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Spring 2009

Holtzman Alumni Center
Upcoming 2009 alumni events |
2009 upcoming alumni events at Virginia Tech

Summer Around the Drillfield, featuring the College of Engineering

Join us in the Holtzman Alumni Center and The Inn at Virginia Tech July 16-18 for this year's Summer Around the Drillfield program, "Healthier Living through Engineering." The program will provide an in-depth look at health research taking place in the College of Engineering and the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science research facility. The program will also feature the School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, a joint venture between Wake Forest University and Virginia Tech. For more information and to register, please visit
Summer Around the Drillfield at Virginia Tech
Multicultural Alumni Programs
Virginia Tech alumnae
The Alumni Association offers events and opportunities to increase participation of individuals from multicultural constituencies to support the university's goal of inclusion. Multicultural constituency groups include, but are not limited to, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, and international alumni.
multicultural alumni programs at Virginia Tech

An integral part of encouraging alumni engagement is the Multicultural Alumni Advisory Board, comprised of alumni from various constituency groups and committed to promoting diversity and representing multicultural alumni interests. All multicultural alumni are valuable ambassadors for the university, and they can be especially helpful in encouraging prospective high school students to apply and perhaps in serving as mentors for students from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, the creation of diversity chairs within local alumni chapters further promotes multicultural alumni participation. Multicultural alumni can help the university in its mission to offer a diverse educational experience by attending a campus or regional chapter event or by volunteering to share their experiences with high school and/or current students.

In 2009, the Alumni Association will expand its multicultural alumni programs by encouraging academic colleges to join in the Young Alumni Program of online social networking and business/professional networking events and by organizing reunions, campus cultural celebrations, and other traditional student programs for multicultural alumni.

For more information, go to Please contact Laurie Brogdon at 540/231-6285 or if you have suggestions for planning multicultural reunions on campus and/or gatherings with students or about contacting a local alumni chapter to get involved.

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