Virginia Tech Class of 2018 ring

Behind the Bling

How Tech Ticks

Unveiled in early October, the Class of 2018 ring — designed by students, just as it is every year — is packed with meaning.

Virginia Tech Class of 2018 ring

University side

counterclockwise from top left


The range that stretches across both sides evokes Blacksburg's location between the Blue Ridge and the Alleghany mountains.

Torgersen Bridge

Spanning Alumni Mall, Torgersen Bridge serves as the gateway to Virginia Tech. Below it, the screaming eagle — a symbol of strength and freedom — has been a traditional element on the ring since 1911.

University shield

The shield was adopted in 1896


Since 1964, "Skipper" has been a Corps of Cadets tradition at football games and corps and university events.

Hokie Stone

Ut Prosim

The motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve), is the foundation of the ring's university side, and the university itself. The motto is in the same location and style as on the 1969 class ring worn by the 2018 ring collection's namesake, Frank Beamer.

Corps of Cadets crest

Flaming VT

The "flaming VT" situated between the corps crest and the university shield symbolizes the Hokie spirit shared by civilians and cadets.

Lest we forget

Engraved onto "The Rock" located on the Upper Quad, these words honor VPI alumni lost in World War I.

Burruss Hall

Virginia Tech Class of 2018 ring

Class side

counterclockwise from top left


The snowman represents special times enjoyed on snow days, including the annual cadets-versus-civilians snowball fight.

Turbine in Goodwin Hall

The Rolls Royce turbine hanging in the lobby of Goodwin Hall represents Virginia Tech's stellar academics and research.

Moss Arts Center

Class of 2018 motto

Mentes apertai, fines consociati (Minds open, aims united). The Class of 2018 embraces differences.

Downtown Blacksburg

Main Street celebration

On Sept. 6, 2014, Hokies flooded downtown Blacksburg after the football team beat an Ohio State team that would go on to win the national championship.

Beamer Way

Beamer Way, formerly Spring Road, is named in honor of Coach Frank Beamer '69.

Commonwealth Cup

Held high by a student, this cherished cup is awarded to the winner of the annual Virginia Tech-UVA football game, which Tech has won for 12 consecutive years.

Cassell Coliseum

Drillfield events

The ferris wheel welcomes students back to campus at GobblerFest. The ribbon celebrates the tradition of being the No. 1 collegiate Relay For Life. The tent symbolized Hokies coming together to serve the community at the Big Event.

President Sands in graduation cap

The silhouette of President Tim Sands wearing a graduation cap and standing under the summertime tree signifies that he began his time tenure here with the Class of 2018 and will complete his "senior year" with the class.


By the numbers

7 stars to honor Virginia Tech's seven Medal of Honor recipients • 2 crossed sabres, an element from the earliest class rings • 1872, the year that Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College opened • MMXVIII, 2018 in Roman numerals • 8 Pylons: Brotherhood, Honor, Service, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Leadership, Duty, and Ut Prosim • 2 oak trees on each side: one side representing autumn and spring; the other side, winter and summer • 2018: The class logo incorporates Hokie tracks. • CXLIVT: The Class of 2018 will be the 144th class to graduate. • 09/10/2016: The checkered scoreboard signifies the Battle at Bristol football game. • 32 Hokie tracks: Forming an interlocking chain around the gemstone, the tracks pay tribute to each Hokie lost on April 16, 2007.

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