N.C., was named a Fellow by the American Academy for Microbiology.
    death Neal C. McKissick (FIN), Richmond, Va., 4/29/12.


    John C. Vanderland (MGT), Beaverdam, Va., received the Virginia Business 2012 CFO of the Year Award.
    death Nancy Hincher-Harrod (EDCI), Johnson City, Tenn., 6/23/12.


    Paige R. Rapkin Atkins (EE), Annandale, Va., was named to the board of directors for the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association International.
    Stephen J. Bonasera (EE), Omaha, Neb., received the 2012 Joseph P. Gilmore Distinguished New Investigator Award at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
    A. Christopher Johnson (CE), Indian Trail, N.C., is vice president of Gannett Fleming Inc. in Charlotte, N.C.


    Barton L. Willis (PHYS), Kearney, Neb., is chair of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.
    death Grace M. Chu (BIOC), Germantown, Md., 5/6/12.


    Dwight A. Holland (GEOP, ISE '91, ISE '01), Roanoke, Va., received the international Aerospace Medical Association's Sidney Leverett Award for outstanding contributions to aerospace systems operations.
    Richard D. Lewis (HNF), Athens, Ga., was recognized with the University of Georgia Foundation Professorship in Family and Consumer Sciences.
    Richard B. Loucks (ME), Edgewater, Md., is vice president of engineering for RTI Group in Annapolis, Md.
    Bettina K. Ring (FW), Greenbrae, Calif., joined the American Forest Foundation as senior vice president for family forests.
    Mitzi R. Vernon (ARCH), Blacksburg, Va., received Virginia Tech's 2012 William E. Wine Award.


    death Michael F. Loibl (VM), Fairbanks, Alaska, 4/23/12.


    Charles D. Fisher Jr. (ENGL), Roanoke Va., was named a Fellow in the Society for Technicial Communication.
    Christina M. Baum McIntyre (HNF '95), Eggleston, Va., received a certificate of merit in the "Academic Advising–primary role" category for the National Academic Advising Association's 2012 Outstanding Advising Awards. McIntyre also received Virginia Tech's 2012 Provost Award for Excellence in Advising.
    Noel N. Nunnally Schulz (EE '90), Manhattan, Kan., was named Kansas State University's College of Engineering associate dean for research and director of the engineering experiment station.
    death Richard P. Mackey (EE), Gilbert, Ariz., 6/29/11.


    wedding Pauline Donato Lea (FCD '90) and Glen A. Lea, Glen Allen, Va., married 11/11/11.




    Joseph M. DeSimone (CHEM), Chapel Hill, N.C., and his firm, Liquidia Technologies, are collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline to research and develop vaccine and inhaled-product candidates using Liquidia's proprietary PRINT technology.
    Zhenghe Xu (MESC), Edmonton, Alberta, received the Frank Spragins Technical Summit Award from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.


    John L. Roberts Jr. (AGEC), Amelia Court House, Va., received the 2012 State Friend of Extension Award for sharing his knowledge of the livestock grading system with producers.
    birth Beth Duffy Cox (COMM), Charlottesville, Va., a son, 10/30/11.
    death Robert C. Weih Jr. (FOR), Monticello, Ariz., 6/17/12.


    Sherri L. Cook (BAD), Blacksburg, Va., is senior associate director of finance and administration at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute.
    Robert W. Hulvey (CPE), Redondo Beach, Calif., was named to the 2012 Bluetooth Hall of Fame by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group for his contributions to the development of the technology.
    Charles E. Watson (STAT, ENGL '93, ENGL '95, EDCI '07) Blacksburg, Va., received the Distinguished Colleague award from the Division of Undergraduate Education at Virginia Tech.


    Eric Cramer (BAD, BAD '95), Woodstock, Ga., was promoted to chief investment officer at Buckhead Investment Partners LLC.
    birth Matthew G. McCarey (HIST), Davidson, N.C., a daughter, 10/7/11.
    Amy C. Moore (EDPE, EDCH '95), Haymarket, Va., a son, 2/10/11.


