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Haley Berlin
“Her favorite bedtime lullabye? Every Hokie’s favorite song, Tech Triumph!”—Sarah Berlin’13, Midlothian, Virginia, who, along with Andrew Berlin ’12, welcomed a daughter, Haley Susan, 2/7/20. Photo credit: Sarah Berlin
Lindsay Deely
“Our wedding was a beautiful celebration for two Hokies!” —Lindsay Stewart Deely ’15, Arlington, Virginia, who married Collin Deely, 8/22/20. Photo credit: Amanda Gilley
Rylie Encinas
“Introducing a new Hokie. Weighing in at 7 lbs. and 2.8 oz, 20 in. long, she is a perfect addition.” —Michael Encinas ’11, Midlothian, Virginia, who welcomed a daughter, Rylie, 5/15/20. Photo credit: Michael Encinas
Winston Lewis Pesek
“Future Hokie, Class of 2041!”—Seth W. Pesek ’05, Charlotte, North Carolina, who welcomed a son, Winston Lewis Pesek, 4/30/19. Photo credit: Seth W. Pesek
Caroline Bonnie Blue Smith
“Celebrating the birth of a future Hokie!”—Meredith Vallee ’10, North Hampton, New Hampshire, who welcomed a daughter, Caroline Bonnie Blue Smith, 7/17/20. Photo credit: Meredith Vallee
Womeldorph and Blakesly
“Our love story is a tale of college sweethearts who were reunited.”—Donald E. Womeldorph Jr. ’62, Ph.D. ’66, Lantana, Texas, who married Anne Blakesly 11/9/19. Photo credit: Courtesy Anne Blakesly
Jocelyn and Eric Zimmerman
“On Nov. 11, I married my Virginia Tech and Corps of Cadets sweetheart.”—Jocelyn Lamb Zimmerman ’17, North Bethesda, Maryland, who married Eric Zimmerman ’16, 11/2/19. Photo credit: Lori Conklin, KPC and Co. Photography
Audrey Wood and family
“Even Lane, our pup who is named after Lane Stadium, of course, is excited to share the news of our newest addition. Go Hokies!”—Rachel Fieweger Moran ’11, who along with Sean Moran ’11 welcomed a daughter, Audrey Wood 3/12/20. Photo credit: Rachel Moran
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