Hokies probe the heavens: Alumni are making things happen at the Hubble Space Telescope

Its giant eye, privy to both the ultraviolet and infrared spectra in space, has discovered the fantastic disgorgement of infant stars from the Eagle Nebula, the explosive deaths of aging stars, the inescapable power of black holes, and a planet fleeing its parents.

The creative spark: Virginia Tech's community of writers

It must be tough being married to a creative writer. You never know when an unflattering glimpse of yourself might turn up in one of your spouse's stories.

Riding on wings and prayers: Because of folks at Tech equine center she calls angels, disabled equestrian rides again

Four years ago, upon being thrown from a thoroughbred at the Charles Town Race Track, Fiona Larsen suffered a traumatic brain injury and spent six months in a coma.

Good Man Knobler: School's not out for '38 alumnus

Seventy years have passed since Alfred "Alf" Knobler (ceramic engineering '38) graduated from PS 42 in the Bronx, but now he's back at his old elementary school and he's got things to tell the kids.

Take a peek at some of the latest books by Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and alumni.

Short Features About Alumni
Virginia Tech alumni are involved in many interesting ventures. Here are the stories of a few of them.

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