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THIS FALL, 2,820 HOKIES GOT OUTSIDE, explored, and had fun in the first Hokie Hike. Together, alumni, friends, students, faculty, and staff traveled thou- sands of miles and raised more than $28,000 for Rec Sports at Virginia Tech. More than 500 hike participants shared their journeys using an online leader- board. The board tally indicates that Hokies traveled more than 2,783 miles in locations across the country and as far away as Germany. Hokies hiked in states from Virginia to California—and even Hawaii. Their ventures included walks across campus, strolls on the beach, and miles on trails across Appalachia.

See more at alumni.vt.edu/hike.

Rathburn family
Shared by Carolyn Rathburn
Tricia Roy and child
Shared by Tricia Roy
Brizzolara at McAffee's Knob
Shared by Stefano Brizzolara
Gene Ball and dog
Shared by Gene Ball
group of friends
Shared by Veva Zanjani
Mark and child at beach
Shared by Mark Brokaw
Megan and friends
Shared by Megan Remsen
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