Swiss Alps scene


Swiss Alps and the Italian Lakes

Enjoy high alpine splendor in St. Moritz and get to know the much-loved Italian Lakes region. Along the way, enjoy the natural beauty and the distinct cultures of two countries.

See magnificent scenery, architecture, and masterpieces, including a baroque palace and da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” in Milan on this eight-night journey from Sept. 23-Oct. 2.

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June 28-July 6
Baltic and Scandinavian Emperors

July 12-22
Gaelic Inspiration

July 23-30
Summer Vistas of Alaska

July 26-Aug. 5
Rhine Highlights

July 31-Aug. 10
The Majestic Great Lakes

Aug. 10-18
Scotland - Sterling

Aug. 16-24
Great Pacific Northwest

Sept. 7-20
Relics and Retreats

Sept. 13-24
Sicily in Depth

Oct. 15-25
Adriatic Awakening

Dec. 11-19
Holiday Market Cruise

Dec. 30-Jan.4
New Year’s Rose Parade

Maloja Pass

Maloja Pass



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