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Laura Stanley Trilles and Charlie Trilles
“Now that’s Hokie! We flew the minister from Virginia to perform the ceremony; he’s a Hokie. Yes, there is a Hokie tattoo under that dress. The bride took the groom to Virginia Tech for our first Christmas together.” —Laura Stanley Trilles ’06 who married Charlie Trilles, Honolulu, Hawaii, 8/19/17. (photo by Schyne Photography)
“What could be better than two Hokies who met at school, fell in love, and then got married on campus, too. Hokies for life!” —Janice Leigh Ryerse Overton ’15 who married Matthew C. Arnold ’12, Blacksburg, Va., 10/22/16. (photo by Kristie Lea Photography)
Addison Grace Brooke
“Raising her right with some Hokie Spirit! My wife, Susan, and I can’t wait to bring her to Blacksburg!” —Robert M. Brooke ’88, Fairfax, Va., who welcomed a daughter, Addison Grace, 5/6/17. (photo by Robert Brooke)
“Nothing beats marrying your best friend in the best place; right where our story began!” —Ashley Nelson Dustin ’15 who married James Dustin, Los Angeles, Calif., 7/29/17. (photo by Toya Earley)
“Danielle, our little Hokie cheerleader, is already an avid Hokie fan.” —Brian Wilkerson ’96, who welcomed a daughter, Danielle Elise, 9/27/16. (photo by Wendy Wilkerson)
“We met in physics lab. Chemistry quickly turned into biology, which blessed us with Charlotte—our newest Hokie.” —Morgan Hankin ’10, who along with Ashley Hankin ’10, Baltimore, Md., welcomed a daughter, Charlotte, 9/1/17.
“Our love story started in Blacksburg, traveled across four states, and landed us in our new home of New Braunfels, Texas, where our family, friends, and fellow Hokies joined us to celebrate our marriage.” —Taylor Nurmi Jimeson ’12, who married Max Jimeson ’11, New Braunfels, Texas, 9/3/17. (photo by Robin Jerstad)
“Brooke has already enjoyed a full season of cheering on the Virginia Tech football team.” —Chris DeMay ’02, who along with Bonnie Williams DeMay ’00, Chantilly, Va., welcomed a daughter, Brooke Florence, 7/26/17. (photo by Bonnie Williams DeMay)
“Clark Shuman loves supporting the Hokies and his daddy, who is associate director for VT football strength and conditioning.” —Meredith Hawkins Shuman ’10, who along with Ryan Shuman ’08, Roanoke, Va., welcomed a son, John Clark, 11/6/17. (photo by Meredith Shuman)
“George was born early, but he made it home on Feb. 5, 2017—just in time to watch the Super Bowl! Both mom and dad graduated from Virginia Tech, so he’s destined to be a Hokie fan, too. In fact, he’s already a member of the Hokie Kids’ Club.” —Sara Lovejoy Pennington ’01, who along with Neil S. Pennington ’95, MBA ’99, Richmond, Va., welcomed a son, George Alexander Pennington, 1/14/17. (photo by JCPenney)