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Summer 2016

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On the cover: If you happened to be standing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in late April, chances are that you heard "LET'S GO!" answered by "HOKIES!" a time or two. Photo courtesy of the New York Stock Exchange.

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Virginia Tech rising junior Hannah Ricketts
Around the Drillfield
Running for life

Rising junior and researcher Hannah Ricketts ran across the U.S. to honor the memory of a family friend.

Virginia Tech Professor of English Tom Gardner (right) with Bucknell University teammates
A return

In college, Alumni Distinguished Professor of English Thomas Gardner (right) learned to let his writing and running coexist.

Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets
Corps of Cadets
Leader, Scholar

Citizen-Leader Track cadet Kristine Irene Mapili (far right) lives out her belief that "leadership is service, not position."

Are emojis a return to hieroglyphs?

Comparatively, the usefulness of emojis is limited, says English professor Joseph F. Eska, a linguistics expert.

Virginia Tech student-athlete Ken Ekanem
The value of an athletic scholarship

A self-supporting auxiliary of the university, the athletics department receives no state funding, operating solely on donations and revenue.

Virginia Tech student Abigail Smith
Gifts enable students' ambitions

Rising senior Abigail Smith is among students benefiting from gifts that honor 1921 alumnus Fred D. Durham, namesake of Tech's Durham Hall.

Still Life

Precision pups

Dogs may look like sloppy drinkers, but their tongue movements are in fact precise movements that use inertia to optimize their ability to drink. Rapid tongue acceleration — to the tune of 2 to 4 Gs — is followed by tongue retraction, which draws water upward. The dog then bites down to capture the water. Researchers in Virginia Tech's Bio-Inspired Fluid Lab, which investigates practical applications that exploit the movement of fluids in living systems, filmed 19 dogs in the National Science Foundation-supported study. Full story →

dog drinking water

Courtesy of Jake Socha, Sean Gart, and Sunghwan Jung