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The Old Guard Society of Golden Alumni gathers annually each spring.


J. Ambler Johnston wrote the first constitution for the Old Guard.


Women were admitted to the university in 1921. Now there are 850 women in the Old Guard. Female membership has more than doubled in the past five years.


Corps membership was mandatory until 1964. Today, 7,992 Old Guard members were in the corps. Each year, the society inducts more civilians.


Total Old Guard Population

Total alumni population: 263,302

Over the next decade the society will triple in membership.

What is the Old Guard Society of Golden Alumni? The society comprises the university’s most passionate and respected alumni. Each year when a new class celebrates their 50th reunion at Homecoming, they are inducted into the Old Guard, which then gathers annually each spring.

The need for the Old Guard was pointed out by P.B. Earle, Class of 1901. He proposed an alumni group that would continue reunions and fellowship for members of classes that could no longer hold individual class activities. Each year the society grows and becomes more diverse, reflecting how the university changed some 50 years ago.

  • There are 25 former and current Board of Visitor members alive today.
  • There have been 88 members of the Old Guard who have attained the rank of general in the military.
  • Total alumni population: 263,302.
  • Total Old Guard population: 14,280.
  • Percent of overall population: 5.4%.
  • Over the next decade the society triples in membership.

Members Across the Country

heat map of United States

The top 5 states for Old Guard members:

State  Count  Percentage
Virginia  6,365  44.55%
North Carolina  1,032  7.22%
Florida  985  6.89%
Maryland  566  3.96%
California  471  3.30%