  • Cynthia A. Whitbred-Spanoulis '94
    Cynthia Whitbred-Spanoulis '94
  • Charles E. Cooper Jr. (ARCH), Red Lion, Pa., is a registered architect and a senior project manager and director of sustainability at Frederick Ward Associates in Bel Air, Md.
    Michael C. McWithey (AE), Colleyville, Texas, is manager of the Lockheed Martin High Speed Wind Tunnel.
    Cynthia A. Whitbred-Spanoulis (PSCI, PAPA ’96), Virginia Beach, Va., is deputy director of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center and was selected as the Virginia Beach Rotary Club 2012 Outstanding City Employee of the Year.
    birth Joshua C. George (CE, CE '96), York, Pa., a son, 4/26/12.
    death Jane M. Koehler (ENGL), Baltimore, Md., 6/7/12.


    Christopher T. Case (ARCH), Charlotte, N.C., is senior project architect for the Durham County Health and Human Services Complex and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Engineering, Aviation, Computer, and Mathematical Sciences Building.
    Jill Colletta Goebel (HIDM), Alexandria, Va., is a senior associate for Gensler, an architecture firm that won a Gold Award in the 2012 Premiere Awards' educational category from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Interior Design Association for the interior design of the Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington.
    Stefanie F. Lazanov (SOC), Alexandria, Va., is director of revenue management for The Westin Georgetown in Washington, D.C.
    birth Jerry L. Dowdy (BSED), Christiansburg, Va., a son, 2/28/12.
    death Tara P. Boyce Burlage (COMM), Kill Devil Hills, N.C., 4/28/12.


    Denny S. Jessee (CSES, CSES '97), Castlewood, Va., received Virginia Tech's 2012 Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension.
    wedding Kevin M. Wilson (ISE) and Tanya L. Boerger, Crofton, Md., 4/21/12.
    death Jason L. Shingleton (ME), Broken Arrow, Okla., 4/17/12.

  • James L. Moore III ('97, '00)
    James L. Moore III '97, '00
  • '97

    James L. Moore III (EDSP, EDCO '00), Alexandria, Va., received the first-ever Black Man Can Award for Higher Education.
    Arthur L. Parkerson (MGT), Suffolk, Va., is working on a film entitled "Green Screen: Cultivating Life in the Digital Age."
    birth Candice Sanders Palmer (MKTG), London, United Kingdom, a daughter, 4/23/12.


    James G. Jenkins (GBUA), Blacksburg, Va., was reappointed as the William S. Gay Junior Faculty Fellow by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.
    Jonathan P. Parker (MSCI), Arlington, Va., is a partner in Ernst & Young LLP's transaction advisory practice.
    birth Elizabeth Espinoza Garza (EE '99), Clermont, Fla., a son, 3/4/12.
    Chad D. Nagle (CEEN) and Stephenie B. Ingersoll Nagle (FCD '00), Tongeren, Belgium, a son, 9/16/11.
    Courtney S. Privette (FCD), Newport News, Va., a son, 6/26/12.
    Tracy Skidmore Woodhead (IS, FR), Woodbridge, Va., a son, 4/19/12.
    death Theodore C. Von Dameck (ARCH), Blacksburg, Va., 5/11/12.


    Donald D. Kranbuehl (CE, ARCH '00), Raleigh, N.C., mentored Moore Square Museums Magnet Middle School students for the 2012 Environmental Stewardship Competition sponsored by the Triangle chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council.
    birth Shelley Williams Albert (PSYC), Christiansburg, Va., a daughter, 3/15/12.
    Michael M. Huffman (MSCI), Phoenixville, Pa., a son, 4/27/12.
    Edward M. Ross (FCD), Richmond, Va., a daughter, 5/30/11.
    death Muzaffer Cicek (BIOL '96, BIOL), Rochester, Minn., 6/24/12.




