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Courtney Nolan Messick
“We started our marriage by jumping to ‘Enter Sandman’ as we entered our reception!”—Courtney Nolan Messick ’10, Centreville, Virginia, who married Michael Messick, 8/3/19. Photo credit: Manda Weaver
Kenneth Long
“Welcoming baby Olivia from behind a mask—a sign of the crazy times she was born into.”—Kenneth Long ’93, Chesterfield, Virginia, who welcomed a daughter, Olivia, 6/24/20. Photo credit: Elizabeth Long
Kathryn Slaughter-Mehfoud
“We were thrilled to add a future Hokie to our family!”—Kathryn Slaughter-Mehfoud ’13, Champaign, Illinois, who along with Collins Mehfoud ’10 welcomed a daughter, Caroline Lillian, 11/15/20. Photo credit: Heather McCormick Photography
Brittney Worrell Owen
“We demonstrated how much chemistry we have with our own unique version of a unity ceremony during our wedding.”—Brittney Worrell Owen ’18, Poquoson, Virginia, who married Billy Owen ’18, 12/20/19. Photo credit: Kemper Mills Fant
“Big sister, Olivia, is proud to introduce her lil’ brother, Benjamin, to Hokie Nation.”—Laura King Schinkel ’05, Colonial Heights, Virginia, who welcomed a son, Benjamin Thomas, 4/15/20. Photo credit: Caiti Garter Photography
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