Life goes on in the Electronic Village

The Blacksburg Electronic Village (BEV) has been a research lab for community networking. So what's life like in a town where 60 percent of the residents and 70 percent of the businesses are wired?

The Great Duck Pond Project

Recording alumni memories of Duck Pond escapades is part of a unique community learning experience that focuses on the Virginia Tech landmark. Students of all ages participate in projects ranging from water quality monitoring and geography to poetry, environmental art, and computer science.

Pretty Packages

You can relive bygone times by touring these historic properties that came to Virginia Tech as gifts.

Roddy Moore '67 reigns as folklorist of Blue Ridge culture

Roddy Moore's eclectic interests -- folk music, draft horses, traditional crafts, hot rods, and his collection of pickled peppers and potted possum -- culminate in the ideal candidate for the job he's held since 1974, director of the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum.

Hokie History in Photos

Take a peek at some of the latest books by Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and alumni.

Short Features About Alumni
Virginia Tech alumni are involved in many interesting ventures. Here are the stories of a few of them.

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