    Jennifer B. Hasty Aulgur (PSCI), Harrisonburg, Va., was appointed by Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell as deputy secretary of the commonwealth.
    Rebecca J. Baunsgard (ENGL), Bothell, Wash., started her own business, Resume-Checker, providing professional résumé and cover-letter editing services.
    Marshall R. Eichfeld (CE), Cleveland, Ohio, was elected president of Ohio Aviation Association.
    Michael S. Gaddy (CE), Virginia Beach, Va., completed the Crestcom Bullet Proof Manager training program.
    Mark A. Rice (HIST), is executive officer on the USS Guardian.
    birth Jason M. Anderson (ME, ME '03) and Caroline Pappert Anderson (PSYC '01), Reston, Va., married 4/29/12.
    birth Dennis B. Cook (HIST), Centreville, Va., a son, 2/29/12.
    Marshall R. Eichfeld (CE), Cleveland, Ohio, a daughter, 3/15/12.
    Erin Franconeri Regonini (SOC), Clinton, Mass., a son, 11/23/11.


    Martin P. Daniel (PAPA), Blacksburg, Va., is associate vice president for research operations at Virginia Tech.
    Tarun Hingorani (CPE), Vienna, Va., earned a master's degree from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.
    wedding Matthew M. Gunzburger (ESM) and Lindsay Bertch, Savannah, Ga., married 10/8/11.
    birth Bryan D. McIlwee (CE) and Jessica Dalton McIlwee (COMM '03), Hilton Head Island, S.C., a daughter, 3/13/12.
    Sarah Davis Ohlhorst (HNFE, HNFE '04) and Craig P. Ohlhorst (ACIS '03), Oakton, Va., a son, 3/27/12.
    Bret A. Steele (ACCT), Virginia Beach, Va., son, 6/7/12.
    Michael J. Wills (ME, ME '07) and Theresa Cimorelli Wills (MATH '04), Annandale, Va., a son, 12/28/11.
    death Aaron B. Pope (HNFE '02), Abingdon, Va., 5/15/12.


    Katrina J. Choi (HIDM, ARCH '04), Alexandria, Va., is an interior designer for Gensler, a firm that won a Gold Award in the 2012 Premiere Awards' educational category from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the International Interior Design Association for the interior design of the Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington.
    Elizabeth H. Dyson (FORS), Leonardtown, Md., was named St. Mary's (Md.) public schools' recipient of The Washington Post 2012 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award.
    birth Frank J. Corigliano (PHED) and Megan Dillon Corigliano (MGT '02), Ewing, N.J., a son, 3/25/12.
    Amanda R. Cangemi Crook (HNFE), Mount Airy, Md., a daughter, 5/14/12.
    Andrea Podobnik Michael (ACIS) and Gregory Michael (GEOG '03), Manassas, Va., a son, 9/21/11.
    Addy O'Brien Hodges Miller (FIN), Hayes, Va., a son, 4/4/12.
    Bethany A. Lindsay Schiller (ME) and Noah H. Schiller (ME '02, ME '07), Yorktown, Va., a son, 2/20/12.
    Beverly Kain Sexton (PSYC) and Hunter B. Sexton (FIN '03), Wilson, N.C., a daughter, 3/27/12.


    Jeremy R. Moss (PSCI, SOC), Alexandria, Va., was named a 2012 Virginia Rising Star by Virginia Super Lawyers, a rating service for lawyers.
    birth Carolyn Friton Benzing (ACIS), Manlius, N.Y., twin girls, 2/18/12.
    Molly School de Lima-Campos (HIDM), Oakton, Va., twins, 11/30/11.
    Christopher K. Marston (CE), Mechanicsville, Va., a daughter, 6/14/12.
    Joshua P. Taylor (BIOL) and Emily E. Vernon Taylor (MSE '02), Roanoke, Va., a daughter, 6/22/12.


    Sarah C. Kammerer (PSCI), Chicago, Ill., received a Fulbright Research Grant to pilot a family-planning program among women's groups in marginalized tribal communities in India.
    Steven L. Mouras (URPL), Blacksburg, Va., received the Governor's Award for Innovation for exemplary service and dedication to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    wedding Blair A. Eason (MKT) and B.T. Nelson, Virginia Beach, Va., married 5/26/12.
    Mark J. Lawson (CS '04, CSA '09, CSA '09) and Christina M. Osborn (LAR '07), Charlottesville, Va., married 4/21/12.
    Brendan J. McDonald (PSCI) and Courtney R. Thurston, Columbia, S.C., married 7/30/11.
    Jonathan Melendez (HIST) and Kimberly A. Stuecheli (MKTG '05), Fairfax, Va., married 6/16/12.
    birth Kate Stuard Schulz (PSYC) and Michael C. Schulz (ACIS '05), Sterling, Va., a son, 4/18/12.
    Nicole L. Smith White (COMM) and Stephen J. White (CSES '04), Chester Gap, Va., a daughter, 6/16/11.


    Amy C. Frady (HNFE), Springfield, Va., is a nutrition program analyst in food distribution for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
    Amelia R. Rau (ARCH), Winchester, Va., started her own firm, Rau Design Studio, specializing in affordable, imaginative architecture.
    Kimberly A. Willig (ISE), Kingsville, Md., is a professional engineer for Gannett Fleming.
    wedding Rachael C. Borth (ARTF) and Jared Krehel, West Orange, N.J., married 6/29/12.
    Lindsey M. Hurst (PSCI '05, EDCI '06) and Daniel C. Childress (AHRM '06), Bristow, Va., married 6/30/12.
    Kristin L. Maglia (ISE) and Francis C. McKernan III, Raleigh, N.C., married 5/27/12.
    birth Thomas D. Ficklin III (ECON), Chesapeake, Va., a son, 7/7/11.
    James E. Fitzpatrick IV (ACIS) and Jennifer Wisch Fitzpatrick (AHRM '05), Warrenton, Va., a daughter, 4/5/12.
    Brenda L. Kuehn (IDST) and Larry A. Kuehn (IDST), Hastings, Neb., a son, 3/28/12.
    Brian L. Pruden (HTM), Avon, Ohio, a son, 4/5/12.


    Sierra R. Guynn (VM), Christiansburg, Va., is a clinical assistant professor of production management medicine with the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech.
    Jessica C. Leo (ARCH), Chicago, Ill., is an interior designer and architect for OKW Architects Inc. and has received a state license for architecture and interior design and also LEED accreditation.
    Megan E. McGowan (IDST), Oakton, Va., owns Wandering Roots Farm in Haywood County, Va.
    Donald J. Smith (CE), Richmond, Va., received the Virginia professional engineering license.
    Aubrielle Smith Walrond (PSCI), Davidson, N.C., graduated cum laude from Drexel University's Earle Mack School of Law.
    wedding Jaime K. Leiner (ARTF) and W. Brian Gill, Owings Mills, Md., married 5/27/12.

    birth Kevin P. Cuddihy (COMM), Fairfax, Va., a son, 6/6/12.
    Meghan East Eggleston (HD) and Eric M. Eggleston (SOC '08), Martinsville, Va., a son, 10/7/11.
    Marian Hall Hickes (SOC) and Matthew T. Hickes (PSYC '06), Herndon, Va., a son, 7/6/11.
    Nathan E. Jessee (ARCH), Kingsport, Tenn., a son, 8/30/11.

    Isaiah, son of Nathan E. Jessee (ARCH '06)
    Isaiah, son of Nathan E. Jessee '06

  • Ebony J. Stephenson '07
    Ebony J. Stephenson '07
  • '07

    Matthew A. Smith (CHEM, BCHM ), Sandy Spring, Md., earned a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina.
    Ebony J. Stephenson (PUA), Newport News, Va., is a designer for Criner Remodeling in Yorktown, Va.
    William R. Waddell (BIOL), Tazewell, Va., earned a doctor of pharmacy degree from the Appalachian College of Pharmacy.
    wedding Chelsea T. Benincasa (COMM) and Andrew T. Dorman, Silver Spring, Md., married 3/3/12.
    James B. Clayton (HORT) and Megan Dominguez, Corpus Christi, Texas, married 3/17/12.
    James R. Fleckenstein (HIST) and Karen E. Mackey (HIST), Gainesville, Va., married 3/25/12.


    Stephen J. Gombita (CHE), Arlington, Va., received a juris doctorate degree from the University of Akron School of Law.
    Jesse T. Irvin (FIN), Denver, Colo., is a financial analyst for Strategic Energy Advisors bank in Denver and was named the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business Most Outstanding MS Finance Student for 2012.
    wedding Mackenzie A. Cohe (BIT) and Lisa Vornbrock (FST '10), Fayetteville, N.C., married 6/9/12.
    Meagan M. Flood (COMM) and Zachary S. Jones (HIST '08), Charlotte, N.C., married 5/25/12.
    Crystal M. Lacey-Thompson (IDST) and William R. Thompson IV, White Post, Va., married 5/26/12.
    Aaron P. Myhr (CS, HIST) and Eileen McCaffrey Myhr (IDST), Centreville, Va., married 6/18/11.
    birth Nicholas R. Nelson (HIST), Fort Knox, Ky., a son, 5/3/12.


    Ashley N. Clark (APSC, EDCT '10), Pulaski, Va., achieved certification as a Professional Animal Scientist in the Equine American Registry.
    Karisa A. Moore (EDCT), Christiansburg, Va., is interim executive director for equity and access at Virginia Tech.
    Nathan B. Roberts (FIN), New Bedford, Mass., completed the U.S. Marine Corps' Basic School in March as a second lieutenant.
    wedding Brandon J. Divers (HIST) and Jennifer Hedrick Divers (COMM '10), Littleton, Colo., married 5/19/12.
    Bradley M. Shoemaker (FORS) and Jillian P. Massari (ENGL '10), Waldorf, Md., married 5/5/12.
    Benjamin C. Strause (CEM) and Megan Lyons Strause (PSYC), Alexandria, Va., married 8/6/11.
    death David Mishkel (BIOL), Yorktown, Va., 11/3/11.




    Klayton L. Shaw (CPE), Carrollton Va., is a software engineer for Northrop Grumman.
    wedding Michelle Anonick Banks (FST, CHEM) and Samuel B. Banks (ACIS, FIN '10), Midlothian, Va., married 2/19/11.
    Erik B. Ostergaard (ME) and Lindsey Eubank Ostergaard (ME), Springfield, Va., married 3/24/12.


    Adam C. Terminella (BAD), Henrico, Va., is an attorney and counselor at law with Golightly Mulligan PLC in Richmond, Va.
    Michael H. Tsutagawa (ISE) Centreville, Va., retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of honorable service.
    wedding Patrick W. Bates (CHEM) and Elizabeth Payne Bates, Pensacola, Fla., married 11/10/11.



    Ragaei Abdelfattah, a former graduate student, was killed Aug. 9 while serving as a USAID foreign service officer in Afghanistan.


    Bonnie Lee Appleton, professor emerita of horticulture and retired Virginia Cooperative Extension horticulture specialist, 7/21/12.
    Don Allen Garst, former teacher in the Department of Civil Engineering, 6/7/12.
    Mary H. Ross, professor emerita of entomology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 7/6/12.
    C.W. "Bill" Smith, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Engineering Science and Mechanics and a member of the Academy of Engineering Excellence at Virginia Tech, died July 30. Smith became one of the first engineering faculty members to transition from a strictly teaching role to assuming a teaching and research responsibility in the college. In 1977, the university recognized Smith with its Alumni Award for Excellence in Research. Over the course of his career, he received numerous honors for both teaching and research. In addition to recognition as a Fellow in the Society for Experimental Mechanics, the American Academy of the Mechanics, and American Association of Mechanical Engineers, he was awarded NASA's Langley Research Center Scientific Achievement Award and the statewide Dan Pletta Engineering Educator of the Year Award.


    Ruth Horton died June 18. Horton and her late husband, Miles C. Horton Jr., were steadfast supporters of Virginia Tech. In addition to the Miles and Ruth Horton Collection of artwork, the couple also gave their house, an art studio, and the Miles C. Horton Sr. Research Center, including the Martin Observatory and Vorticella Lab—which essentially amounts to the top of Salt Pond Mountain near Mountain Lake in Giles County, Va. To read more about the couple's legacy, visit


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